Monday, April 25, 2016

Let's Get Gardening With RopedOnCedar!

Garden Final

 For years I longed for the ability to grow my own fruits and vegetables and experience the joy of watching the excitement on my kids faces as they watch the food they helped to plant and water grow and mature. I'm always looking for ways to encourage my kids to put down the electronics and enjoy creation but there are days where living in a townhouse and HOA development makes that a little more difficult than I would like. I know some day, God's going to give me that big, beautiful back yard, but until then, I'm content and thankful for the home He's given us. Townhouse and close-quarter living has never been my favorite. I long for room to run and a front porch swing that I can sit on and see nothing but the sun going down. This dream is really where Our Southern Style grew out of. Even if you can't enjoy the "living out in the country" way of life, you can still enjoy the inspiration of Southern living, even in the smallest of spaces. Finally, another country-living wish of mine was fulfilled when RopedOnCedar, who sent me the item pictured above at no cost to facilitate this review, made my garden dream a reality with their New 24" Vertical Garden Tower Planter!

Putting It Together

garden collage 1
Eva loves helping her Daddy with projects and Levi was excited to jump in and help as well. He took it upon himself to keep an eye on making sure those cedar boxes didn't go anywhere!
Eva loves helping her Daddy with projects and Levi was excited to jump in and help as well. He took it upon himself to keep an eye on making sure those cedar boxes didn't go anywhere! Our box arrived right on time, just a week or two before our last official freeze warning here in West Virginia, and the  kids and I couldn't wait to get it put together and put our plants in some dirt! My first delightful experience with this planter came as soon as I unsealed the box and got a delicious whiff of cedar! This planter is the real deal!  I'm pretty handy when it comes to putting review products together but as we set up to assemble our planter, the clouds moved in and it began to sprinkle. I decided to employ the use of my handsome and handy hubby (with his background in construction and using the directions sent to us by RopedOnCedar, the planter was assembled in less than 10 minutes). The directions are a little easier to grasp if you have some background in handyman projects, but if worse comes to worse, RopedOnCedar is happy to take your phone call and walk you through step-by-step on how to assemble any of their planters. I do recommend using a screw gun as it makes the process a lot easier!

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She's beautiful ain't she?!

 Most of the planter comes pre-assembled. The supports are the only assembly required to get your little garden ready to plant. My kids were thrilled to help hold the side walls in place while Ben screwed in the wooden support bars in the front and back of the planter. Each individual cedar box comes already assembled and simply sit on top of the planter - one aspect I really appreciate for several gardening reasons. When my planter system arrived I noticed that one of the cedar handle pieces had come off during shipping however it was so easy to just put back on and fasten with some wood glue that I didn't even bother to have RopedOnCedar send a replacement. Throughout my entire experience with this company, it's clear that RopedOnCedar takes pride in their work and their customers and I have no doubt they would have sent me a replacement box if needed, but I was perfectly content to do the simple fix myself. Every bit of this planter (aside from the rope handles) is handcrafted from cedar, which means it's great for outdoor planting as it is naturally resistant to water, decay, and bugs! I love the natural look which highlights the beauty of the wood and gives me that rustic charm I look for in all of my home goods!

Let's Get Planting!

garden collage 2
These two look for any opportunity to play in the dirt - and I'm usually pretty happy to oblige.

This planter system truly is the best way to get kids excited about gardening, and it's a great way to start a family project together! Each planter box lifts easily off of the tower giving little hands an easy way to get dirty. Each planter has a hole in the center for excess water to drain from, ensuring that your fruits, vegetables, and or flowers are never over watered. Underneath the unit is a space easily big enough to store large water cans, extra soil, gardening tools and gloves, etc. There are so many more reasons why this RopedOnCedar planter is perfect for any home:

  • great for kids and adults of all ages.
  • smaller kids can take care of plants on lower boxes while older children care for plants on the top.
  • each planter box can be lifted and moved making it easy to take plants inside during frost warnings as well as making all plants accessible to small children.
  • elevated tower makes it great for older adults who have trouble bending or kneeling down to plant or maintain gardens.
  • perfect for apartments, townhouses, etc.
  • great idea for families to have a large garden but want to give their children a garden of their own to teach them how to plant, maintain, and harvest.
  • move the whole system or individual planter boxes inside during the winter months and grow fresh herbs all year around.

garden 12

The outdoor gardening fun has been nonstop thanks to this wonderful handmade cedar planter from RopedOnCedar! Our Southern Style is looking forward to enjoying the flavors of two strawberry varieties and fresh tomatoes and peppers on our table in a few short weeks. My kids look forward to going out to water their garden every evening and Eva has already found our first strawberry beginning to take shape. I love that this project is helping my children to not only have the ability to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, but that it gives them an appreciation for all of the hard work our farmers do on a daily basis to help feed America. As a parent, it's part of my job to teach my kids how to be a helper in their community and how, when they grow to be adults, to do their very best to provide for their families. Growing our own gardens, no matter if it's in your back yard or on your back deck is a great way to start. And now, thanks to RopedOnCedar, there couldn't be an easier or more beautiful way!

You'll want to make sure to follow RopedOnCedar on their social media sites to hear about promotions, new products, planting suggestions and tips and so much more!

There are THREE great ways to bring one of these beautifully crafted RopedOnCedar planters into your own home!

  • Visit RopedOnCedar online at their Etsy Shop HERE to purchase your own planter systems (so many sizes and styles to choose from!)! RopedOnCedar is running a Tuesday/Thursday promotional for the next several weeks and any sales on those days will receive 15% off! 
  • Visit the RopedOnCedar website by clicking HERE


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