Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Stealth Takes The Dread Out Of Snow Shoveling

Shovel cover
If you live on the East Coast near DC, no doubt you remember the huge snowstorm we had last year. I know my back still remembers it at least. We got over 30 inches of snow and were doomed to never see the likes of fresh bread and milk again. You see, where I live in West Virginia, snow means the world stops turning. At the mere mention of snowflakes, shoppers rush to our local grocery stores to clear the shelves of every item known to man. Schools cancel, and we all hunker down for the end of the world to happen. We're also not well known for our ability to plow around these here parts and last year's storm in particular was no different. The snow plows couldn't handle our main roads, much less have the time to clear our back roads and side streets. After that particular storm, my family didn't make it out of our development for three days. I remember I was giving my arms and back a break from hours of trying to shovel out our vehicles (as if there was even anywhere we could go) when I looked up and saw the National Guard coming down the road to our aid.  I didn't know when we'd get another storm like that one, I just knew the next time I wanted to be prepared. DMOS must have heard my cries because they answered my snow shovel prayers and sent me the Stealth Shovel, at no cost to facilitate this review. If you need to invest in a good shovel - this will be the last one you ever need!

The Stealth

Shovel Collage 1
Nope, that's not three shovels you're looking at! One of the awesome features of the Stealth is that with a push of the two buttons on the sides of the shovel you can raise or lower the length of the shaft, making it the perfect height for whatever job you're looking to tackle. My very first impression of the Stealth was that not only was it super light, but extremely sturdy, a pretty uncommon occurrence to find in any product. As I took a closer look, I discovered this wasn't just any old ordinary shovel, it was definitely meant to be used as a tool!


DMOS's first shovel, the one that started our tool revolution. For everyone who needs a full-size, indestructible tool for moving and grooming terrain. For pros who go backcountry on sleds to build massive jumps. For car owners who want the best emergency shovel for expeditions in snow country. For RV owners. For snowmobilers. For ice fisherman. For Brooklyn brownstone dwellers. Gardeners. It's the last shovel you'll ever need and perfectly sized for any on-the-go project.


At nearly twice the thickness of an avalanche shovel, this shovel won't bend or deform.

  Shovel Head: 2.5 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy (this sucker won’t bend an inch). 18" wide 9" long 3" deep when folded
Telescoping Tubular Shaft: 1.6 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy shaft that is 56.5" long extended
Stress tested in laboratory and the field conditions in temps ranging from -40 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit - DMOS Collective Website Description

shovel collage 2
The handle of this shovel is easy to grip with one hand or two. I spent a lot of time testing out how easy it was to extend and lower the handle and taking it out of the base. I might have had to give it a little wiggle and apply a little pressure when changing the height of the shovel's shaft, but in my opinion, that's what you want if you're looking for a shovel that stays in place while you work. The teeth on the front of the Stealth means it crushes through tough, heavy snow and ice, chops through hard solid ground when digging, and gathers up as much material as possible when doing yard work. This is a shovel that's not to be messed with!

100% Packable!

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When you think about a shovel you probably don't think about breaking it down to something you could fit into a backpack, but that's precisely what the Stealth is able to do! DMOS Collective was able to produce a tool that is completely packable without losing any of it's quality and toughness. You don't need a truck or an SUV to haul this baby around. As a woman, I pretty much feel like a boss, pulling this bad boy out of the back of my minivan, putting it together in under 2 minutes and quickly shoveling my way to the front door. Keep it in your car for snow emergencies, or store it in your foyer closet for easy access. Bottom line is, it doesn't matter where you want to keep it, the Stealth will fit just fine.

 Winter has never been my favorite season. We've been quite lucky so far this year in that compared to years past, our winter has been extremely mild. When you think about purchasing a snow shovel, you don't often think about investing in something like the Stealth, but investing is exactly what you are doing! For a shovel that's built to last, ready to perform all year long from snow removal in the winter to gardening in the spring and summer, yard work in the fall, and any other tough job, it truly is the last shovel you will need! I might not be loving the cold, but I can now say, I no longer dread when it's time to shovel the snow!

  The Stealth isn't the only shovel you will find at DMOS - click HERE to visit their website. 
Check out additional pictures of the Stealth, a variety of colors available and/or purchase your own Stealth for ARV $99!

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  1. I like the fact that this shovel is lightweight and packable because it would be great for those in my family to have for safety since they frequently go backcountry hiking and skiing.

  2. What I like is it says it won't bend or deform. I have had shovels that end up bending on the corner fronts of the shovel base and they end up deforming as well.

  3. I like that this is an icebreaker as well as a shovel.

  4. I'd like to give one to my Dad in MD...he's been having back issues.

  5. I love the serrated edge to rake and chop!! I bet its amazing on snow and ice!!

  6. I would love this shovel because the shovel head is made of 2.5 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy! I need a tough shovel!!

  7. I love everything about this shovel-it looks amazing, but my favorite feature is definitely the 2 in 1 shoveling and ice-breaking tool. This is exactly what need for my driveway and long front steps that get super icy!

  8. I like the ice breaking feature. Sometimes we get freezing rain that forms an ice crust that makes it hard to shovel.

  9. I love the maneuverability to get into where you want it to go. It can do so many things.

  10. I love how light this shovel is. I also really like the design, it looks to be ergonomic!

  11. I like that it's small enough to stay in my car during the winter.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  12. Oh, I love love love the ice-breaking feature. Much needed in Pennsylvania this time of year.

  13. I love that it is compact enuf to fit easily in a trunk