Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Keeping Life "Ouch Less" With Goody and Melissa Rycroft!

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It's not every day that I get to meet somebody famous, so when I found out that Goody was teaming up with The Bachelor's and Dancing With The Star's very own Melissa Rycroft and that I had the opportunity to interview her one-on-one, I couldn't say no! Melissa shared with me how she juggles her work in the spotlight with her family at home, some simple and quick Summer beauty tips tips for busy Moms, and how she and her daughter, Ava have found some awesome, new Goody products that make everyone's life a little bit easier!

 Though I'm not a huge reality TV fan, I've always been impressed with the way Melissa handles herself in front of the cameras. After speaking to her in person, I can say, I'm even more inspired by her genuine love of family, the unapologetic way that she stands up for who she is, and how she makes loving and parenting her three children a priority.

Summer Beauty Tips:

Q: Melissa, I've got to tell you, in every role I have seen you in, from The Bachelor, to Dancing With The Stars, You have always displayed such a natural beauty. Do you have any beauty tips or regiments you can pass on to all of the other busy Mom's out there? 

 Melissa: One of the hardest parts about being a Mom is being the low man on the totem pole. When you make your family the number one priority, sometimes it doesn't leave much time left for yourself. I've learned to embrace a more natural look. It's not about having the time to leave the house totally made up, but finding a few make up tricks that bring out your natural beauty and make you feel confident. 

  Q: What are some of ways you find it easy to bring out your natural beauty using makeup or other products? 

Melissa: Again, it's really about embracing that natural look. For me, especially when I'm in a hurry, I'll keep it clean and simple with just some bronzer, mascara, and a messy up-do or a braid. Rushing out the door is not the time to try out a new eye shadow or lipstick. Play with your make-up at home, when you have some free time, and find out what works for you. I recently discovered Goody's new hair pins called Spin Pins. I love them! They are great for creating a top knot or a messy bun look! My daughter, Ava, really loves Goody's new Ouch less hair brush, which has made our Summer morning beauty routine so much more enjoyable for both of us! 

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Being Mom (& Famous!):

Q: How do you juggle working, being a wife, and Mom to three young children?

 Melissa: I'm always looking for the new normal. I remember that as soon as I master one stage of life the next one is going to be just around the corner. I think it's very important to be able to transition through the different stages in life and to never be afraid to ask for advice and accept help when you need it. 

  Q: What do you do when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with all of your roles? 

Melissa: (Laughing) I tell my husband to come home early! Everyone has those days where you are just overwhelmed with everything you have to do and some days I just have to let it go and ask for help. As a Mom, you tend to put everyone before yourself so I try to keep myself from getting to caught up in the busyness of life by treating myself to small little luxuries from time to time. Taking my daughter Ava for mani-pedi's is one of my favorite things to do! It's relaxing and gives me some important one-on-one time with my daughter. 

  Q: A big part of your job is being in the spotlight. You used to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, you were on The Bachelor, and Dancing With The Stars. In what ways have these various opportunities impacted your role as wife and mother? 

 Melissa: I wouldn't say they have impacted who I am as a wife and a Mom, just helped to put into perspective my priorities. I've turned down jobs because they didn't fit who I am as a person, or portray what I want to represent. Because my family comes before my work, I don't have the luxury of doing every job that comes my way. I'm not going to take a job that takes me away from my family for long periods of time. Now, especially that my daughter will be starting school soon, I'm not going to take a job that's going to force my family to pick up and move. More than anything, working has helped me realize how much staying at home with my kids is what I love most!

  Q: I have to say, it's not just the physical beauty that makes you such an attractive woman, but it's the confidence that you have in yourself and who you are. Being a public figure has got to have its difficult moments. There are a lot of Mom's out there who also experience criticism. Criticism about working outside the home or not working, negative comments about how they raise their children, or even how much time they set aside for themselves. How do you handle criticism - Often times for you - in the public eye?

Melissa:  You are always going to find a critic when it comes to parenting. I learned along the way that the criticism is not worth responding to. I can't tell you how many times I have read public criticism, written out an entire response, and then erased it. 

I personally think that I'm the best Mom to my kids and for my kids. No other parent would be better equipped to raise my children than me. Mom's need to remember to give themselves a break. We don't all get it right all of the time. When you make a mistake in your parenting you just have to cut yourself a break. Remind yourself that you are a good Mom and that you have happy, healthy children. At the end of the day, that's what's most important. You're always going to find criticism, as Mom's we should be making a point to encourage and support each other. 

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By the end of my conversation with Melissa, there was no doubt in my mind her words would be an inspiration to Mom's everywhere! Talking with Melissa was like sitting down for a cup of coffee with one of my close friends and hearing her talk about the priority she places on her family and her unwillingness to be anything but herself gives me courage to be all of those things in my own life. 

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