Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Time For Bed Sleepyhead!


Bedtime Story Time

"Time for bed kids!" These four magical words signal the beginning of the quiet calm that will soon overtake my house. But before I can put my feet up and reach for that delicious cup of hot tea, while enjoying the daily miracle of bedtime, I know I have to tackle the battle of wills between four children (determined to keep their feet from their beds for as long as they can) and my will, (determined to see them snuggled in their beds and still have an hour left of the day to myself). Time For Bed, Sleepyhead: The Falling Asleep Book, which was sent to me at no cost to facilitate this review, is written not just for the purpose of being a wonderful bedtime story, but to actually facilitate your child feeling relaxed and ready to fall asleep. I couldn't wait to open up the cover and check out this book's bedtime magic!

One of Levi's favorite times of the day is reading at bedtime!
 In our house, I'm pretty big on family schedule. I'm even bigger on the bedtime schedule! I'm no expert, I just know my kids. Their bedtime routine helps them to wind down from a long day of playing and learning at school and just the simple tasks of brushing teeth, going potty, taking a bath, and putting on their pajamas is probably the most effective way their little brains understand, "It's time for bed!". Each night time activity brings them closer to accepting the fact that today is done and tomorrow is another day to play. Pushing each other at the sink during teeth-brushing-time, and splashing in the tub is not all that uncommon in my house, and that's why our last stop before sleepy town is a bed time story. It's a time for snuggling, a time for settling down, and a time to sit still and let their bodies begin to rest.  All of my kids, even the one that would spend the day playing video games if I let him, love this part of the night time ritual best. I haven't found a kid yet who doesn't come running when it's time to read a book. Last night was Levi's turn to pick the story, and for three times in a row - he's picked Time For Bed, Sleepyhead: The Falling Asleep Book!


Time For Bed Sleepyhead: The Falling Asleep Book (ARV $16.99 - Hardcover)

Ten-time New York Times bestselling author and child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen teams up with artist Gail Yerrill to create a book that helps facilitate sleep. Time for Bed, Sleepyhead pairs whimsical illustrations with storytelling techniques to tire your child’s imagination in order to help them settle down at bedtime and fall asleep.  

Read aloud the story of little bear and his friends as they have a big day at the beach, then return home to eat dinner, take their baths, and head to bed, falling gently to sleep alongside your little one. - Zondervan Pubishing


The illustrations in this book truly are sweet and comforting to look at. The colors are soft and gentle which makes reading in the evening much more enjoyable to the eyes. The story is simply and easy to follow along with, especially for younger children.  There's no surprises, and you won't find a whole lot of adventure in this book, just a sweet story about some adorable characters spending their day together. Though out the book there are simple cues, written right into the story, that parents can follow along with to help ease children into that bedtime behavior. For instance, there's one part of the story where the reader is supposed to yawn when the character talks about how tired she is from the day.  This move gets my kids every time and almost immediately there's a line of yawning going on from the youngest to the oldest (including myself!).  Between the gentle story, cuddly looking characters, and creative ways for kids to use their imaginations, every time we read Time For Bed Sleepyhead, my kids have settled down for bed with a little more ease.


Bedtime Is A Good Thing!

Time For Bed Sleepyhead starts out by explaining to kids, in a way that they can understand, just how important sleep is, not only for our bodies to be healthy, but that sleep is even important to help ensure that tomorrow is a great day too! My kids love to run and play and explore all day long, so I love how this book starts out by simply telling them, "It's okay to have adventures all day, but it's also okay to take time to rest".

Levi, in particular, loves all of the different characters (Shakespeare, the Seal, is his favorite). Each character has their own little personality which allows children to identify with these cute critters. If you have children who struggle to settle down at bedtime, I definitely recommend giving this book a try. Understand, by the time you finish the story, your children most likely will not be snoring, but as a tool to help kids accept the sleep that is coming, Time For Bed Sleepyhead is an excellent addition to your bedtime arsenal! Time For Bed Sleepyhead has become a welcomed part of our bedtime routine. The sleepy magic in this book has worked so well that my kids have now turned our reading of this book into a bedtime game of trying NOT to allow this book to make them sleepy - which usually works against them because they are paying even closer attention to the story! When we finally close the pages and my kids are all tucked in for the night there are still a few last minute giggles after the lights go out; but an evening with Time For Bed Sleepyhead always sets the mood for a more relaxed transition from playtime to bedtime.

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