Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Perfect Getaway {With The Perfect Giveaway!}

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hot Ash Stoves, iZZi Foods, Thermacell, Goosefeet Gear, IceMule Coolers. All opinions are my own. 

 Just a couple weeks ago, Ben and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. For some of you that's baby years and for some it seems miles away. We've been through a lot in those 11 years but one thing is for sure; life has brought us closer together, shown us how fast the years go by, and that some days (unlike how Captain and Tennille would have us believe) it's taken more than love to keep us together (lots of our faith, family, and determination go a long way!). A couple weeks ago, my husband said the most romantic thing I've ever heard, "Babe, if you wanna go down the river...I guess I'll go down the river too". This is a pretty big step coming from a guy that grew up near Detroit. But he's grown to love everything the country life has to offer and this year we decided we'd truly get away. Get away from technology. Get away from the hustle and bustle of town and people. Get away from everyone and everything but each other. Our perfect getaway included an overnight kayaking trip down the Shenandoah River, and some great new outdoor gear that helped to make our adventure perfect!

IceMule Classic Cooler (Medium 15L)

  The portability of a backpack. The ice-keeping performance of a hard cooler.

 With fabric that is 2x thicker and reinforced seams, this is an everyday cooler designed to be as tough and high-performance as technical outdoor gear that can cost much more.

  IceMule Classic - Medium (15L) Dimensions & Capacity - 10" diameter x 16" tall when closed. There is no other cooler like an IceMule.

We combined the portability of a backpack with the performance of a hard cooler, so you can take your cooler anywhere. Every IceMule equipped with a padded strap, meaning the IceMule is easy to carry. And, with no zippers, the IceMule is easy to get in and out of. Plus, our welded seams & PolarLayerTM insulation make the IceMule is completely waterproof and keeps contents ice cold for 24 hours+.


  • MuleSkinEVTM - More than 2x thicker than most soft coolers, the IceMule Classics inner & outer layers create a durable shell that protects the PolarLayerTM insulation and will stand up to the toughest demands.
  • PolarLayerTM - Insulating foam keeps contents cold for up to 24 hours. Plus - only the IceMule's IM AirValveTM lets you add air for extra insulation.
  • IM AirValveTM - This unique feature allows air to be added to the insulation layer (enhancing insulation) and releases air so the cooler can roll up for travel & storage.
No, I didn't store our cooler next to the fire - but it did make for a pretty cool picture ;)

 If you are into kayaking, canoeing, or anything on the water you NEED one of these coolers! I can attest that this truly is 100% waterproof because we ended up hitting a pretty high Class II rapid and my husband failed to keep his kayak upright. Our IceMule Cooler was attached to the back of his boat and was completely dunked - but water did not seep in.

It was great to be able to throw the IceMule right over our shoulder while we were hauling our gear and even with the medium size, I was able to fit 6 waters, a ziplock of chicken, a ziplock of veggies, plus a package of sausage and a 6-egg container (plus ice) into our cooler. Most of it was melted by the morning time, but looking back, I probably filled our cooler with more "stuff" and should have left a little more room for ice. Live and learn right? Either way, we loved it and I'm so excited we have this in our permanent gear supply as we will undoubtedly use it all the time! Beach, lake, and of course the river (we're going out again next week!). I'm a big fan of IceMule Coolers!

  Click HERE to visit the IceMule Coolers and to purchase your own IceMule Cooler (Cooler pictured above - $59.99).

  IceMule Social Media:


 There's nothing that can ruin an outdoor event like bugs! I was super excited when I discovered Thermacell and all of their amazing products. Just turn them on and bugs are gone!

MR450 Repeller 

The Thermacell MR450 Mosquito Repeller effectively repels mosquitoes and other biting insects by creating a 15 x 15-foot zone of protection for bug-free comfort. Built to be tough enough for any adventure, the MR450 will quickly become an essential piece of gear. Thermacell Repellers have been evaluated by the EPA for safety and effectiveness.

  • Rubber armored
  • Zone of Protection indicator
  • Accessory mounting system
  • Reengineered grill
  • Ergonomic design
  • Repels mosquitoes, black flies and other flying insects
  • Thermacell products create a 15’ x 15’ zone of protection in minutes that lasts for hours
  • Includes three original repellent mats lasting four hours each, providing 12 total hours of repellency
  • Uses Thermacell butane cartridge refills for mosquito repellent function; each cartridge lasts up to 12 hours
  • Silent, virtually odor-free, no open flame

Scout Mosquito Repeller Camp Lantern

  The Thermacell Mosquito Repeller Scout Camp Lantern effectively repels mosquitoes, black flies, and other biting insects by creating a 15 x 15-foot zone of protection for bug-free comfort. Its bright 220-lumen light runs for 10 hours on its highest setting and makes it a great addition to the serious camper’s gear. Ideal for use while you are camping, hunting, and fishing, the Thermacell Scout Camp Lantern has been evaluated by the EPA for safety and effectiveness.

  • 4 light settings and up to 10 hours of run time on High setting
  • Includes: Thermacell Trailblazer Camp Lantern, 1 Max Life repeller mat, 1 butane cartridge
  • Requires 4 AA-batteries (not included)

The Thermacell isn't waterproof, but when I was in the slow moving part of the river, I turned it on and strapped it near the cockpit of my kayak. I can be horribly allergic to mosquito bites, in that when I get bit (which always seems to be more often that most people) my bites get HUGE, hot, and depending on the type of bug, sometimes turn to purple welts or bruises even. I"m almost always covering myself with toxic amounts of deet to keep them away. On this trip, utilizing the individual Thermacells and the lantern, neither my husband nor myself got any bites! Ben in particular noticed an obvious difference between when we had the Thermacells on and when we had them off. Don't go into the wilderness without these!

  MR450 Repeller  - $34.99

  Scout Mosquito Repeller Camping Lantern - $39.99

  Click  HERE to visit Thermacell's website to check out all of their amazing products! Thermacell Social Media:

Goosefeet Gear Down Pillows

Stuffed with maximum-lofting 850+ fill power down, these down pillows are ultra-light, compressible, and ultra-comfortable. Soft and warm, they make for a great night’s sleep whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper.

  Our down pillows come in two styles: NO STUFF-SACK POCKET | This is our regular down pillow. WITH STUFF-SACK POCKET | This style has a sewn-on pocket on the back that you can stuff extra clothes, foam, or an air-pillow in to create more support. If you find that a regular down pillow compresses too much, the stuff-sack option is for you! The stuff-sack pocket pillow comes with small elastic attachment points added so that you can attach it to your sleeping pad to reduce pillow movement during the night.

 If you are into hiking, backpacking, or any outdoor adventure that is going to take you into the wilderness overnight, get one of these! Obviously, it's not going to be the same as the pillow on your bed at home (try stuffing that in a backpack or a daypack!). This pillow is designed to be able to take with you virtually anywhere because of how easy they are to compress. Mine has the Stuff-Sack Pocket which I love! Eventually I'll get an inflatable pillow to add some extra support, but in the meantime, I stuff my sweatshirt into the back and it works just fine. These pillows worked especially great in our hammocks!

  Click HERE to check out the GooseFeet Gear Down Pillow selections, starting at $25! GooseFeet Gear Social Media:


iZZi Food™ Camping Cookset is the perfect outdoor cooking set for the modern explorer who goes backpacking, camping, hiking, picnic, and other adventurous outdoor activities. This set is suitable for 2 and we made it with the highest quality FDA approved anodized aluminum, a sturdy and solid material that is non-stick, non-toxic, easy to clean, conducts heat efficiently and built to last.

Our premium cooking set provides an unbeatable value for a great price. We offer BONUS tools that will make this camping cookware a must-buy: folding stainless steel fork, knife and spoon, small bag for the tableware, heat resistant glove, fire starter, and two empty bottles (one for cooking oil and the other for soap). The lightweight and compact design of this multi-functional tool makes it easy to carry anywhere you go.

 I was surprised by how small this little cooking set actually is! If you're looking for cooking gear for a family this is not what you'll be wanting, but for my husband and myself it was perfect! We used the larger pot for boiling water for hot tea and coffee. The soap and oil bottles made cooking and cleanup extremely easy and the frying pan didn't cause things to stick like my other ones have in the past. All in all, this is a super affordable cookware set and perfect the a singe or two-person getaway!

  Click HERE to order your own iZZi-Food Cookware Set ($24.95)

Hot Ash Stove

With the Hot Ash, we realized that we could make a camping, bushcraft stove that made it easy to cook, boil water, and a myriad of other things in an efficient and safe manner. The design of this stove uses the principles of primary, and secondary burns that help get rid of harmful creosotes that are found in traditional campfires. 


Weight: 3 lbs Collapsed Dimensions: 3" W x 3.25" D x 8.9" H Assembled (not including feet) Dimensions: 3" W x 7.25" D x 8.9" H

It's super important to remember is that you're not going to cook over this stove like you would over a campfire. My first time cooking with the stove I packed it full of wood chips, sticks, and fire starter. Wrong Move!! I was definitely overzealous to get cooking and I paid for it! My stove wasn't able to get air into it to move the flame towards the secondary burn. We dumped out all of the packed in ash and started again, this time thinking with a more "minimal" mentality.


 The second time through we got our Hot Ash Stove fired up and in no time we were cooking a delicious skillet of chopped veggies and herbs to go with our chicken waiting by our campfire. We found it helpful for one of us to be cooking while the other was feeding the fire, and it helps to gather enough smaller kindling and fuel to have ready to go before you start cooking. Super packable, easy to use, set up, and boy did it help to make our meal delicious!  I wouldn't have minded if it were a bit bigger, but then again, that makes more to carry and pack. One this is for sure, our Hot Ash Stove will be going with us on all of  our outdoor getaways!

  Click HERE to visit the Hot Ash Website and order your Hot Ash Stove (Currently priced at $109.99) Hot Ash Social Media Pages:

 When you think about the perfect date, a lot of people would never pick something in the great outdoors. I found that there's truly nothing better than leaving behind the things that pull us away from each other and instead getaway from it all and focus totally on each other (you get pretty close when you're sleeping together in a hammock)! If you've never gone on an adventure with your special honey, don't let another year go by before you leave it all behind, needing all that technology less and enjoying each other more! And we wanna help you get all you need to make that getaway perfect!


One lucky person is going to win their own Thermacell lantern, IceMule Cooler, Hot Ash Stove, GooseFeet Gear Pillow, and a code for 99% off an iZZi-Food Cookware set!  To enter, just use the Giveaway Tools form below. Giveaway open to United States, ages 18 and up. Ends 6/24/17 at 11:59PM EST.

Disclosure: I received the item pictured above in exchange for facilitating this post. Our Southern Style and Thrifty Nifty Mommy are not responsible for prize fulfillment. One winner will be randomly selected using the Giveaway Tools random selector and notified via email. Once notified, the winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google. Void where prohibited.


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