Monday, April 30, 2018

Kayak Warm This Spring With Wetsuit Wearhouse

 Disclosure: I received the wetsuits worn above to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

 It's here! It's here! It's finally here! Ya'll have no idea how much I have been longing for this day; the day that I finally get to take my kayak out on the water! After months of passing by my yak every time I went down to the basement, to say I was excited about finally taking her out would be an understatement. Even though the air is warmer, the water is still bitter cold in our part of West Virginia. To travel safely and keep from a potential bone-chilling moment should we capsize our boats, we turned to our friends at Wetsuit Wearhouse to outfit Ben and I with their best spring Shorties. If you enjoy water sports, you won't want to miss this review!

3/2 mm Men's EXTREME Shorty Springsuit

  A wallet-friendly shorty springsuit never looked so good! Perfect for those warm water temps, this 3/2mm Men's EXTREME Shorty Springsuit has all the standard features you need for a shorty springsuit including: durable flatlock seams, a full back zipper, cool colorway, smooth skin panels, and a standard neoprene that's 50% stretch so you get movement in all the right places. Plus, you just can't beat the price!

 Having never worn wetsuits before, both Ben and I had a great time laughing as we helped each other squeeze into our suits. I'm glad our first experience was with a pair of Shorty's because it really allowed us both time to get acclimated to wearing something so form fitting. Because there's really no discrete place to change into a wetsuit along Back Creek, Ben and I opted to put ours on at home. We kept the back unzipped and just threw on a T-Shirt till we got to the water. Though it took some getting used to, once we were out on the water and getting our paddle on, both Ben and I forgot we even had a wetsuit on.


The long zipper and cord makes the Extreme Shorty easy to get in and out of whether you are out in the water with a friend or paddling alone!

  Click HERE to take a closer look at the Men's EXTREME Shorty Springsuit!

3/2 mm Women's EXTREME Shorty Springsuit

 The women's suit is pretty much the same as the men's (except I got to rock a cool vibrant pink logo verses the red in the men's) so I won't repeat the same product description. I never would have believed that a wetsuit could make me look so good but this one really does hug in all of the right places. The hardest adjustment for me was getting used to the tightness around my neck but it fits that way for a purpose. If I'm going in the water, I want to stay as warm as possible and it was clear this Shorty was up to the challenge!


The Women's EXTREME Shorty Springsuit helped to keep the trunk of my body warm above water and didn't interfere with any range of motion during paddling. I was able to stretch my legs, arms, and twist my body as I kayaked or reached into the back of my boat for gear. After our first 1/2 a mile down the water, I hardly noticed I was wearing a wetsuit. the sun started to set and the clouds came in, the air got pretty brisk pretty fast.  I was doubly grateful that I had something working to keep my body warm.

  Click HERE to take a closer look at the Women's EXTREME Shorty Springsuit!

Wetsuit Wearhouse doesn't just have Shorty's! In fact, they don't just have wetsuits either! Whether you are a kayaker, into surfing, water sports, or just about anything that involves water, Wetsuit Wearhouse has something for everyone including over 25,000 wetsuits and accessories to choose from! Whether you are ready to kick off your Spring kayaking, or are simply looking to upgrade your water wear gear, look no further than Wetsuit Wearhouse to find what you need at a price you can't beat!

  Click HERE to check out everything that Wetsuit Wearhouse has to take your water adventures to the next level! OR visit them on their social media pages: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/Pinterest

 Disclosure: I received the items above to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.


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