Monday, March 13, 2017

5 Gifts Your Tomboy Will Love

Tomboy Cover A

I always thought when I had a daughter I'd be up to my elbows in nail polish, sparkly hair bows and Barbies. I should have known the moment Eva came roaring into this world, loudly letting everyone know that she had arrived, that my girl wasn't going to be the typical princess. She lives to spend her days outside digging for treasure or dinosaur bones. When given the choice between joining dance or a sport, she chose Karate. She gets excited to learn new things and create new inventions of her own. She loves to let her imagination run wild whether she's drawing, painting, or reading a book. Unlike most kids, I never find her in front of the TV. Being her Mom has been one of the greatest adventures of my life! She is fiercely independent, never apologizes for being herself, and stands up for what she believes in. She is a different kind of princess altogether and I love her for it. Though she's easy to love, she's not so easy to shop for! If you have a Tomboy of your own you understand the struggle of gifts like I do. Whether it's birthdays or Christmas I'm always wracking my brain trying to come up with gift ideas for Eva. I've finally put together a list of 5 gifts I know your Tomboy will love - because mine loved every single one!

Oakiwear Kids Matching Rain Set -  $69.99

Oakiwear 1

 Give your Tomboy some Oakiwear Rain Gear to get out there and laugh in the rain! Eva loves her rain gear so much she tries to talk me in to letting her wear it on sunny days. I love sending my Eva out there to jump in the puddles, dance in the rain, and remind her that there's no storm she can't conquer! What is Oakiwear? 10 years ago, a mom went looking for kid waders and toddler rain gear for her TWIN boys. She had always held a deep connection with the outdoors and wanted to share this love with her children. In order to truly enjoy the outdoors, it takes great gear. Unfortunately, She couldn’t find durable or affordable outdoor gear for her young kids! Thus Oakiwear was born. Oakiwear philosophy is “if we truly wish to get kids active again, we need to provide them with the right gear at an affordable price to open the door to new possibilities in outdoor exploration.”

NEW Oakiwear Kids Rain Coats 

Each coat is lined with soft cotton/poly blend fabric to provide comfort and warmth on rainy days.
  • Waterproof
  •  Machine Washable
  •  Attached Hood
  •  Snap Closure for Easy On/Off

Oakiwear Children's Rubber Boots

We’re excited to introduce our new line of traditional rain boots. Made of 100% rubber and include topside handles for easy pull-on, these boots are sure to keep your kiddos dry in the rain and puddles.

  Product Features:
  • Complete rubber exterior with a great tread
  • Reinforced Handles for easy wearing and toting
  • High cut off point to keep water out

Oakiwear Children's Umbrella

This umbrella is the best accessory for fun-time rain and sun play! Kids can operate the umbrella themselves with a pinch-proof open/close slider mechanism. Curved wooden handle is easy for little hands to hold onto and hangs nicely on a coat hook or rack.

  •  Pinch-free push/pull safety open
  •  Metal frame with zinc-coated, chrome shaft
  •  Wooden curved handle and topper

Oaki Collage

Click HERE to check out all of the amazing outdoor gear Oakiwear has for kids and women as well!

Original Butterfly Garden- ARV $24.95

Insect Lore 1
From bugs to butterflies, ladybugs and more, Insect Lore gives your Tomboy the opportunity to bring her favorite bugs inside and hold a miracle in her hand!

  5 caterpillars will arrive in a clear plastic cup with all of the nutritious food they need. Place the cup in a safe place away from direct sunlight. The caterpillars will remain in the cup and will eat, spin silk and grow to TEN times their original size! After seven to ten days they will hang upside down and harden into chrysalides. 

Insect Lore Final 2

The Insect Lore butterfly habitat is a reusable, cylindrical mesh container perfect for up close butterfly viewing. When not in use it folds flat for easy storage. Once the chrysalides have hardened, gently move them to the pop-up butterfly habitat. It will take about seven to ten more days for them to complete the transformation to adult butterflies. Keep a close eye on the habitat so you don't miss the fascinating birth of your Painted Lady Butterflies. One to two hours after emergence, your butterflies will be fully formed and ready to eat and fly! Place fresh flowers in the habitat for your butterflies to rest on and then use the feeding pipette included to drip sugar water, or nectar, on the flowers.  Watch your butterflies eagerly sip the nectar with their long proboscises. Butterflies also love to feed from fresh slices of watermelon and oranges! 

Set Your Butterflies Free!

Insect Lore Collage 2

Enjoy your butterflies for a few days, and then experience the excitement of letting them go to continue their amazing life cycle.  Release your butterflies within a week of their emergence from the chrysalides when daytime temperatures are above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply take the butterfly habitat out to your yard, unzip the cover and let your butterflies go. Butterflies will often land on little hands and faces before flying away. Watch for your butterfly friends, as they may decide to remain in your garden for a few days! 

Click HERE to check out the Original Butterfly Garden and more insect kits from Insect Lore!

Funoogles - Starting at $89.99

Funoogles Cover 1
Eva loves to show her creative side no matter what she's doing - that includes what she's wearing! If you have a glasses-wearing-Tomboy who loves to express her creativity, Funoogles takes the embarrassment out of having to wear glasses and brings in color and excitement! Pick out the size of glasses, colors for your starter pack and then take your Funoogles to your child's optometrist to have them filled (Funoogles does not typically fill a script). Don't have a glasses-wearing Tomboy? Funoogles also makes top-notch Plano sunglasses with all the same fun as their Rx glasses.

  Every day we can style our hair, change our attitudes and wear fresh socks. Why can’t we change our glasses too? That’s where funoogles comes in. funoogles is a fresh pair of glasses or sunglasses every day of the week. With a few easy snaps, you can change up the style and color of your frames to match your mood.

  Funoogles Collage 1

  It all starts at the Base. The Base is a classic, clear-colored design to style as you see fit. All of Funoogles' snap-on styles attach in some way to the Base. Plus, it’s made from a flexible, TR-90 material. Next, you’ll choose your temples. Temples rest comfortably on your ears, just pick a color or pattern, snap them into the Base, and you’re ready to go.  The Full Frame Clip is a thicker design that covers the entire front side of your funoogles. Available in tons of great colors and patterns, the Full Frame Clip provides a bold, stylish look that’s easy to snap on and snap off to match your mood. The Eyebrow Clip is a sleek design that styles the top half of your funoogles with your favorite color or pattern. Eyebrow Clips snap on and snap off just as easily as a Full Frame Clip, but give you a modern two-tone color option to rock your funoogles. The Outline Clip is thinner than the Full Frame Clip, but works just the same. Easy to snap on and snap off, Outline Clips cover the entire front side of your funoogles, and give your frames a unique outline of color that highlights your distinguishing features.

  Click HERE to visit Funoogles!

Girls Will Be - Girls Apparel

Girls Will be 1

Girls Will many different things! Shouldn’t their clothing options reflect that? Not all girls want to wear pink and sparkles and ruffles and bows and skinny fits. At least not all of the time! And some girls like things besides hearts, flowers, butterflies, and princesses. Where are the clothes for them? Right here! Our shorts have a length that hits just above the knee, plenty of room to move (without being baggy), and are also manufactured right here in the USA! - Girls Will Be

Girls Will Be collage 1

Lots of girls are quiet and shy and that's perfectly okay - but girls can also be bold, loud, and confident, and that's okay too! As a Mom, I love that I don't have to worry about shorts that show too much leg for my 8-year-old daughter, but instead Eva can run, play, and go to school in shorts that are well within the finger-tip-length rule while at the same time loving the way she looks in them! Eva went nuts over her Girls Will Be T-shirt! It was super soft and fit perfectly with jeans, leggings, and shorts! She is never afraid to be herself and we both love that this shirt exudes the same confidence that she feels.

Girls Will Be Collage 2

"Designer of the Month," Zoe A, started TaeKwonDo when she was 5 and will be testing for her black belt this month. Talk about mighty! The silhouette on this shirt is of Zoe (now 10 years old) doing an amazing flying sidekick. Besides TaeKwonDo, Zoe likes to "do all messy things outside" and play with her dogs, her sister, and her best friend. When she grows up, Zoe wants to be a movie director and a paleontologist. She thinks Girls Will Be...daring, inventive, determined, and fearless. And we agree! Custom-made shirt with the perfect not-too-boxy but not-too-fitted fit. Plus it's super soft and built to last!

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% combed and ringspun cotton
  • Pre-washed to minimize shrinkage
  • Tagless

Click HERE to visit Girls Will Be and let your girl express who she's meant to be!

Huggle Pod - $99.00

Huggle Pod 1

  This newly updated edition of our now-classic, incredibly cozy hanging chair features striking patterns and fun fabrics, but is still warm as a hug and soft as a snuggle. Made from sturdy 60% polyester/40% cotton canvas, it features trim reinforced with super-strong polypropylene and a thick, removable cushion plumped with 100% polyester filling. Great for indoor and outdoor use. Measures 60"L; cushion measures 28" round. Choose Flower, Stripe, or GeoArt.

  Hanging hardware not included; professional installation recommended when hanging from ceiling or beam. Assembled in the USA of imported materials (spot clean only). Holds up to 175 lbs.

  Super easy to hang from a tree branch with our super-strong polyurethane Heavy-Duty Easy Tree Hanger. Just loop around a sturdy branch (must be at least 10" to 12" in diameter), attach your swing's ropes to the heavy-duty carabiner clip, and you're done! Approx. 50"L. Requires adult installation. Hang it absolutely anywhere with our custom-made crescent stand (94"H).

 • Updated version of our popular HugglePod
• Made from sturdy 60% polyester/40% cotton canvas
• Trim is reinforced with super-strong polypropylene
• Removable cushion plumped with 100% polyester filling
• Great for indoor/outdoor use
• Hanging hardware not included
• Professional installation recommended when hanging from ceiling or beam
• Holds up to 175 lbs.
• Super easy to hang from a tree branch with our Heavy-Duty Easy Tree Hanger (730558)
• Hang it absolutely anywhere with our Crescent Stand, 94"H (729638)

  For ages 4 and up.

Forget the hammock, the Huggle Pod is truly one of the most adorable and unique gifts on the market. It's quickly become Eva's favorite place to retreat to when she's writing stories, drawing in her notebook, or reading one of her favorite book series. There's several different Huggle Pods to choose from, including patters and colors but the floral print went really well to Eva's rustic style room. I love the ability to remove the cushion for washing and that this Huggle Pod can be used indoors or outdoors. And with the ability to hold up to 175 pounds, this is something she'll never grow out of!

  There's several ways to hang your Huggle Pod!

Huggle Pod Collage 2

Click HERE to check out all the different styles of Huggle Pods from Hearth Song!

Just when you thought it couldn't get better, Thrifty Nifty Mommy and I are teaming up with Oakiwear, Funoogles, Girls Will Be, and and Hearth Song to give you an awesome GIVEAWAY for your favorite Tomboy!

Tomboy Giveaway

One lucky person is going to win the entire prize package! Prizes from companies will be given according to availability. Prize may be different style than what is pictured above. To enter, just use the Giveaway Tools form below. Giveaway open to United States, ages 18 and up. Ends 3/27/17 at 11:59PM EST.

Disclosure: I received some of the items pictured above in exchange for facilitating this post. Our Southern Style and Thrifty Nifty Mommy are not responsible for prize fulfillment. One winner will be randomly selected using the Giveaway Tools random selector and notified via email. Once notified, the winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google. Void where prohibited.


  1. Every time she sees a puddle she goes for it. She is the first person to jump ad doesn’t have a care in the world.

  2. My little girls are not tomboys per say! But I love how my daughter is true to herself always. She loves blue when everyone else loves pink, choose art when all her friends do gymnastics and has a passion for penguins!

  3. I have 2 girls and one is very girly while the other one is rough and tumble.

  4. My sister and I were huge tomboys growing up!! So funny that we both ended up that way ;) I have a son, but my goddaughter is a tomboy and I LOVE it!! I love seeing her dive into dirt, puddles, lakes and messes with my son with no hesitation!!

  5. Little zadaya is not a total tomboy yet but working that way. With her dad and sports and her grandpa who has horse, dogs, cats and chickens. Aunts and uncles she is going to grow up the way she wants

  6. I only have grandsons, but growing up my sister was definitely a tomboy. She refused to wear girly clothes always dressing in jeans and tee shirt. She played with all the boys in the neighborhood. Who would have guessed she'd grow up to be one of the most fashionable dressers around?

  7. My girl loves to work in the garden, skateboard and play with her dogs!

  8. My daughter loves to lay with the boys and get dirty.

  9. We have two delightful granddaughters. Their ages are 3 years and 3 months. The three year old is a puddle jumper. We enjoy laughing and playing with them so much.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  10. My daughter is a tomboy and a girly girl. It all depends on what mood she is in! She can be rough and kick butt but then turn around and go to ballet!

  11. I LOVE hearing everyone brag on their special girls! Tomboy or no Tomboy we should always celebrate our kids :) This post and all your comments have inspired me to do more of it! Ya'll are great!

  12. I love my tomboy kenzie mae. She is in the dirt all day, riding quads, making mudpie, finding bugs, and chasing her chickens. I got the best little girl ever, one who loves to be dirty and be pampered

  13. Both of my girls love the outside and getting dirty! They, especially the youngest, still love their dolls, dresses, and pink, but they are both very interested in science, bugs, animals, and sports! I love that they have so many interests!

  14. My oldest daughter was a total tomboy. She loved climbing trees, playing with bugs and playing soccer. My youngest is 2. She is a perfect mix of a girly girl and a tomboy. She loves wearing lots of pink, dresses and hair bows. She also loves keeping up with her brothers in everything they do. She is fearless.

  15. My granddaughters love catching bugs and looking at them through a magnifying glass.

  16. My 3 y/o tomboy loves the great outdoors. Mostly, she loves mud! Lots and lots of mud lol. On days when you are sure there is no mud, she will certainly find some lol. She also loves matchbox cars and race car tracks.

  17. my daughter loves adventure. she loves to play in the rain and the mud. if she could be anywhere it would be outside

  18. My granddaughter is my tomboy and I love it. I was the same way growing up. Climbing trees, riding bikes and playing in the dirt are her favorites.

  19. My 6 year old granddaughter is the cutest little tomboy in our family. While her big sister loves to wear Disney princess dresses, she prefers to dress up as a pirate (her 5th & 6th birthdays were pirate themed). She loves to climb trees, hunts for & inspects bugs in the backyard, splashes in every puddle she finds. She would be great in a laundry detergent commercial as she comes in after playing covered in dirt. Yet, she warms your heart with her giggles, huge smiles and biggest hugs.

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