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Gone Camping With Tribe Provisions


Disclosure: The Tribe Provisions products pictured in this post were provided at no cost to facilitate the review.

 There is one constant lesson that I continue to learn the older I get - and that is life is full of endless adventures! My friend Chris and I have always had a sense of adventure and a love of anything outdoors, two things that seem to go hand in hand. As I shared my experience of writing my blog Our Southern Style with Chris and as we've gone hiking, fishing, camping, and kayaking together, the idea that maybe there was an even bigger adventure out there came to us both. Within a moment of talking over coffee, Gone Girls Adventures was born! The thing about Chris and I is, we're not what you would call "experienced" outdoors-men (err - I guess that would make us "outdoors-women") but we've never let that stop us from trying to encounter everything this wonderful world has to offer. We are Moms, (Chris is also a "MiMi!), wives, we work outside of our homes, our families are small business owners. We're just like you! We want to inspire other women, couples, and families to get out there, take a risk, through caution and experience to the wind and grab adventure by the horns! Climb a mountain, camp out under the stars, go white water rafting! Chris and I want to invite you to come along with us on our adventures as we set out to prove, you don't need to have experience - you just need to be willing to go!

Gone Camping

Camping was not necessarily a stranger to Chris or I, we'd both been camping plenty of times but one thing is for certain - we always had a tent along with us. For our very first Gone Girls Adventures expedition we wanted to take camping to the next level and sleep out under the stars! I contacted my friends at Tribe Provisions because they are probably one of my favorite outdoor gear companies when it comes to the quality and simplicity of their products. You'll be hard pressed to find any gear at their prices that is 100% while at the same time being 100% dummy proof. Our husbands weren't along for this adventure - it was all up to Chris and I to survive our night alone in the woods. If we can't have our husbands to back us up, Tribe Provisions comes in a close second! After spending the night sleeping under the stars in just my Adventure Hammock, I'm pretty sure I'll never take a tent along again!

Adventure Hammock (ARV $39.99) & Adventure Tree Straps (ARV $29.99)


There's truly no more comfortable way to camp than in a Tribe Provisions Adventure Hammock! The fabric is very stretchy and soft and leaves plenty of room to wiggle! Aside from all of that, the feature I probably love most about this hammock (okay, I lied - there's two things - this hammock is unbelievably easy to set up!) is that the carrying pouch it comes in stays attached to the hammock and can be used to store small items (like keys, cellphone, Chapstick, etc.) while the hammock is in use. I never have to worry about misplacing the storage bag because it stays attached. When it's time to pack up, it's as simply as stuffing the hammock back into it's pouch.

  The Details:

  • Single Person Adventure Hammock
  • Diamond Lock rip-stop nylon with a strength rating of 400 lbs
  • Lashing cables [cordage] with a strength rating of 1300 lbs
  • Triple stitched seams for durability
  • Steel, spring-gate carabiners with a strength rating of 700 lbs
  • Dimensions: 10′ x 4′
  • Includes: attached stuff-bag, lashing cables, and 2 steel carabiners
  • Comes in choice of 8 different colors!

  • Two tree straps with 36 loops to allow for total hanging customization and comfort
  • Triple stitched seams for durability
  • Engineered to secure your hammock – can also be used to hang bags, create a lean-to or drag heavy objects
  • Each strap is 10 feet long
  • Each strap supports a load up to 200lbs, for a combined weight capacity of 400lbs
  • Highly reflective strips to return the beam from your flashlight on dark nights
  • Tote bag with Tribe Provisions Patch

This adventure was not the first time I had used the Tribe Provisions hammock - I reviewed it a couple months ago on a family camping trip, but for Chris, this was the first time she had one all to herself. Here's what she loved about the Adventure Hammock and Tree Straps:

"The hammock was great!I slept very comfortably outside under the stars all night long! I have to be honest I wasn't sure how it would work. I was thinking I would have to sleep on my back all night but turns out the hammock is so roomy that I was able to sleep on my side! I really appreciate that the sides of the hammock come up pretty far on both sides so I didn't have to worry about falling out."

"I must say, the great experience of my hammock camping started with the tree straps. Nothing can make a good time quickly turn bad like becoming frustrated when a product doesn't live up to your expectations. By the time we were setting up camp, it was quickly getting dark and I was a little worried it might take me longer than I wanted to get my hammock in place. I was amazed at how easy it was, thanks to the Adventure Tree Straps! I literally just wrapped the strap around the tree and attached the hook it stayed in place all night!!" - Chris

Adventure Hammock Mosquito Net (AVR $39)

To the same tune of the hammock the mosquito net has the same pouch attached to it which means it's just as functional and just as easy to pack up and store. I was truly amazed at how much room I had when relaxing in the hammock and was even more thrilled that when the sun went down, and I turned out my Luminoodle light, I was able to gaze at the stars, through the net, as if it wasn't even there. It was a miraculous experience!

  The Details: 

  • Dimensions: 136” x 48”
  • Fine polyester mesh
  • Lightweight construction: 0.77 lb
  • Includes nylon rope with a reflective strand for nighttime visibility
  • Compatible with all Adventure Hammocks

As far as set up goes, this one was just as easy as the rest of the Tribe Provision products! Chris and I simply put the hammocks inside of the mosquito net (before hanging them both from the tree straps) and threaded the hammock through the net. The elastic ties at each end of the mosquito net tighten to ensure no bugs get in! The zipper goes from top to bottom and is very easy to open and close, and get in and out of while using it with the Adventure Hammock. When hammock camping under the stars, the only way to do it right, is by adding the Adventure Mosquito net to the party!

Adventure Sleeping Bag (ARV $79.99)

Wrap me up in this sleeping bag and call me comfortable! This super light weight Adventure Sleeping bag is extremely soft and cushy and keeps you warm in the fall and spring months of camping and cooler in the summertime! Check out all of the great features this bag has to offer:

  The Details:

  • 3 season sleeping bag [rated to 32 degrees]
  • Mummy shape keeps your body warm
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs
  • Jam resistant right handed zipper
  • Built in stuff sack
  • Interior pocket for keys and valuables
  • Materials:
    • Shell: Nylon
    • Interior: polyester
    • Insulation: hollow fiber polyester

One word of caution, just because the sleeping bag says it is rated to 32 degrees doesn't mean you don't still have to dress "weather appropriate". I started off the night thinking I'd be fine in a thin T-shirt and shorts. The mountain temperatures dropped that night to a low 40 degrees and I had to jump quickly back into my hoodie and pants. The great thing about this bag though is that even though it's a mummy shape, the upper portion of this bag is very roomy. I'm one of those girls that HAS to sleep with a blanket at night and this sleeping bag even gave me the luxury of feeling like I got to snuggle in my blanket all night long!

Compact Camping Stool (ARV $29.99)

One of the things I've learned about camping is to be a minimalist. Take just what you need and leave the rest behind. No one wants to have to carry armloads of heavy gear through the woods.  The Compact Camping Stool is probably the smallest yet most effective camping seat I've ever seen or used! I was taken aback and just how small it was when Chris and I first unpacked it. "Um, do you think this is actually gonna hold me?" was Chris's first response. We were both surprised at how sturdy the stool was, not just in how well it held us both when we sat in it, but we also loved the traction at the bottom of the stool, which keeps the stool from slipping on ground that's not level, or wet from dew.  This is probably not the stool you want to use for long hours of lounging around your campsite, but it is PERFECT for sitting around the campfire at night or to take along on a fishing trip. The case is easy enough to sling over your shoulder or even small enough to throw in your pack. There's no set up with this stool, it simply folds open and closes, sliding easy into the case when you're ready to pack up. It's budget friendly so you can grab one for every camper in the family!

  The Details:

  • Well balanced for resting on uneven ground
  • 8×10 mm shafts made of 7075 aluminum support up to 250 pounds
  • Compact – The Stool collapses and fits in a mesh tote bag for carrying convenience
  • Dimensions [Stool Open]:  13.5 inches tall | 13.5 inches wide
  • Dimensions [Stool Collapsed]: 16.5 inches tall | 2.5 inches wide
  • Seat Material: Nylon
  • Ultra-light construction – weighs in at only 12.2oz

HydeTech Water Bottles (ARV $19.99 - $29.99)

Move over Yeti! If there's one water bottle you need to take on all of your outdoor adventures it's Tribe Provisions' HydeTech Water Bottle! Chris and I cannot say enough amazing things about these water bottles - which come in several colors and two sizes. On our way to the campsite, just before 3 PM,  we stopped to grab a few necessities and filled up our HydeTech bottles with ice and water. We camped, fished, cooked and talked around the campfire before settling in for the night. We spent the next morning reading our Bibles, making breakfast, talking about how comfortably we slept, and taking one last hike through the woods before we packed up to head back to the real world. Around Noon the next day we took a snapshot (pictured above) at just how much ice we both had left in our water bottles. It was literally as if the ice had not melted at all! As an experiment, I took mine home and left it on the counter. At 5 PM there was still ice. 10 PM that evening...still ice! When I woke up the next morning, well over the 24 hour mark, I still had several pieces of ice in my water bottle, all the while, my water still fresh and cold.

  The Details: 

  • Food Grade stainless steel construction for durability (BPA-free)
  • Double-walled, vacuum-sealed insulation to preserve liquid temperature (for both hot and cold beverages)
  • HydeTech rubberized coating eliminates sweating and improves grip
  • Cap loop and carabiner for carrying versatility
  • 20 oz. or 34 oz. capacity
  • Rubberized coating allows you to customize your bottle with your own design- just grab a sharpie or apply stickers!

In my opinion, this water bottle, considering it's price and quality, is unmatched in the water bottle market. It is the ONLY water bottle I'll use for outdoor experiences. Chris loves it so much I see her at Church at worship practice with it filled with coffee. A lot of water bottles on the market promise to keep your liquids cold, the HydeTech Water Bottle from Tribe Provisions delivered above and beyond my expectations!

Get Gone!

Get out there girls! There's so many amazing things life has to offer! Grab a friend and make an adventure. Don't let lack of experience keep you from doing things you've always wanted to conquer! Sure, you might experience a couple bumps and bruises on the way just ask Chris! On our first outdoor hike together I got us lost on the top of a mountain and we had to crawl through some horrific thorn bushes to make it back to our vehicle. I was still pulling thorns out 24-hours later! But we did it, and we came out of it with a story to tell, an even greater confidence in ourselves, and a stronger friendship. You don't have to wait to have every piece of gear that you'd like, but if you're looking for a company to make your first camping adventure a breeze, you will want to stock up on equipment at Tribe Provisions!

 Click HERE to check out all the equipment in this post - plus a lot more! Make sure to follow Tribe Provisions on social media to hear about all their upcoming promotions and new products!

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