Thursday, December 3, 2015

On The 4th Day Of Christmas My Best Friend Gave To Me - Coffee From Coffee Beanery

12 Days of Christmas Coffee

If there was one thing my day never goes without it's hugs and kisses for my kids and COFFEE!! It's probably my favorite part of waking up in the morning and sometimes, it's the knowing that a delicious warm "Cup of Joe" is only a few moments away, that gets me out of bed. I also have friends and family on my Christmas list that I have no idea what to get - they seem to have everything they need. But one thing you can never have enough of is coffee! Coffee Beanery is helping to make your Christmas shopping just a little easier this holiday season with a whole selection of gift baskets filled with gourmet flavored coffees and perfect for the coffee lover on your list!

Coffee Beanery Signature Gift Basket

12 Days Coffee

  Filled with a combination of our 100% Arabica coffee, creamy cocoas, and Republic of Tea, this basket is sure to win their favor.

  Basket Includes: 
1-Full Pound Costa Rican Tarrazu
1-1.75 oz Colombian Supremo Coffee Sampler
1-1.75 oz S'mores Coffee Sampler
1-1.75 oz Pumpkin Spice Coffee Sampler
1-1.75 oz Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Sampler
1-1.75 oz Breakfast Blend Coffee Sampler
1-1.75 oz Caramel Apple Coffee Sampler
1-1.75 oz Double Dutch Fudge Coffee Sampler
1-1.75 oz Amaretto Coffee Sampler
1-1.75 oz Hawaiian Coconut Coffee Sampler
1-1.75 oz Vanilla Nut Cream Coffee Sampler
1-Black CB Logo Travel Mug
1-1.25 oz CB Irish Cream Hot Cocoa Packet
1-1.25 oz CB Amaretto Hot Cocoa Packet
1-1.25 oz CB Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Packet
1-1.25 oz CB Chocolate Raspberry Hot Cocoa Packet
1-Republic of Tea Ginger Peach Teabag
1-Republic of Tea Honey Ginseng Teabag
1-Republic of Tea Good Hope Vanilla Teabag

*Each sampler make one 6-8 cup  pot of coffee, depending on the strength desired. *

  **All Coffee is freshly ground for Automatic Drip**

  ***Due to the popularity of this item, we reserve the right to exchange products and packaging of equal or greater value at our discretion*** - Coffee Beanery

12 Days Coffee mug

Besides the obvious - that this gift basket comes with an enormous amount of coffee, there are so many things to love about this basket and so many reason to order your own Signature Gift Basket from Coffee Beanery! You can never go wrong with getting to enjoy such a variety of coffee flavors. I never want to spend the money on flavored gourmet coffee simply because of the fear that I just won't like it and don't want to throw my hard earned coffee money down the drain. With 10 individual varieties of some of Coffee Beanery's best varieties, my taste buds get to entertain new flavors with every pot!

 I'm also a pretty big tea drinker (both hot and sweet) so I was pleasantly surprised to find several individual tea varieties as well as some packets of hot cocoa for my kids to enjoy, making this Signature Gift Basket a perfect gift idea for an entire family! Coffee and tea for the grownups and hot cocoa for the kids!

 Taking this basket to the level of "perfect gift" is the 16 oz travel mug included in this basket. My husband and I take travel mugs with us every day to work so we are always excited to add new ones to our cabinets. This travel mug kept my husbands coffee warm all the way to work and the soft grip and handle makes it easy to carry!

 If you have all of your Christmas shopping done, considering ordering this Signature Gift Basket to keep on hand for all of the family you'll have coming over! I love keeping a variety of coffee and creamer on hand for when guests come over or for when I'm throwing holiday parties. So many coffee varieties give my guests so many fun coffee choices to choose from! The flavor and qualities of Coffee Beanery products stands among the best ever produced and I have yet to have a cup that I haven't enjoyed!

  Click HERE to order your own Signature Gift Basket from Coffee Beanery for $59.99

  Click HERE to check out my recipe for "Chocolate Mocha Mint Chip Cookies" created from one of Coffee Beanery's signature flavored coffees!

  Coffee Beanery has so many different products and coffee's to choose from should you be looking for the perfect Christmas coffee gift! Click HERE to visit their website and choose the perfect gift to fit any budget! 

  Don't forget to follow them on their social media channels so you never have to miss any of their upcoming promotions! 


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