Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Virginia Dare Dress Co. Kindred Spirit Sale!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Virginia Dare Dress Co. All opinions are my own.  Being a blogger I get to experience a lot of products from a lot of different companies. I also get to peek behind the curtain of a lot of companies to see how they operate and how they treat their customers. Every once in a while a company comes along that goes above and beyond restoring my hope that there are still brands out there who stand by the integrity of their work and treat each customer as a valued part of their company. Virginia Dare Dress Co is one of those brands. Last Fall, I had the opportunity to review the Emma Dress from Virginia Dare and it still probably my most favorite dress in my closet. The quality of their work is reflected in the price but rest assured, their dresses will last a lifetime when cared for properly and each dress is timeless which means they will never go out of style! Virginia Dare Dress Co. wants everyone, who has ever wanted to own one of their fabulous dresses, to have that opportunity and so TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY, Virginia Dare Dress Co. is hosting their first Kindred Appreciation Sale, offering all of their dresses at the lowest prices they've ever been! 


It's been two years since VDDC came on the scene and because their brand continues to grow they are able to begin to offer lower prices on their outstanding products. VDDC is kicking off all the excitement with their first Kindred Sale! All the dresses are going to be on sale but there are only a certain amount of each style available. Ready to go find your Virginia Dare Dress? Customers can shop the Kindred Appreciation Sale this Thursday OF if you want early access and don't want to miss out on getting to have the dress you've had your eye on start shopping right now (early access sale starts 9am EST on Wednesday, March 6)! For early access Click HERE to sign up for extra giveaways & surprises plus you get to shop early on Wednesday. Happy Shopping! Virginia Dare Social Channels: 



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