Tuesday, November 29, 2016

3 New Books from Sky Pony Press!

In our house we're always looking for new books to read. Story time before bed has become one of the most treasured times I'm able to spend with my children. Books from Sky Pony Press help us to keep the fun alive! Whether you're looking for books to add to your current children's library, or hoping to wrap up some new favorites under the Christmas tree, Sky Pony Press has three new titles you won't want to miss! Sky Pony Press provided me the titles pictured above, at no cost to facilitate this review, and I'm thrilled to share them with you!

New Year by Rich Lo (ARV $16.99)


  After his family moves from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, a boy begins school in America. He has a difficult time adjusting with limited knowledge of the English language and American culture. His translator is embarrassed to have to speak her native language at school in front of her friends. The boy feels out of place and alone in his new environment, though his mother assures him that one day he will be proud of his Chinese heritage.

  In February, the teacher gives the class a homework assignment: to come up with a theme with which to decorate the classroom. The boy knows exactly what the theme should be. He drafts some sketches of decorations for Chinese New Year. His teacher and classmates love the idea and have many questions about Chinese New Year for the boy. He is happy to answer and share his heritage with them.

  New Year is based on author/illustrator Rich Lo’s childhood experiences immigrating to America, and it is ultimately a story about being proud of who you are and where you’ve come from. - Sky Pony Press

 My Grandfather has always been proud of our family heritage and telling his children and grandchildren about where we come from is something that's been very important to him. I've always admired how he has taken the time to learn about our family ancestry and how it plays a big part in who he is and who he encourages us to be. I've never had the struggle of moving to a new country, in fact, I don't even remember growing up with students attending my school that had moved here from another country, but my own children do. My daughter Eva had several children in her Kindergarten class that had just moved from Mexico and didn't speak any English. I was so proud of the way that she reached out to help them as best as she could, and they ended up becoming some of her closest friends that year.  New Year is a great book to help children and adults get a glimpse of what life is like for immigrants to our country.

  New Year - Hardcover

  Price $16.99

  40 Pages

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Leonard's Beard (ARV $16.99)


  Leonard is a writer with many stories to tell. In his house on a hill, with his dogs and his frog, he writes stories of adventures and excitement. He is so consumed with his stories, though, that he loses touch with all of his friends and feels very lonely. Each day Leonard’s beard grows longer and longer, and more wild and untamed, as he fills up pages and pages of stories. His life becomes dull and much less exciting as he focuses too much on his writing. Leonard is so busy that he doesn’t notice a storm is brewing until the wind shakes the windows, the roof, and the floor and a strong gust knocks off his door. 

Once the storm passes, Leonard discovers just how out of control his beard has gotten. He finds strange things that have gotten stuck in there, including a mouse, a bird, and some apples. As Leonard removes the items from his beard, he comes to realize that being consumed with writing adventures has prevented him from having his own.

  Leonard’s Beard is a story about discovering what is important in life. The rhyming text is perfect for reading aloud, and the illustrations of all of the silly things that wind up in Leonard’s beard will have little ones giggling on each reread! - Sky Pony Press

 My kids and I had such fun with this book. I read to my son Elijah's 1st grade class every Thursday and he made a special request to have me read this book last week. The kids laughed and laughed as Leonard pulled one thing after another out of his beard and smiled thoughtfully as they realized the moral of the story. Super fun and always entertaining, Leonard is one of my most favorite books that we've ever reviewed for Sky Pony Press!

  Leonard's Beard - Hardcover

  Price $ 16.99

  32 Pages

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The Golden Girls of Rio ($16.99)


 The women athletes of the 2016 Summer Olympics captivated the world: Simon Biles, the most decorated American gymnast of all time; Katie Ledecky, who shattered swimming records in multiple events; Michelle Carter, the first American gold medalist in shot put; Simone Manuel, the first African American woman to medal in individual swimming. Their accomplishments amazed us, as did their personal stories of persistence and hard work. 

  The Golden Girls of Rio focuses on the paths to glory for these women athletes, how they got their start and rose to meteoric heights in the Rio games. The other swimming and gymnastic teammates are included in the story as well. An inspiring story, bursting with color and action and life, that will make you smile to see these champion athletes as little girls, and to revisit their triumphs in achieving Olympic gold. - Sky Pony Press

 My daughters, Eva and Mariyah loved watching the Olympics this year (I can't lie, we all loved watching the Olympics this year)! They especially enjoyed watching history take place with so many of the female athletes. They cheered for the gymnasts and after each night would make up their own floor exercises and talk about their dreams of being a gymnast one day themselves. I don't think I ever cheered so loudly as I did watching Katie Ledecky shatter record after record in swimming events! No matter what sport you are a fan of, no one can deny, the spirit all of these Olympians had was a reminder to find the fighter in us all!

  The Golden Girls of Rio- Hardcover 

  Price $16.99

  32 Pages

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 There are endless selections to choose from at Sky Pony Press! From fiction to non-fiction, mysteries to silly stories, you're sure to find something to please every reader of every age in your family! My kids count on their special story time with Mom and Dad and I'm glad I can count on Sky Pony Press to keep the great books coming!

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