Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Hazli Gymnastics Balance Beam And Mat

Disclosure: I received the items above at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

 Like many parents, I have kids who are excited to be involved in sports. My oldest is on her high school swim team and my three youngest kids have taken up the exciting sport of Gymnastics. A couple months in, the "Littles" are all still pumped up for class every week. I quickly learned that Gymnastics is a sport of repetition. I also learned one of the difficult aspects of Gymnastics is that most of the skills kids need to practice, require equipment. I'm not quite ready to sign the kids up for Olympic-style training, with time in at the gym every day, but I wanted to find a way for my kids to have tools at home that would help them to excel and would inspire them to reach for the stars. I found Hazli's Foldable Balance Beam and Mat for at-home-practice and it has helped all of my kids advance in both skill and confidence!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Ultimate Gift Guide For Men

Who is the hardest person for you to shop for? If you said a man, you're not alone! Sometimes it can be tough to find the best gifts for men, but we're here to help! Check out all of these great gift ideas your man is sure to like!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Ultimate Gift Guide For Outdoor Lovers

Are you looking for the best gifts for outdoor lovers? If so, you've come to the right place! This outdoor lovers gift guide will give you lots of great gift ideas!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Ultimate Gymnastics Gift Guide

The best gifts for gymnasts

Have a gymnast on your shopping list this holiday season? Jen has several on her list!  She's put together a guide featuring the best gifts for gymnast, whether they are just beginning in the sport or are a seasoned veteran. We think you'll find the perfect gift for your favorite gymnast!

Gift Guide For Teens

best gifts for teens

In my experience, teens can be one of the hardest age groups to buy for! BUT, they don't have to be for you this year! Jen and Miranda are both moms of teenagers and they are here to help! Check out this list of the best gifts for teens. You're sure to find some ideas that your teenager will love!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Educational Gifts For Kids

Did you know that Janessa, Miranda from Thrifty Nifty Mommy and I all homeschool our children? We love it when education and fun collide.  So we've put together this gift guide featuring the best educational gifts for kids!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Best Gifts For Big Kids

For elementary-aged kids, Christmas is a pretty big deal! My kids in this age range have been talking about the excitement of new Christmas gifts for weeks! They love to receive but they also enjoy giving as well.  We always let our kids do a "Secret Santa" with each other just so they get to experience that it's really more blessed to give than to receive. Together with Janessa and Miranda of Thrifty Nifty Mommy, I've assembled my top picks for the best gifts for kids! You'll find great ideas here for all the elementary-aged kids on your list, no matter what your budget!

RoosterFin Educational Games - Fast, fun, family games for any age!

RoosterFin Games Monkeys Up

2017 Game of the Year Award by Creative Child Magazine. Monkeys Up™ is the game that will have you going bananas! Players compete to get the best score by flipping, switching, and stealing monkeys. Each monkey has a value hidden under its feet that is only revealed when flipped. Victory will come to the player who switches, steals, and flips the best. You will find yourself laughing head over heels until all of your monkeys are up. Play with 1 to 6 players and geared for ages 6 and up. And be sure to head on over to my full RoosterFin Educational Games Feature to learn more.
  Creation Crate STEM Subscription Box

Creation Crate STEM Subscription Box

Now introducing the amazing Creation Crate STEM subscription boxes that can teach electronics, coding, engineering, and high-level problem solving.  Plus, kids (and adults!) learn how to build engineering projects and program electronics with the instructions and components sent right to their door each month.  The really awesome thing is that Creation Crate offers three different standard subscription options including:

  • Junior Engineering For Ages 8+
  • Standard Electronics And Programming For Ages 12-99
  • Girls We Make Wearable Electronics For Ages 12-99 

Then, they also offer a Classroom Kit option too!  And finally, as your subscription continues, projects get progressively more challenging.  So you can build your skill level every month! Pure Echo Natural Organic Mattress

My Green Mattress All-Natural Mattresses

Is it time to move your toddler up to a "big kid" bed? You'll want to make sure you find the best mattress possible.  Because did you know that most mattresses are created and designed with chemicals?  This Christmas, head over to My Green Mattress where you'll find handcrafted, non-toxic green mattresses that are safe for the entire family!  Sleeping on an all natural mattress is beneficial to your health and our environment.  And all of MyGreenMattress options are GREENGUARD Gold certified, passing testing with the most sensitive of individuals in mind.  They are also factory-direct so they can offer customers the best prices.  And they are willing to talk you through the buying process with their great customer service.  Not only that, they also stand behind their mattresses by offering a full, non-prorated guarantee. And note!  I have an exclusive tip that My Green Mattress will be making even more improvements to the Pure Echo soon, so keep watch for some exciting things to come!  As this will be the most affordable kids mattress and they will even have an available bunk version!


Puro Sound Lab Headphones

This year, check "headphones" off your child's wish list with the best product in it's category on the market. Rated as the "best headphones for kids" by the New York Times, the BT2200 headphones have everything that both parents and kids are looking for. Order your Puro Sound Labs headphones today and give the gift of stunning sound while protect your child's hearing at the same time!


Loog Acoustic Guitar

Get this guitar and play your favorite songs today. With its slim 3-string neck and accompanying app, the Loog Pro will get you playing songs -not just scales or exercises- right from day one. With Loog, kids and beginners are playing, learning and having fun from the very beginning, feeling stimulated to keep going and acquiring skills that stay with them forever.


Woom 4 Children's Bike

The woom 4 is a dynamic bicycle that introduces children to gears!  The SRAM X4 8-gear shifter expands the possibilities for the rider.  Whether they are out adventuring in an area with hills or going on a long commute in town, this 20" bike is as powerful as the growing child demands it to be. The Woom 4 is especially perfect for kids ages 6 through 9 and is available in five different colors. The options don't just stop at the Woom 4! Check out their entire inventory of bikes for riders of all ages and skills!

  RoosterFin Educational Games - Fast, fun, family games for any age!

RoosterFin Games Ninja Squirrels

This 2017 Game of the Year Award by Creative Child Magazine and Tillywig Best Family Fun Award. Ninja Squirrels is the game of color matching, nut snatching fun! But watch out!  The Ninja Squirrels are fast food fighters. They race to gather acorns to fill their dens before the winter. To help them grab the most acorns, players take turns flipping cards. When there is a color match, be the first to snatch the correct nut. Collect the most acorns to win this fast-paced game. And be sure to head on over to my full RoosterFin Educational Games Feature to learn more.

  Moosh-Moosh stuffed animal friends


The softest plush buddies around and they are ready to cuddle with you. The Moosh-Moosh™ are here to offer company, comfort, and love.  As a pillow pal, bedtime buddy, and cuddle buddy wherever you want. No more feeling alone! Moosh-Moosh are your new favorite soft plush buddies and we are here for the cuddles, playtime and the laughs! These sweet guys come in a variety of styles, including a new sequin one!  And are made from super soft marshmallow-like texture and 100% polyester.


HABA Boom Bang Gold

BOOOOOOM!!!!! Things have been a little crazy since gold was found in the once sleepy village of Old Town! Once infected by the gold rush fever. Everyone from experienced gold miners, to hotel owners, are grabbing a few sticks of dynamite and running to the ghost mine. They throw their dynamite sticks – BOOM, BANG!!! – into the mine every hour and blow the gold out of the mountain at any cost! Don‘t wait, start collecting! But be careful! Anyone who comes across a bat, snake, rat or ghost amongst the gold nuggets needs to get to safety quickly. And there are all sorts of other dangers lurking in the Wild West: the tense atmosphere means you might be challenged to a duel. And if the sheriff has you in his sights there‘s no escaping... Boom, Bang, Gold is an exciting game with plenty of action, where speed and a good eye are very important. The person who manages to collect the most nuggets in their gold chest at the end of the day“ wins the fast-paced hunt for gold.

Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab

Here come the Beaker Creatures! Mysterious Creatures from distant planets have landed on Earth! Use this Super Lab Set to dissolve their Reactor Pods and see which Creatures you'll discover! After placing one of two included Reactor Pods within the Super Lab’s center chamber, kids send water whirling through the tubes with the help of two hydro plungers, filling the chamber and triggering the amazing reaction. Once the reaction ends, kids can extract their Beaker Creatures collectibles and start classifying! The two-piece working lab set comes with the equipment and instructions needed to perform amazing real-world science experiments inspired by the Creatures and their home planets. The set also includes an exclusive full-size poster, two classification cards and two double-sided mini-posters: one side features a quiz filled with amazing real-world science facts, while the other features fun images of the Creatures at play that combine to form a larger scene!


Educational Insights Playfoam Pals

Open a world of Playfoam and find a surprise inside. Hidden within each surprise egg pod, you will find a collectible (and totally adorable) animal Pal. Use Playfoam to create out-of-this-world habitats and more for squishy, squashy play that never dries out, so the fun never ends. Collect all 12 and maybe you be lucky enough to find one of the ultra-rare golden Pals! Ready? Set. PLAYFOAM!

Hypersabers Lightsabers

Do you have a Star Wars fan on your shopping ist? If so, you must check out Hypersabers! Their quality, affordable lightsabers are an excellent choice for the Jedi Warrior on your shopping list! The Hypersabers website features a large selection of lightsabers at various price points. Check out our in-depth Hypersabers lightsaber review for more details on their different lightsabers.


Transformers: DJ Bumblebee

Behind the time-tested battle armor of Bumblebee is more than meets the eye. Rock 'n roll out with Bumblebee as the beloved Autobot gets a movie of his own. Imagine collaborating with the bodacious Bumblebee to mix some sick beats with the Transformers: Bumblebee -- DJ Bumblebee toy inspired by the iconic character from the big screen. Using Sing-Back Tech, this dancing Bumblebee figure records kid’s voice and plays back the soundbite in sync with 1 of 3 awesome music clips. Watch Bumblebee figure dance to the beat during playback! Kids control the mix -- move figure’s left arm to switch music and right arm to control the tempo. Comes pre-loaded with music clips Walk This Way, originally by Aerosmith, Bust A Move, originally by Young MC, and the Robots in Disguise theme song. Product does not convert, but can still mix it up. Featured music is partial, instrumental clips and not the original artist recordings. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.


My Little Pony Singing Rainbow Dash

The Singing Rainbow Dash pony figure shines like a superstar as she sings her awesome songs! Press her Cutie Mark or slide her shades over her eyes to start her singing. She sings 5 songs and says awesome phrases from the MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC series and MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE. Kids can grab her microphone and sing a duet with Rainbow Dash, too! If kids want to sing solo, they can sing into the microphone and hear their tunes through the pony figure doubling as a speaker. It's time to be awesome with Rainbow Dash! Batteries included.

  Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Finger Nail Polish For Kids

Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Kid Friendly Nail Polish

For the past 8 years, the Piggy Paint mission has been to create non-toxic, premium products.  Products that are worry-free and completely safe for kids – their kids and your kids.  With an ethical, eco-minded vision, this company strives to offer the safest polish on the planet.  Their advanced, water-based formula is better than 3 free, better than 5, 7, or 10 free – it’s free of ALL harsh chemicals!  And they offer single bottles as well as a variety of sets.  Sometimes Sweet, Dragon Tears, Girls Rule!, Drama, Forever Fancy, Ice Cream Dream, Tea Party for Two, PINKie Promise and a Remover all come prettily packaged in the Color Me Happy Set. Piggy Paint is non-toxic & safe for all ages!  And their Make It Last duo is also a must have. This set is perfect to add to any gift or polish purchase, because the Topcoat and Basecoat will help Piggy Paint wear to it’s full potential.

  Schleich Adventure tree house

Schleich Adventure Tree House

The two farmer family children, Ben and Sarah, can lark about, play and picnic for hours in the Schleich® tree house. Who hasn’t dreamt of having their own tree house? This fun set includes lots of functions for hours of entertainment. While Ben watches the animals from the viewing platform, Sarah slides down the slide. The puppy is already waiting for her. Sarah can climb back up the ladder into the tree house. The cute Beagle puppy can easily be brought up into the cosy tree house using the pulley. They can then all play together. The hedgehog also has his own home in the hollow in the trunk, and the little bird loves his little domain in the leaves. With 2 human figurines, 4 animals, and great accessories. This set is an ideal addition to the 42407 large farm, which is available separately. The Schleich® figurines are exceptionally detailed, lovingly painted and allow children to play and learn at the same time.


BOGS Classic Matte Kids Insulated Boots

Looking for all-weather boots for the kids who love to head outside to explore and play?  You'll never hear your kids complain about wet or cold feet with the Kids Classic BOGS Insulated Boots. Subzero Neo-Tech insulation keeps kids playing outside for hours while side handles make them easy on and off.  They are 100% waterproof and comfort rated to -30°F/-34°C.   The BOGS Max-Wick moves sweat away from your foot to keep you dry.  And the DuraFresh organic bio-technology activates to fight unwanted odors.  Available in a variety of color options, they run in sizes from 7 toddler all the way up to 6 big kids.


Woom Bike Helmet

Finally a helmet kids will want to wear! Kids have their own mind and Woom the best protection for it. The head proportions of children and adults are very different. That's why the Woom helmet is adapted to meet the specific requirements of children. Extended protection for the temples and back of the head, easy-to-use magnetic buckle, optimal ventilation and fit adjustment thanks to interchangeable pads and size adjustment dial. The flexible visor - a unique safety feature - serves as additional forehead protection. I personally love the added "listen to your Mom!" touch! The Woom helmet comes in 5 different colors.

  Razor Spark Ultra Light Up Scooter

Razor Spark Ultra Scooter

If you're looking for the coolest scooter around, look no further.  When you need an extra flash on the Razor Spark Ultra Scooter, just step on the Spark Bar for a burst of glittering sparks. And, with the replaceable spark cartridges (sold separately), you don’t have to worry about running out of flash.  The patented folding system includes folding handlebars and downtube for easy on-the-go storage and carry.    Which means it's it easy to take your light show on the go.    The Spark Ultra features our brightest LED wheels EVER, highlighting the action with their intense white light.  Geared for ages 8 and up, kids are thrilled with the combination of lights and sparks!
   Modarri Cars Delux Rescue Pack

Modarri Super Rescue Pack

Modarri STEM toys captivate kids by offering tons of exciting play possibilities. Kids can DESIGN, BUILD, and DRIVE their own car creations in any way they want!  And the Modarri Super Rescue Pack lets you race to the rescue! Thousands of possible first-responder type vehicles all in one box! Create your own rescue themed vehicle and save the day!  You can also design your own course or scene with the included barriers and cones.  Packed with features, you'll find durable construction – real metal frames, heavy duty plastic, and strong mechanical linkages.  Finger-driven with real steering and suspension mechanics.  Real 2-step automotive paint for a beautiful, dazzling finish.  And more!  Plus, the mix and match Modarri building system allows for BILLIONS of car designs as each set is compatible with the others!

  ZURU Toys MAX Build More Bricks (LEGO style)

ZURU Toys MAX Build More Bricks

Available in brick sets of 759, 253, or 250, the ZURU Max Build More Bricks are launching exclusively in Walmart stores starting in October 2018!  Take it to the MAX with ZURU MAX Build More - the premium toy construction blocks that rock! MAX is giving you MAX quality at MAX value! Get these high quality bricks to create to the MAX!  Available in various bulk packs and fully compatible with LEGO® Bricks and other major building brick brands.  Build what you want but a MAX ideas booklet is included with unique designs.  Various colours, sizes, and shapes all in a handy MAX storage box.


Littlest Pet Shop Cosmic Pounce Collection

Collect the latest “out of this world” pet collection with the Littlest Pet Shop Cosmic Pounce Collection pack. This collection of 11 stunning pets comes with four classic-scale pets and seven Teensie pets, each sporting their very own galaxy deco! Littlest Pet Shop fans will be over the moon when they see the classic-style pets glow in the dark! Don’t miss the sparkly surprise teensie-scale pet hidden inside a wearable star-shaped habitat. The Littlest Pet Shop Cosmic Pounce Collection pack is a truly stellar way to start, or add to, any Littlest Pet Shop collection! Pack includes eleven pets, premium gold habitat with clip, and key.


Mobo Triton – The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser (Youth)

Original to the Mobo line, the Mobo Triton is the classic, ultimate three-wheeled cruiser. With the new innovative rear-wheel steering system and a sleek design, it is unparalleled in the world of three-wheeled cycling for youths. Incorporating a single-speed gear, recumbent style seating, and stress-free steering, this cruiser makes it the perfect companion for a brisk workout. Concerned about outgrowing this cruiser? No need to worry — the Mobo Triton has an adjustable frame to fit heights up to 5’2”. Delivering quality you can trust, the caliper hand brakes, front free-wheel mechanism, and a stylish finish are just among many of its features. Don’t just take our word for it - come and get your ride on today!

  Contigo AUTOSPOUT® Straw Striker

Contigo AUTOSPOUT Straw Striker Water Bottle

Encourage water drinking in the easiest way possible.  Gift this 100-percent BPA free Contigo AUTOSPOUT Straw Striker Water Bottle to all the kiddos in your life.  Made out of triton, it provides high impact resistance and won't stain or retain odors.  Both comfortable and easy to hold, the one-touch button provides easy opening and one-handed drinking too.  And finally, no more worrying about spills thanks to the ingenious AUTOSPOUT spill-proof valve.

The Field Toy - Replica Farm Field

The Field Toy Replica Farm Field

The Field Toys allow children to create their own farm scenes while encouraging creativity, problem solving, and the development of abstract thinking!  Field toys Replica Farm Fields are a fun and educational toy for children aged 3+. Each Field Toy comes complete with lush green pasture, ever green hedging, and a traditionally styled hinged wooden gate, which opens and closes to allow farm animals and machinery to move from one field to another.   This open-ended toy sustains a child’s attention, and also helps to develop concentration skills. All the while encouraging the development of social skills enabling children to play imaginatively with one another.

  A Mustard Seed Toys Magnetic Tile Fire Truck Set

A Mustard Seed Toys Magnetic Tile Fire Truck Set

Designed with your little fireman in mind.  This creative play Magbuilders Magnetic Tile Fire Truck Set lets your little kiddos build a red or yellow fire truck using the rare-earth magnet magnetic tiles. And this set even comes complete with flashing lights and 2 firemen!  Plus, this magnetic building sets pieces stick together for easy cleanup and compact storage.  Inspire your kid’s creative side and increase their intelligence at the same time with this fun-filled 34 piece set.


Kangaroo Slime

Kids these days are obsessed with slime! Original Super Cool Slime by parent company Kangaroo Manufacturing has expanded its collection of slime with the hottest trends in the toy world – unicorns, emojis and (ahem) poop. Emoji Poop Slime, Glow In The Dark Slime, Jurassic World Slime, and Unicorn Poop Slime ($4.95 each), make terrific stocking stuffers, dreidel game or classroom Secret Santa gifts.


Little Live Wrapples

Wrapples are the cutest 'Furry Best Friend' you'll ever connect with! You can wrap them on your wrist and take them anywhere. They love a pat and interact as you chat, play and get carried away! Slap their 'Slap-band' tail on your wrist and take them with you! These adorable little friends have over 50 sounds and reactions! Watch as they come to life on your arms. Their big eyes light up to match their mood. Wrapples love to talk to you and to each other! They love to be pet and tickled. Hear them giggle and purr! Bring them close to each other and they will sing together! Hang them upside-down and they will go to sleep! Wrapples can't wait to hang out with you! Wrapples come from popular toy brand, Moose Toys.

  Dave Ramsey Act Your Wage Game

Dave Ramsey Act Your Wage Game

The Act Your Wage! Board Game is a hands-on way for families to have fun applying Dave Ramsey’s life-changing money principles. Players earn a salary, pay bills, save and pay down debt. Kids and adults alike will discover the importance of budgeting, saving and staying gazelle intense so they can be the first to yell, “I’m debt freeeee!”  Learn to keep your savings up and expenses down with Dave Ramsey’s Act Your Wage Board Game. Kids 10 and up will have fun learning:

  • Keeping an emergency fund—don’t let it drop below $1,000!
  • Using the envelope system for expenses
  • Landing on “Dave Says” spaces to hear bits of wisdom and expert advice
  • Paying off debt with the debt snowball method
  • Being the first to do a Debt-Free Scream and win the game!

Lots of Christmas Jokes for Kids

Christmastime just got a whole lot merrier with Lots of Christmas Jokes for Kids. Over 250 hilarious, kid-friendly jokes and riddles will make the whole family laugh out loud! This book makes a perfect stocking stuffer!


aGreatLife 2 In 1 Wooden Whistle With Pouch

Kids can now whistle away their worries! With a set of nicely designed and well-made wooden whistles, this aGreatLife 2 -in 1 Wooden Whistle With Pouch Set can help them whistle their way to better health, have more fun, and live longer.  Easy and fun to whistle. You don’t have to blow hard to make a great sound. With these wooden whistles, you can whistle to your heart’s content.  Safe and non-toxic. This whistle set is made of sturdy natural wood, with a well-sanded surface, and non-toxic paint finishes. 

Rock The Locks Non-Toxic, Kid Friendly Hair Products

Rock The Locks Non-Toxic, Kid Friendly Hair Products

The makers of Piggy Paint, a non-toxic, kid-friendly nail polish brand, introduce Rock the Locks.  Which means, you'll find hair products without harsh chemicals but that actually work!   Rock the Locks is infused with essential oils and super fruit extracts.  Say good-bye to sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and petrolatum.  Quality formulas developed and tested by salon professionals.  Rocks the Locks products are made in USA, cruelty-free, and yes, affordable! Fun packaging and fruity scents that appeal to kids, with ingredients that Moms trust.   It’s time to Rock the Locks!

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Magical School of Friendship Playset

Inspired by the storyline in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 8, the Twilight Sparkle Magical School of Friendship playset brings her school to playtime! Both classrooms are themed around classes in the series, taught by the Mane 6! Including a 3-inch Twilight Sparkle pony figure and school accessories, she can explore classrooms, store accessories in the lockers, reveal magical colors in the fashion class, and ride the elevator. The entryway beams with light, and the scroll on the roof lights up to show images from the series.

  Antsy Pants Clubhouse

Antsy Pants Clubhouse

A secret house hideout and place of their own - a playhouse is the place to create secret handshakes and plans to take over the world. This Build & Play Kit contains everything you need to build your own Clubhouse including poles, connectors, fabric cover, and build booklet. Made with durable poles and Snap & Click connectors to ensure your structure stays strong.  This all-in-one Clubhouse Kit has all pieces included and requires no tools to set up!


iPogo Jr.

Meet the iPogo Jr., the world's first interactive pogo stick by Flybar! The iPogo introduces itself and lets you know when it's ready to jump! It tracks jumps and keeps motivating kids along the way. Kids will love the challenge of trying to beat their high score! The light panel follows kids jumps as they bounce. Great for kids ages 5 to 9. The iPogo Jr. has a 80 lb limit and requires 3 AAA batteries.

  PShop pBuzz Plastic Instrument

pShop pBuzz Plastic Instrument

For the younger music lovers, this fun, lightweight pBuzz is the easy way to get into brass playing with your first "buzz". Offering a truly authentic experience of a proper mouthpiece, pBuzz has a range of 6 notes through its moveable slide. The slide positions are outlined by colour, note name (i.e. F, G, A, B, Bb, C) and also slide position from 1 to 6. The colour scheme ties in with any other instruments using the Orff system. Children can learn by many ways with pBuzz including note, slide position and colour to aid the understanding of pitch and varying length.  And the best part is that it's suitable for kids of all ages!

  Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex juvenile

Schleich® Tyrannosaurus Rex Juvenile Dino

Playing? For the T.rex juvenile that means fighting dinosaurs his own age! Who do you think is stronger? Researchers have discovered that the prehistoric lizards fought fierce fights amongst one another as early as age 10-12. At this age they were only half the size of a fully grown T.rex – but twice as daring!  Kids will love the unparalleled attention to realistic scale & detailing.  Easy to use and play with, this T-Rex even features a  movable lower jaw!
Fun fact:  Although the Tyrannosaurus Rex looked quite threatening, it could hardly use its front legs armed with just two claws since they did not even reach his mouth. Nearly seven meters tall and thirteen meters long, the Tyrannosaurus Rex was probably not a very skilled hunter, but rather a scavenger which probably fed on the leavings of other animals.

Mindware Paint Your Own Unicorn Stepping Stone

MindWare Paint Your Own Unicorn Stepping Stone

Crafty kids will love this MindWare Paint Your Own Unicorn Stepping Stone Kit!  This all-weather stepping stone is ready to paint right out of the box.  Which means letting you skip messy cement-mixing and get right to the fun part: decorating and personalizing! A dozen vibrant paints allow for endless creativity.  Just mix, blend, and add custom color accents. Once painted, bake the stone in your oven for a long-lasting, weather-resistant finish. Display one stepping stone or make a whole pathway to transform your garden, backyard or patio! Kit includes a 10" x 9" cement stepping stone, 12 paints, a paintbrush and instructions including a color planning template.


Really Rad Robots MiBro

Prank your friends using the really rad remote to speak through micro and add filters to your voice so you can sound even sillier…or scarier! spy with micro and use him to listen in on any conversation and transmit it back through his really rad remote. What secrets will you find out? MiBro comes with a range of awesome accessories to keep you entertained! Use the attachable blaster to blast away your enemies, or use his tray to deliver refreshments! You can even use MiBro’s tray to carry your smartphone! The tray also transforms into a goal and can be used to score the winning goal with the included ball. Celebrate with a victory lap using MiBro’s mini over-sized foam finger. He'll impress your friends, he’ll save that day. MiBrois hard-wired for fun, from really rad robots.

  Green Kids Crafts Subscription Box

Green Kid Crafts Discovery Box Subscription

Green Kid Crafts is the original craft subscription company.  Inside your Green Kid Crafts Discovery Subscription Box, your child will receive a variety of STEAM fun and learning.  Every month is a new surprise theme and all the crafts are projects kids and parents love! Included are all the materials needed to complete an eco friendly craft. Projects are composed of non-toxic, natural, and sustainable supplies. Each project is designed and made by hand, giving 100% love and attention to each one.  Engage along with your kids on this wonderful journey that keeps giving all year long.  The Discovery Box Subscription is geared for ages 5-10.

aGreatLife Premium Ice Cream Kite

aGreatLife Premium Ice Cream Kite

Amaze your child this year with a unique, giant toy they won't soon forget!  The aGreatLife Premium Ice Cream Kit offers both a cool and adorable design that really draws attention anywhere you fly it. This durable, vibrant easy flier kite is specially designed for simple assembly with a child-friendly handle so kids under 10 can launch and fly it on their own.  And kite flying will always be one of the most exciting outdoor games for children and the whole family which makes it a great gift.

  Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Around Town Deluxe Water-Reveal Pad - On the Go Travel Activity

Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Around Town Deluxe Pad

No-mess painting for kids! This exciting paint-with-water and seek-and-find activity book includes eight reusable pages, a refillable water pen, and red lens. Simply use the pen to color in each scene - details and vibrant color appear with every stroke! Let the page dry to erase the pictures and color it in again and again. Reveal hidden pictures with the water pen, then use the red lens to explore even more in the detailed scenes! The chunky-sized water pen and red lens are easy for kids to hold and store neatly right in the front cover, making this Deluxe Water WOW! an ideal travel activity book and travel toy for kids!
  OgoSport OGOBILD Pod - giant construction toy and active play device

OgoSport OGOBILD Pod

An awesome combination of giant construction toy and active play device, the OGOBILD Pod encourages imagination.   Just add a sheet to create a variety of super fun Play Forts.  Bounce, roll, kick, throw or spin your creations.  Each Pod kit creates large, light-weight structures and they stay together so you can bounce, roll, kick, throw or spin your creations!  For even more fun, combine multiple sets for greater and bigger creativity.  Part Play-Fort. Part Giant Construction Toy.  Full of fun!

PlaSmart Toys The Original PlasmaCar

PlaSmart Toys The Original Plasma Car

PlaSmart Inc. is a Canadian-based, global toy distributor that chooses products that are smart, simple, and fun. It seeks out interesting, one-of-a-kind toys that meet its ‘smart and simple’ philosophy and avoids toys that are difficult to understand or operate.  Their products include multiple award-winning toys and games, including the ever-popular Original PlasmaCar.  No batteries, gears, or pedals…just hours of endless fun.  Use indoors or out while reaching exhilarating speeds up to 6 mph.  The sleek design with a patented safety seat PlasmaCar by PlaSmart is great for children 3 yrs and up, and it’s easy to use – just prop your feet up on the footrests and turn the steering wheel to get moving.



The latest collectible craze to hit the market. Get them as singles or as beautiful colored bunches. Peel each scented banana to reveal unique Crushie characters inside. You’ll love decorating your Banana Crushie characters with gemstone stickers, or connecting your Crushies together on the vine! Not only do you get beautifully colored Banana bunches, you also get to collect all the unique Crushie characters and their mini squeezable friends!

  Antsy Pants™ Obstacle Course - 40pc

Antsy Pants Build & Play Obstacle Course

The possibilities are endless with this active play Antsy Pants™ Obstacle Course Kit. Toss rings, jump hurdles, and race to the finish with everything needed for a fun and friendly competition. This Obstacle Course Kit pairs perfectly with any Build & Play kit.  Featuring 40 pieces, everything can be mixed and matched with Small, Medium and Large Antsy Pants™ Build & Play Kits.  This fun kit includes: 1 Obstacle Course Kit with agility ring course, start flag, finish flag, adjustable height hurdles, and weave pole course.  Hours of active and exciting play!



Mojimoto are talk back characters that will repeat what you say in their own funny voice! They can also lip-sync when they hear talking or music. Their eyes and mouths move when they talk or sing. Each Mojimoto also has a ring so they can be attached to your belt or backpack and you can take them wherever you go. With 8 different styles of Mojimoto's to choose from, you can pick the one that best suits your mood!


Drop It

This colorful, inventive family game is easy to learn but deceptively mind-boggling! One at a time, each player drops a shape into the vertical game board’s drop zone. Players earn points for the highest level that their shape reaches when it lands and extra points for touching bonus circles. But be careful: Don’t break a landing rule! The shape you dropped is not allowed to touch matching shapes or colors after it lands. If you break a landing rule, you will go away empty-handed. The winner is the player or team with the most points at the end. If you're kids are board game fanatics, they are going to love Drop It!


12V Nighthawk

Master the thrill of the ride with the 12 Volt Nighthawk Ride-On from Rollplay! Reaching forward speeds of up to 6.5 miles per hour, this innovative ride-on is sure to be a hit with little thrill-seekers. Accelerator and brake pedals allow the rider to control the speed of the Nighthawk with ease. Kids will love learning how to maneuver around obstacles with the unique steering technique. Lean left and right to do quick turns. Side handlebars allow your child to remain secure while protecting his or her hands. With an included rear safety flag, you can easily keep an eye on riders as they have a blast racing for up to two hours on each battery charge. Simply plug in the included charger to the 12V7AH battery to re-power the ride-on. The Rollplay Nighthawk is suitable for children ages 6+, weighing up to 110 lbs


Tic Tac Tongue

Are you ready for a duel battle between chameleons? What are you waiting for? Put on the mask and get ready to face the Tic Tc Tongue: a game of skill, speed and agility where to win you have to be the first to knock down the target that matches the card turned over. Become a chameleon, too, and have fun eating the insects by shooting your tongue out over and over again!!


Treasure X Adventure Pack

X marks the spot for a hunt like no other! Search for REAL Gold dipped treasure through 10 levels of adventure! Treasure X is the ultimate surprise-reveal collectible with a multi-layered reveal process, cool figures, and the chance to find REAL treasure! Rip, Fizz and Chip away to reveal the layers and discover the secrets hidden within! Will you be the hero that finds the REAL gold or will you end up with the booby prize?! Unbox the Adventure Pack and journey through each level to find a collectible figure and possibly even uncover the greatest treasure - REAL GOLD! Includes:

  • 1 x Character
  • 1 x Rock Vessel
  • 1 x Weapon
  • 1 x Tool
  • 1 x Treasure Chest
  • 1 x Treasure
  • 1 x Map / Collector's Guide
  • 1 x Medallion
  • 1 x Scroll



"DMXslots is a revolutionary new concept for fans of slot car racing. With DMXslots, car racers can pass, intercept and block their competitors at any time and at any place on the track.  The old fashioned slot cars only allowed switching lanes at predetermined cross-over sections of the track. This exciting new generation of slot car racing combines speed and strategy, just like real professional auto racing! With the G2 mechanism, the car has better weight balance, quicker response times, faster in speed and lower noise level compared with the previous version. With G2, Racers give you a completely new and improved racing experience!


Cut The Wire

Cut The Wire is a fun game of luck! You are challenged to defuse the device as quickly as possible by testing each of the wires. The aim of the game is to figure out which wire is the special defuse wire! Take turns to review the clues that flash up on the device and then have a go at cutting the wire.Turn the game of Cut The Wire up a notch by switching from classic mode to timed mode. While playing in timed mode, each player has only 15 seconds to take their turn. If a player doesn’t make a move in time, the device will explode and the player will be eliminated. Stay calm, listen to the clues and difuse the device before it explodes!


Spy Code Hackathon

Hackathon, one of latest games is mission #4 of the Spy Code range. Your identity has been stolen by a group of villains and is saved inside a super-advanced console. You are in possession of the console and your Spy Code squad has instructions to hack and retrieve the secret information. However, only one person can see and work on the console at a time. You can only hear each other. Work together, keep talking and start decoding the console. There are eight modules. You have limited time and there is no room for mistakes. What are you waiting for? Get hacking, quick!


Harkla Weighted Blanket For Autism, Anxiety, or ADHD

Are you struggling to get your child to relax or fall asleep? If so, then maybe it’s time you invest in a heavy blanket. The Harkla Weighted Sensory Blankets  are designed with your family in mind. Whether you are buying one for anxiety, autism, or sensory processing disorder, you’ll be happy you finally made the investment in a Harkla weighted blanket.  Their minky dot design makes for a perfect sensory blanket, as the soft minky fabric, combined with the dots and added weight make a sensory input trifecta!  And these blankets are currently available in three color options and six different weights.  The goal at Harkla is to help your child live a happier, healthier life, and getting them to relax and get a good nights sleep is one of the highest priorities for that goal to succeed. Children's Hoodie® Children's Hoodie features complete insect repellent coverage and a special blend of light weight fabrics that are moisture wicking, UPF 50+ and cooling. Features include a hood and cut outs for the thumbs to ensure maximum coverage and helps with the protection from bug bites. Insect Shield® apparel (97% effective against insect bites) is registered by the EPA for maximum effectiveness, up to 70 launderings, exceeding the life expectancy of a standard garment. It will quickly become a favorite for parents and kids.


Poppy Apron

Some of the sweetest memories include a lovely mess, and no one plays dress-up like little girls! Perfect for baking in the kitchen or planting flowers in the upcoming Spring, this precious Poppy Apron is just too adorable for words! Wrap it up and put it under the tree or roll it up and tuck it in a stocking for the perfect stocking stuffer!


MAX Build More Figurines

Take it to the MAX with ZURU MAX Build More - the premium toy construction blocks that rock! Load up on all your favorite characters with the MAX Figure Pack.  Which includes 15 interchangeable Figures. Create your own world filled with aliens, pirates, ninjas, and much more. All 15 character figures are fully compatible with LEGO® Bricks and other major building brick brands.  So many fun characters plus accessories all in one affordable set!

  Kuroba Klash Arena

Kuroba Klash Arena

The Kuroba Klash Arena is the perfect battle stage to bring your Kuroba to show you Kuroba Keeper skills! Once you choose your battle strategy, slide your Kuroba creatures down the launch ramps and watch as one captures the other! Remember, Paper will always defeat Rock, but not Scissors! Battle your friends in the Kuroba Klash Arena and see who is the stronger Kuroba Keeper!

  Kuroba Hoot Slumber Vs. Spark-Lug S Action Figure

Kuroba Hoot Slumber V. Spark-Lug Action Figure Battle Pack

Kuroba Battle Packs are a new and unique way to challenge your friends to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! Pick your favorite Kuroba Character and send it into battle against other Kuroba Keepers. By choosing your battle strategy, you can slide your Kuroba creatures towards each other and watch as one captures the other! Remember, Scissors will always defeat Paper, but not Rock! Which strategy will you choose?


My Little Pony Best Gift Ever Princess Cadance & Shining Armor Set

It’s the holiday season and Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, and Baby Flurry Heart are traveling to Princess Twilight Sparkle to celebrate in her castle! When they arrive, Twilight is super stressed to find the best gift ever, but eventually they learn that friendship is every pony's favorite gift of all. This My Little Pony Best Gift Ever set comes with 3 pony figures: Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, and Baby Flurry Heart. Pretend the royal family is gifting the teddy bear, bottle, and present accessories to their baby alicorn. Imagine festive family scenes celebrating the holidays together with this My Little Pony Best Gift Ever set!

LEGO Creator: Daredevil Stunt Plane

Perform amazing stunts with the LEGO Creator 3in1 31076 Daredevil Stunt Plane set, featuring a classic toy biplane with a bright red, white and blue color scheme with star-printed elements and golden accents, minifigure cockpit, spinning propeller and a wheeled undercarriage. This LEGO Creator 3in1 construction toy rebuilds into a Rocket Car or a Rocket Boat for more exciting stunts and adventures, and includes a stuntman minifigure, ready to perform in his colorful stuntman suit, helmet and goggles.

  Little Pretender Walkie Talkies for Kids, 2 Mile Range, 3 Channels, Built in Flash Light

Little Pretender 2 Mile Digital Walkie Talkies

Fulfill the fantasies of your favorite young firefighter, policeman, EMT or SWAT wannabe!  The Little Pretender Walkie Talkies will become a fast favorite.  Featuring 3 channels and a remarkable 2-mile distance range, kids can now carry on long distance top-secret conversations.  By encouraging outdoor play, these will enable them to explore their environment and gain self-confidence and social skills.  Made with the highest quality materials, these walkie talkies will be sure to resist childhood rough and tough while providing non-stop play. Runs on 3 AAA batteries per unit (not included).

  SONGMICS Ballerina Music Jewelry Box

SONGMICS Ballerina Music Jewelry Box

Each little girl, during her childhood, will dream to be a beautiful ballerina.  And dreams can start coming true with this beautiful Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box.  By flipping open the lid, the ballerina is set into motion.  Plus, the melody of "Waltz of the Flowers" will automatically begin to play. Cute cartoon animals, pink hearts, and flowers are painted on the pretty pink exterior.  And it can hold your girls' little jewelry and other small treasures, with upper 7 compartments and 3 drawers.  This high quality box will be treasured!

  North Star Games Happy Salmon | Fast Paced Family Card Game

North Star Games Happy Salmon | Fast Paced Family Card Game

Happy Salmon is the simple, fast-paced card game packed to the gills with high-fivin’, fin-flappin’ fun. Actions including the classic "High 5", the unifying "Pound It", the frantic "Switcheroo", and the delightful “Happy Salmon” will leave players doubled over in laughter.  To play, at the same time, everyone calls out the action shown on their top card. When two players have a match, they celebrate by performing that action together.  Then discard their top card. Keep doing this. The first player to discard all their cards wins! With so many mini-celebrations built into the play, it’s the happiest game ever!


Looking for a game that's unique and like nothing you've ever played before? Check out Chickapig! An exciting, fun-filled strategic board game where chicken–pig hybrids attempt to reach their goals while dodging opponents, hay bales, and an ever-menacing pooping cow. Break your flock of Chickapigs free while dodging opponents, hay bales, and an unruly pooping cow in this strategic board game. Chickapig breeder and game creator Brian Calhoun joins forces with his farming buddy Dave Matthews to bring this game from the farm to table. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, for 2-4 players.

  OwlCrate Jr. Book Subscription Box

OwlCrate Jr. Book Subscription Box

OwlCrate Jr. is a monthly subscription box for young readers, brought to you by the team behind OwlCrate. This box of fun goodies and great books is perfect for kids aged 8-12. Give the joy of reading to a young bookworm in your life today!

  • Boxes are curated for kids of all genders age 8-12 (or anyone still a kid at heart )
  • Each month has a different theme built around our book of the month, which is always newly published in North America within 45 days of our ship date 
  • Each box will contain 4-6 goodies, with at least one usable item or activity to encourage creativity, imagination and exploration,
  • Subscriptions are available as a monthly subscription for $27.99 + shipping, as well as a 3 or 6-month pre-pay subscription, which saves you a little off each box. We also offer 1, 3 or 6-month non-renewing gift options.
  • Shipping is available worldwide, with the exception of Mexico, Peru, and Iran

Kangaroo's The Original Super Cool Slime Lab

Kangaroo's Original Super Cool Slime Lab includes everything you need to be your own mad scientist and make your own insane creations! With this lab you can make: solid color, multi-color, glitter, or even glow in the dark slime!

  • Includes: 3 tubes of slime booster. 1 bottle of slime activator, 1 glow-in-the-dark powder pack, 3 colored dyes (Galaxy Purple, Cosmic Blue, and Toxic Green), 3 mixing sticks, 3 mixing/storage containers, 1 bottle of glitter, 1 spoon, 2 measuring cups, and easy to follow instructions!