Friday, July 7, 2017

Fill Your Home Library With Dinosaur Books!

Our Southern Style loves books! We also love learning and I have one particular kid, Eva, who loves all things Dinosaurs! I'm always looking for educational books to add to our home library and found fun and exciting books not only for my 9-year-old, but also for all my kids at Quarto Knows.They provided me the books pictured above (plus a few more that you'll find below), at no cost to facilitate this post, and I'm excited to share so many new dinosaur books coming soon to places wherever books are sold!

Ultimate Expeditions Dinosaur Hunter $18.99

  Though dinosaurs are long extinct, their bones can be used to piece together the puzzle of their past. Fossil hunter Jackson Foster has just returned from a three-month expedition uncovering the remains of dinosaurs that roamed across North America millions of years ago, and he has a fascinating tale to tell. From the massive and toothy Tyrannosaurus rex to the speedy Coelophysis that traveled in packs, Ultimate Expeditions: Dinosaur Hunter brings to life eight incredible creatures, with illustrations, maps, fossil finds, and facts about when, where, and how they lived.

  Ultimate Expeditions Dinosaur Hunter is Coming Soon

Life On Earth: Dinosaurs $12.99

  When did the dinosaurs live? How did they hunt? And why is the T-Rex the scariest dinosaur? Find out in this fact-filled book, the first in a new non-fiction series for children aged 5+. Each book answers 100 questions in a simple and informative way, and has more than 70 lift-flaps to open.

  Life On Earth: Dinosaurs is Coming Soon!

Creature Files: Dinosaurs $ 14.99

  What can you learn from a 250-million-year-old tooth? More than you might think! From the knife-like teeth of Tyrannosaurus rex, to the blunt rake-like teeth of the armored Euoplocephalus, to the leaf-stripping teeth of the giant Diplodocus, every bicuspid and molar has a fascinating tale to tell about the food these animals ate, the way they hunted and foraged, and even what might have led to their demise. In Creature Files: Dinosaurs, you’ll peer inside the jaws of these fearsome creatures, discovering what they really looked like, where they roamed, and what they ate, using many of the same tools that actual paleontologists do. Can you match the three replica teeth to the prehistoric mouths they belong to? Stunning illustrations and surprising stats bring the stories of these long-extinct beasts to life.

  Creature Files: Dinosaurs is Coming Soon!

Jumbo Stickers For Little Hands $7.95

  Everyone loves dinosaurs! Now, kids ages 4 and up can place a T-rex on a mountaintop and a brontosaurus in the ocean, and then switch them back and forth or replace them with other dinos! That's because our stickers are big, reusable, and made from hard-to-rip vinyl--making sticker play fun for younger kids who haven't quite mastered their fine motor skills yet. These stickers, along with the 22 pages of colorful and joyful landscapes are sure to inspire hours of imaginative play and storytelling, all without any stickers stuck to clothes, hair, walls, or ground into carpets!

  Jumbo Stickers For Little Hands is Coming Soon!

Atlas Of Dinosaur Adventures $30.00

  Step into the Prehistoric World for an adventure with history's most dazzling dinosaurs! This 96-page hardcover book is Coming Soon!

Dinosaur Detective Search & Rescue Mission $16.99

  With his red airplane, the Dinosaur Detective travels the world in search of lost animals. A rich and whimsical "hide and seek" picture book, which takes the reader on a puzzle-packed tour of a dozen different destinations, including the jungle, the stormy sea and outerspace. Detailed drawings of drama-filled scenes will challenge children of all ages to test their spotting skills.

 My youngest son, Levi, though he's only 5-years-old, has a blast with this book! If you've ever had fun searching for "Waldo" then you will enjoy this book as well! This one has become a favorite of ours on car rides and all of my kids like to play the game of "who can find it first".

  Dinosaur Detective Search & Rescue is Available Now wherever books are sold!

Dinosaurs In 30 Seconds $9.99

  This fresh and exciting book takes young readers on a fascinating journey from the development of the first life forms on the planet to the emergence of the dinosaurs – and their eventual extinction. 30 key topics explore these fascinating creatures, how they evolved, what they ate, their social behaviour, what they looked like, and how we have come to understand them from their fossilized remains.  Each topic is presented in a neat 30-second soundbite, supported by a 3-second flash summary and a full-page colourful artwork. Fun active ‘missions’ support the topics and encourage kids to find out more.

  Dinosaurs In 30 Seconds is Coming Soon!

 Quarto Knows will be releasing all of these incredible titles from now until October! Don't miss out on getting the books you want to add to your library. Find them on Amazon and Pre-Order them today! Quarto Knows has so many other books available for readers of all ages and of all interests!

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