Sunday, December 2, 2018

Gift Guide For Teens

best gifts for teens

In my experience, teens can be one of the hardest age groups to buy for! BUT, they don't have to be for you this year! Jen and Miranda are both moms of teenagers and they are here to help! Check out this list of the best gifts for teens. You're sure to find some ideas that your teenager will love!

The Best Gifts for Teens

RoosterFin Educational Games - Fast, fun, family games for any age!

RoosterFin Games Mighty Pig Tug

Mighty Pig Tug™ is the wild game of pig tug-of-war. It's the most prize championship of the year. The pigs, large and small, come together to test their strength against other pig teams in competition. Each player must build the best three-pig team, but watch out, pigs can be quickly pulled into the mud. It's a simple strategy card game that suits all ages, from kids, teens, college students, parents, and grandparents.  This is a game that the entire family will want to play again and again!  It's been non-stop fun since it arrived in our home!  Can by played with 2 to 6 players and is geared for ages 7 and up. And be sure to head on over to my full RoosterFin Educational Games Feature to learn more.

  OwlCrate Book Subscription Box

OwlCrate Book Subscription Box

Every month, OwlCrate delivers an amazing box to your door.  And it will contain a newly published and signed Young Adult novel with exclusive covers along with fun bookish goodies! You can sign up on a month-to-month, 3-month or 6-month basis.  Every box has a creative theme that ties everything together. And the books they send will be sure to keep you entertained and up all night! Why is OwlCrate the leading young adult subscription box?  Besides selecting only the best books being published.  The additional goodies they fill each box with go above and beyond expectations.  They work with fantastic small businesses every month, so that they can include many exclusive unique bookish treats you can't find anywhere else.  So give them a try today!

   ZURU X-Shot Flying Bug Attack Double Swarm Seeker Foam Dart Blaster with Flying Bugs and Motorized Launcher

ZURU X-Shot Flying Bug Attack

Take down flying targets with X-Shot Flying Bug Attack Double Swarm Seeker Foam Dart Blaster with Flying Bugs and Motorized Launcher! Place your bugs onto the motorized launcher, step on the pedal and release it to see bugs soar in the air. Take them down with the exclusive Swarm-Seeker blaster!  Stimulates a real flying bug attack as they hover in the air for you to shoot down!  A motorized launcher works by pressing its button down with your foot so you have your hands free to shot down the bugs!  The Swarm-Seeker is specially tailored for quick fire with its 10 dart capacity magazine so you'll have plenty of shots to hit your targets!


PBS's Little Women on DVD

Based on Louisa May Alcott’s beloved novel, and set against the background of a country divided, “Little Women” follows the four March sisters on their journey from childhood to adulthood while their father is away at war. Under the guidance of their mother, the girls navigate what it means to be a young woman. Starring Emily Watson, Michael Gambon, Angela Lansbury and Maya Hawke. The run time of the program is 180 minutes.

  GOTRAX Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard - UL Certified Hover Board wSelf Balancing Mode

GOTRAX Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard

Say hello to the future of hoverboards! With a lightweight frame of just 20 pounds, this hoverboard is perfect for picking up for younger riders. With a powerful DUAL 200-watt electric engine and 4 miles on a single battery charge.  You can spend more time riding and less time plugged-in. The ION hoverboard is equipped with intuitive LED headlights and tail lights and a self-balancing feature making it a perfect beginners hoverboard.  But don't worry, it isn’t just for kids! The Hoverfly ION is for riders of all sizes and is able to carry anyone up to 200 pounds.  And it's available in 9 fun color options.

  Genial Day Natural Charm Bralette

Genial Day Natural Charm Bralette

Why charm, you may ask?  Because every woman wants to feel charming and sexy.   And these Genial Day Natural Charm Bralettes help you do just that!  Not only is it beautiful, it’s also very comfortable. Made with organic cotton and elastane.  The bralette is soft to the touch and cups your breasts giving them a natural appearance. No need for a padded bra or underwire which will only dig into your breast tissue and restrict your breathing. Stylish, soft lace and crossover straps look beautiful when worn with a more open garment. Choose from pink, tan, or black to match your clothes. Plus, it’s made with toxin-free dyes, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals.  The bralette also features SILVERPLUS® silver ion finish.

  SeaTurtle Sports Rocketball Ball Slam Game Set

SeaTurtle Sports Rocketball Ball Slam Game Set

On grass, sand, and even water, Rocketball is a great outdoor game for two or more players. Combines features of volleyball, tennis and racquetball for pure recreation or competitive play. A great game for staying active, improving hand-eye coordination, and bringing people together. The set contains a reversible target board, two rubber balls, a carry bag and waterproof instructions. Addictive fun for the entire family and a great workout however and whenever you play! In team play, one side serves the ball by bouncing it off the target board to the opposing players who attempt to catch and return the ball. Players must return the ball with a throw off the target board, keeping the game fast-paced and unpredictable. The volley continues until one side is unable to make a return, scoring for their opponent. The first team to reach 21 points wins the game! Rocketball is ideal for backyard fun, pool parties, family and friend get togethers, tailgating, camping trips, or at the beach, cottage or lake. Suitable for all ages. More versatile than Spike Ball, with no assembly required. Aspects of volleyball, tennis, and racquetball for hours of social gaming and entertainment. Promotes agility, throwing and catching accuracy – and teamwork. The game set includes: 27.5” diameter, reversible target board made of durable polywood, two 2” rubber balls, laminated waterproof instructions, and a custom carry bag for convenience.

  PrismaColor Colored Pencils

Prismacolor Professional Art Supplies

Encourage artistic expression with an array of amazing Prismacolor goodies.  Their wide array of supplies includes Colored Pencils, Hand Lettering Kits, Pencil Sharpener, and Blending Pencils.  Best known for quality tools for art students, teachers and design professionals, Prismacolor has been a leader in professional art supplies for more than 70 years.  Pick up some of their items for gifts or stocking stuffers and you'll quickly see why they are the best choice!

  Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner and Copier

Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner and Copier

If you're looking for a useful gift that has it all, the Epson ET-2750 Printer is it!  This revolutionary cartridge-free printing means that you can save up to 80 percent on ink with low-cost replacement bottles plus easy-to-fill, super-sized ink tanks.  It even includes enough ink to print up to 6,500 pages black or 5,200 color, equivalent to about 30 ink cartridge sets.  Easy wireless capabilities, you can print from your iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, and smartphones as it includes Wi-Fi Direct.  You can also save up to 50 percent of your paper supply with the automatic, 2-sided printing.  The smaller, lower profile along with premium performance is super appealing.  Overall, the unbeatable combination of value and convenience, offering the freedom to print anything you want in color, cartridge-free, is huge.  Print papers, letters, posters, photos, and more!

Mobo Triton – The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser (Youth)

Original to the Mobo line, the Mobo Triton is the classic, ultimate three-wheeled cruiser. With the new innovative rear-wheel steering system and a sleek design, it is unparalleled in the world of three-wheeled cycling for youths. Incorporating a single-speed gear, recumbent style seating, and stress-free steering, this cruiser makes it the perfect companion for a brisk workout. Concerned about outgrowing this cruiser? No need to worry — the Mobo Triton has an adjustable frame to fit heights up to 5’2”. Delivering quality you can trust, the caliper hand brakes, front free-wheel mechanism, and a stylish finish are just among many of its features. Don’t just take our word for it - come and get your ride on today!

  Dave Ramsey Teen Toolbox

Dave Ramsey NEW! Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox

The brand-new Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox walks teens through eight easy, practical steps for starting their own business. This is everything your teen needs to start making money and learn the skills they’ll need in the real world.  In the Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox, Anthony ONeal walks teenagers through eight easy, practical steps for starting their own business. This is the must-have small-business guide for teens and parents! Whether it’s making slime,mowing lawns, babysitting, selling on eBay, or creating an Etsy boutique store, the Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox will help teens turn their money-making idea into a real business.  The Toolbox is a step-by-step guide for any teen who wants to start their own business. It includes business ideas, activities, and authentic, real-life stories from teenagers and successful entrepreneurs.

  AJ's Collection Domed Name Like No Other Personalized with Swarovski Birthstone Necklace

AJ's Collection Domed Name Like No Other Personalized with Swarovski Birthstone Necklace

The perfect accessory to any wardrobe, the gorgeous Domed Name Like No Other Personalized with Swarovski Birthstone Necklace is a great choice.  Featuring clean lines, simplicity, and an aura of sophistication makes it an ideal gift for any age.  But teens will also love how special this gift is.  The charm is given a hand-matte finish and attached with a Swarovski birthstone of your choice. Customized with the name of your choice and finished with a script monogram of the first initial. This necklace comes adorned with a choice of: sterling silver cable, box chain, or ball chain.  Breathtakingly beautiful!

  3Doodler Create+ in Flamingo Pink

3Doodler Create+ In Flamingo Pink

The latest version of the world's first 3D Printing Pen, the 3Doodler Create+, is now available!   Featuring improved power, durability, and reliability for a superior doodling experience.  The new dual drive technology offers a whole new way to create and fix. Simply click to extrude heated plastic which hardens rapidly, which also allows you to draw in 3D, freehand, or over stencils.  This versatile tool is geared for ages 14+.  You can make art, design wearables, build models, decorate your space, fix things, or just play - the possibilities are limitless!  And since it's beginner-friendly, there is no need for special skills.  A perfect gift for anyone who loves to create!

  3Doodler Create Clutch & Purse Kit

3Doodler Create Clutch & Purse Kit

To go along with the 3Doodler Create+ gift, grab the 3Doodler Create Clutch & Purse Kit.  Because now teens can make fashion accessories they can use.  Become your own tailor and Doodle a stylish Clutch and Purse from scratch.  Personalize with your own style by choosing the colors you love.  Whether you enjoy the fun of doodling, or are excited about making your own fashion items, this kit will satisfy your creative and handmade needs!  Just follow the step-by-step guide and use the stencils provided to create a modern rose patterned bag, or a clutch with a wave design.  Perfect for any fashionista!

  Razor A5 Air Scooter - brand new!

Razor A5 Air Scooter

Transform your commute with Razor’s smoothest ride yet.  The Razor A5 Air Scooter features low vibration anti-rattle handlebars, easy fold technology, and rubber grips for comfort on urban terrains. Glide to class or work on the pneumatic tires of the A5 Air, and your chances of arriving with coffee or a smoothie all over your shirt are dramatically reduced.  Just glide around silently along on the pavement as fast as you can kick it.  Plus, it folds when not in use.  Perfect for use from the teen years all the way through adulthood! Step up your personal transportation device and arrive calm, clean, and ready to change the world.  This one is built to perform.  Geared for ages 8 and up, everyone on your gift list will love this one!

  Modarri Super Deluxe Rally Pack 1

Modarri Super Delux Rally Pack

Modarri STEM toys captivate kids by offering tons of exciting play possibilities. Kids can DESIGN, BUILD, and DRIVE their own car creations in any way they want!  And the Modarri Super Delux Rally Pack lets you design and build your own rally car. Create your own off road race track with the included jumps, barriers, tires stacks and cones!  Packed with features, you'll find durable construction – real metal frames, heavy duty plastic, and strong mechanical linkages.  Finger-driven with real steering and suspension mechanics.  Real 2-step automotive paint for a beautiful, dazzling finish.  And more!  Plus, the mix and match Modarri building system allows for BILLIONS of car designs as each set is compatible with the others!


Modarri Collector's Carrying & Storage Case

This durable Collector's case is perfect for travel, display, and collecting! The double-decker construction has 2 tray layers that can fit a total of 12 Modarri cars, plus parts and tools! It’s the ultimate storage solution for the ultimate toy car!  It's a solid care with secure latches and a must have for all Modarri fans.



Looking for a game that's unique and like nothing you've ever played before? Check out Chickapig! An exciting, fun-filled strategic board game where chicken–pig hybrids attempt to reach their goals while dodging opponents, hay bales, and an ever-menacing pooping cow. Break your flock of Chickapigs free while dodging opponents, hay bales, and an unruly pooping cow in this strategic board game. Chickapig breeder and game creator Brian Calhoun joins forces with his farming buddy Dave Matthews to bring this game from the farm to table. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, for 2-4 players.

  OgoSport OgoDisk Mini 12

OgoSport OgoDisk Mini

Teens love a great challenge and the OgoSport OgoDisk Mini flies the farthest and its small target area increases difficulty.  This disk set is perfect for kids above age 4, but can also be fun for the whole family. Play numerous outdoor games with family or friends like frisbee on the beach, volleyball, baseball, tennis, or badminton in the backyard. Get creative and play with your OgoDisk set anywhere!  Strong enough to launch balls or water balloons 150 feet, but small enough to make it a challenge to catch the a moving target.  Kids LOVE it!

  MindWare Science Academy (Deluxe Bath Bomb)

MindWare Science Academy: Deluxe Bath Bomb Lab

Set up your own lab and become a chemistry whiz about fizz with this fun Deluxe Bath Bomb Lab Kit.  Kids camper themselves and soak up some knowledge about chemistry as you make 8 fragrant, effervescent bath bombs! It’s a deluxe kit that’s brimming with specialty bath bomb goodies for the most fun, fizzy spa-themed science projects for kids! Learn about chemical reactions as you experiment with colors, fragrances and ingredients. Conduct fun science experiments as you make 1 luxurious jelly bomb and 1 Epsom salt bomb. You can even hide charms in 2 of your bath bombs and wrap some as gifts with the included gift bags, string and tags. It’s the ultimate spa science set that gives you chemistry smarts plus soft, hydrated skin!

  Springfree Trampoline Large Square Trampoline

Springfree Large 11" Square Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline is the world’s safest, highest quality and longest lasting trampoline, creating exceptional value for getting kids outside and active while giving parents peace of mind.  Their popular Large 11" Square Trampoline is equivalent to that of a 14ft square trampoline with springs.  Springfree's patented safety design is the only trampoline on the market that helps to eliminate all significant risks associated with trampoline injuries.  Add in the fact that there are no springs, it has a flexible safety enclosure, soft edge mat, and a hidden frame, it'll be big hit outdoors.  Bonus points that it's all-season and can be left up all year round.  Plus, Springfree Trampoline’s innovative and patented design is supported by a full 10-year warranty.

  Peace Frogs Glow In The Dark Pajamas For Adults and Teens

Peace Frogs Lounge Wear/Pajamas

Peace Frogs is more than just a brand, they are a community and a movement to get outside, enjoying nature,  preserving the environment and giving back.  They have been around for over 30 years with a long track record of giving back to charitable causes, the environment and their community, while creating eco-friendly clothing, t-shirts and gear to make people smile, inspire and show their peaceful froggie love.  So these glow-in-the-dark lounge pants and fun t-shirt are a great gift idea this year.  Super comfy, fun, and perfect for around the house or sleeping.

PBS's Anne Of Green Gables on DVD, Installments 1-3

Based on the acclaimed best-selling series by L.M. Montgomery and starring Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning Martin Sheen (“Apocalypse Now”, “The West Wing”), comes the tale of Anne Shirley, a precocious young girl taken from an orphanage and placed in the care of the uptight Marilla Cuthbert and her brother, Matthew. The conservative Marilla has a profound effect on the adventurous Anne and creates a journey of learning and personal engagement that has resonated with generations since L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables was first published in 1908. Each installment of “ANNE OF GREEN GABLES” has a run time of approximately 90 minutes.

   Harkla Weighted Blanket

Harkla Weighted Blanket For Autism, Anxiety, or ADHD

Are you struggling to get your teen to relax or fall asleep? If so, then maybe it’s time you invest in a heavy blanket. The Harkla Weighted Sensory Blankets  are designed with your family in mind. Whether you are buying one for anxiety, autism, or sensory processing disorder, you’ll be happy you finally made the investment in a Harkla weighted blanket.  Their minky dot design makes for a perfect sensory blanket, as the soft minky fabric, combined with the dots and added weight make a sensory input trifecta!  And these blankets are currently available in three color options and six different weights.  The goal at Harkla is to help your family live a happier, healthier life, and getting them to relax and get a good nights sleep is one of the highest priorities for that goal to succeed.  

The Northwest Minnesota Twins MLB Steal Duffel

The Northwest Minnesota Twins MLB Steal Duffel Bag

This officially licensed MLB Duffel Bag by The Northwest Company is sure to be a “Steal”! Featuring your favorite baseball team’s logo and colors, at full size, this duffel has front and side pockets along with a detachable and adjustable cross body, padded shoulder strap.  (We went with the MN Twins since we live in Minnesota.  But they have lots of teams to choose from!) Besides all your personal belongings fitting into the duffel bag at full size at 12”H x 28”L x 11” W, this duffel compacts down into 12” x 11” x 1.25” size for travel stowing and storage!

Hypersabers Lightsabers

Have a Star Wars fan on your holiday shopping ist? If so, you must check out the lightsaber brand, Hypersabers! Their quality, affordable lightsabers are an excellent choice for the Jedi Warrior on your shopping list! The Hypersabers website features a large selection of lightsabers at various price points and they are made well enough for your teen to duel fellow Star Wars enthusiasts. Check out our in-depth Hypersabers lightsaber review for more details on their different lightsabers.


Beasts of Balance

Stack magical Artefacts in precarious towers to create digital worlds bursting with life on your phone, tablet or TV! Play together in Co-op Mode or get ready to tussle in the all-new Battles Mode. It takes skill and smarts to build a huge tower and keep your beasts alive, but watch out… the world explodes when the tower collapses! Finally a game that takes screen time and makes it family time!


Pace Maker Extreme

Pace Maker Extreme is a fast-paced multiplayer game, where players try to outwit their opponents by thinking quick and keeping the pace. The game starts slowly, but quickly speeds up and requires concentration. Watch out, it can be a little shocking! If you’re looking for a fun game that tests your coordination and rhythm, this is the game for you!

  Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Lanyard with Pocket and PATTERN Ribbon Necklaces 2

Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Lanyard with Pocket

Looking for the smartest way to hold your phone?  Look no further than the Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Lanyard With Pocket!  It is the perfect solution for anyone who wants easy access to their phone without interfering with everyday activities. Great for sports fans, concert goers, teachers, students, seniors, travelers or anyone who wants their cell phone nearby to answer a call, check a message or catch a photo opportunity.    Available in a variety of fun and trendy colors, patterns, and styles to fit every preference.  The 20 inch long satin polyester neck strap is comfortable to wear, while an extra strong silicone phone holder provides a secure carrying solution to prevent drops.

  EDGE OF YESTERDAY By Robin Stevens Payes

Edge Of Yesterday & Da Vinci's way By Robin Stevens Payes

Grab these thrilling EDGE OF YESTERDAY science fiction series books for an exciting gift this year!   Meeting Leonardo da Vinci in person isn’t your average middle-schooler’s dream science fair project, but Charley Morton isn’t your typical eighth-grader either. She is mad about science and math and, with her best bud Billy Vicenzo, she’s set on doing the impossible—finding da Vinci's plans for a time machine and traveling back 500 years to meet her idol.
The Edge of Yesterday series will go a step further and create an online community for teens that will:

  • Promote reading for content and inspiration by opening the gateway to STEM and STEAM learning.
  • Inspire curiosity, creativity and a love of learning using Leonardo da Vinci's example of intrinsic learning.
  • Encourage teens to be curious, to engage with their passions, to discover new ideas, and to tell their stories in a variety of media.
  • Connect learning to life that inspires a drive to mastery.

Flybar Pogo Ball Trick Board

The Flybar Pogo Ball Trick Board is a new spin on a retro classic! Teens will love this blast from the past and have a blast learning new tricks and showing them to their friends. Custom printed Flybar deck keeps feet from slipping with it's high grit grit tape. The Trick Board is lightweight with built in handles making it the perfect portable toy for teens to take anywhere!

  Malouf Sleep French Linen Duvet Set

Malouf Sleep French Linen Duvet Set

Linen bedding brings a classic, beautifully casual style to your bedroom decor and a light, airy comfort to your sleep. You will love this Malouf French Linen Duvet Set!  Made from highly-revered flax fibers grown by French artisans, this vintage-washed linen duvet cover is both soft and durable, with inherent moisture management properties to keep your sleep environment fresh and dry. Featuring eight ties - at the corners, top, bottom, and sides - for a secure fit and a neat appearance on a Malouf duvet.

  • Made from 100% French linen
  • Vintage wash
  • Duvet cover and pillow shams
  • Pure linen made from flax grown in France, revered among the highest quality in the world
  • Extremely durable - its strength is twice that of cotton - yet surprisingly soft
  • Linen's inherent moisture management properties help keep your sleep environment fresh and dry
  • Vintage washed for superior comfort and style
  • Set includes one duvet cover and two matching pillow shams

We hope our huge list of the best gifts for teens helps you during your holiday shopping!