Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fireside Fork - The Most Convenient Way To Cook Over The Campfire!

Fireside Cover

Tired of your hand cramping after holding those thin metal roasting sticks over the campfire? Ever had to reach closer to the flame that you really wanted just to get the perfect toasted marshmallow? If you're like me, you also struggle to get those coat-hanger roasting sticks cleaned up from all the hot dog and marshmallow goodness. I can't wait to introduce you to the last roasting stick you will ever want! Fireside Fork, who sent me the item pictured above at no cost to facilitate this review, has changed my mind about how easy and fun it is to cook over the open flames of our campfire and has taken our outdoor camping meals to a whole new level of comfort, convenience, and safety!

The Fireside Fork from Imagine Camping!

Fireside Fork 1

Our campfire roasting sticks, attachments and accessories are made of the finest materials. They’re portable, washable, and have built-in safety features, perfect for any outdoor adventure from camping and hiking to fishing and mountaineering. Our star product, the Fireside Fork, is the #1 roasting stick for campfires in safety and convenience.

  Double Fireside Fork & Carrying Case: This zip-up carrying case comes with two complete Fireside Forks plus two Mini Forks. It’s available in three colours (black, blue, and green) and a camouflage print. ARV $42.00-$45.00 - Imagine Camping Product Description

 Right off the bat I can tell you one of the most exciting aspects of the Fireside Fork is how easy it is to pack and store on a camping trip. I always detested carrying around those long, awkward, and pointy roasting sticks while hiking out to our camping spot, much less trying to load them in our vehicle without poking myself or someone else. With the Fireside Fork and case, I"m able to break both tools down and fit them nicely and neatly into the carry case (which zippers shut to keep them clean and out of the campsite dirt)!

Check Out The Video Below To See For Yourself How To Put It Together And All Of The Ways You Can Use The Fireside Fork!

 Putting the roasting sticks together are truly as easy at it looks on the video. Even my younger son, Elijah, age 7, was able to put his Fireside Fork together while I prepared our hot dogs for roasting. When it was time to switch to marshmallows, everyone in our family quickly and easily switched our hot dog attachment for the marshmallow attachment and we were drowning in delicious chocolaty S'more goodness within minutes!
  fireside fork collage

There are some impressive safety features in the Fireside Fork that make this the perfect tool for kids of all ages. My youngest kid (Levi, age 3) felt much more comfortable roasting over the fire with the Fireside Fork than he has with any other roasting tool. Because the Fireside Fork is longer than the typical roasting stick, Levi doesn't have to lean as far in to the fire as he used to. Also, the material used to make the strong sticks stays relatively cool and doesn't hold heat like all the other tools we've used in the past. 

 Ever experienced our marshmallow falling off the stick just when you get it a perfect golden brown? We found that with the Fireside Fork, the special marshmallow attachment held our marshmallows perfectly and because they were held with two prongs verses one they were much more likely to stay put until they made their way to some chocolate and graham crackers. The days of trying to burn off all the left over food particles and sticky marshmallow bits is no more with the Fireside Fork! Yes, that's right! It's truly dishwasher safe! As soon as you make it out of the wilderness, just throw the fork attachments in your dishwasher and put them back in your case till the next time! 

Between the safety features, the ability to utilize the Fireside Fork in numerous ways for numerous cooking experiences, portability, quality of material, and so much more, the Fireside Fork from Imagine Camping makes every campfire experience, convenient, fun, and much more memorable for every camper from the tallest to the smallest! 

 Click HERE to visit Imagine Camping and purchase your own Fireside Fork! 

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  Fireside Fork Giveaway

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  1. I love that the fork is dishwasher safe!! This mama likes to throw EVERYTHING in the dishwasher!

  2. I love everything about these forks. I love the long lengths so you don't have to be so close to the fire and how easy they are to assemble. I love the handy carrying case too. dwelchert at yahoo dot com

  3. I love that the product sections are replacable & comes apart to go in the dishwasher

  4. I like that it is so child friendly. It would put my mind at ease when my grandkids are using them to know that they wont get burned by a hot stick.

  5. Love to have the Double Fireside Fork set with the case. These look they are quality made & will last. Unlike others we have had in the past.

  6. The double fireside fork set with the case is my favorite too! The case will come in handy for my organization.

  7. These are so nice. I love that they are easy to take with you camping, etc. I also love their safety features. Thank you for sharing these

  8. I like that they come with both marshmallow and hot dog attachments!

  9. I think I want one with an engraved handle, I mean - why not! You could put something funny there instead of your name.
    {in the contest I am Margot C___ on the automated entry form}

  10. So many things about this fireside fork to love! I love the handle and carrying case, but especially love the fact that it has different handles for marshmallows and for hot dogs! :)

  11. I like how this product is dishwasher safe.

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