Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Toy State Road Rippers Warp Riders

Disclosure: I received the item pictured above, at no cost, to facilitate this review. 

Nothing puts a smile on my boys' faces like getting to help Mom with reviews! When they heard a new review from Toy State was on its way, Elijah and Levi waited anxiously every day for the mail man to arrive with their new car. Having had the privilege of checking out several cars for Toy State, I knew that not only would my boys have a lot of fun playing with their new car, but I've come to experience great quality in everything that comes my way from Toy State. If you are looking for the perfect toy to take your boy's Easter basket to the next level, or need a gift for an upcoming birthday or special occasion, the Road Rippers Wrap Riders car is just what you're looking for!

Road Rippers - Wrap Riders

Wrap Riders - Dodge Viper
Warp Riders takes exciting light effects and styling to the next level. Watch as the sides and hood of these licensed cars burst into a firework-like show. These motorized cars have forward drive, realistic engine sounds, music and a crazy cool light display! 

  • Innovative light effect when the sides and hood burst into a "firework-like" show!
  • These motorized cars have forward drive, realistic engine sounds, music, and a crazy cool light effect. 
  • Age 3+
  • 3 AA batteries included
  • Three different vehicle styles to choose from (Ford Mustang, VW Beetle, Dodge Viper)
  • MSRP: $14.99 - Toy State Product Description 
Right off the bat I loved how bright the colors of the Dodge Viper edition were. Before Levi was even hitting buttons to start up this car's light show, the vibrant blue of this toy attracted him to want to play with it. Most toy cars in the price range of this particular one come with stickers or decals that parents have to put on, but the Wrap Riders vehicles come ready to play! 

The Road Rippers Dodge Viper vehicle comes with working buttons on top of the vehicle, making it easy for kids to rev the engine, flash the lights, and make this car take off! Though the car is lightweight and easy for kids to carry and handle, I continue to be amazed at how well the cars from Toy State hold up with hours of play, especially from my boys, who are not always the most gentle with their toy cars. 

Not only does the Warp Riders car come with AA batteries already installed, but if you should need to change them in the future, batteries are easy to change by simply unscrewing the bottom panel and replacing the batteries. One of my favorite "parental features" about this toy is the little button on the back that lets me turn off the sound. If your house is anything like mine, (I'm a Mom of four children, and a busy husband) then you understand that at times, things can get pretty loud. If I need to lower the overall volume in my home, this button allows me to turn off the sounds of the vehicle but still let my kids have fun with the flashing lights and moving action of this car. 

Above and beyond all of the other features, my son Elijah (age 7) loved this car's motorized action! With the touch of a single button, the car revved its engine and sped off down our hallway. Of course, it drives the fastest when on harder surfaces like linoleum, tile, or hard wood, but it also runs on our carpet too. Both of my boys were equally as excited to get their hands on this car and the motorized feature allowed both of them to play at the same time. Sitting at opposite ends of our downstairs hallway, Elijah and Levi raced the car back and forth to each other for quite some time. With lights flashing from every direction, it didn't matter where they sat, they always had a clear view of all this car had to offer. 

I'm very pleased once again with the fun and the quality that Toy State provides for my kids. From eye-catching colors and lights, engaging sounds and movement, to easy-to-use buttons for even the youngest children, this car should be on everyone's "perfect gift" list! Having welcomed several Toy State cars into our home and having played with them (some for over a year) I can guarantee your get an amazing product for an unbelievable price! 

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