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Reading Fun This Holiday Season With Sky Pony Press

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It's almost time in "Our Southern House" to pull out all of our Christmas decorations and special Christmas things to begin the Christmas celebration. Each year I always put away our Christmas DVD's and books, and bringing them back out again each year is one of the things that makes them so special. Sky Pony Press has three new publications hot of the press this holiday season, which were sent to me at no cost to facilitate this review, and each one would make a delightful gift for any child on your list! I love having new stories to read with my children and these are going to make our reading time around the Christmas tree this year extra special!

The Runaway Santa

Runaway Santa

  Once there was a jolly Santa who wanted to leave the North Pole on a worldwide vacation! He decides he wants to visit Mount Rushmore and see the stone faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. Then he’ll ski the silky slopes of the Swiss Alps. And after that, he’ll ride an elephant in South Africa on a safari. Santa is eager for a new adventure, but Mrs. Claus isn’t so sure he’s ready just yet. Before he takes off, she’s going to make sure he’s got his rock climbing gear. And his skis, and his hat. He must be ready!

  It isn’t long before Santa realizes that maybe his adventure would be more fun with a friend. Mrs. Claus is clearly an expert adventurer herself, and so the two take off together on a runaway adventure. They have a little time before Christmas, after all, and everybody needs a break sometimes!  - Sky Pony Press

 Written by award-winning author, Anne Margaret Lewis, writer of the well-known book, The Runaway Bunny delivers another adorable classic with this book. Children get to see just how far Santa will go for an adventure - and also just how far Mrs. Clause will go to keep him safe. The pictures are so very sweet, making it easy to fall in love with these characters and their charming story. With a story simple enough for any age to understand, this book would be perfect for the youngest person on your Christmas list this year!

  Click HERE to purchase your own Hardcover copy of The Runaway Santa for $15.99.

The Night Before Christmas: A Brick Story

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  Spread the Christmas cheer with this whimsical retelling of Clement C. Moore’s cherished poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” This new edition of the classic features the text of Moore’s original poem, illustrated with beautifully detailed LEGO brick scenes and characters. See the colorful stockings hung by the chimney in the fanciful brick house, and look on at the visions of dancing brick sugarplums. Turn the pages to reveal Saint Nicholas with his bundle of toys and his eight trusty reindeer, and watch as he magically slides down the chimney to bring presents to the good little girls and boys before shouting, “Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!” This treasured Christmas poem in brick will quickly become the highlight of your holiday storybooks and a great new tradition for the whole family! - Sky Pony Press

If you have a Lego fan in your house you will definitely want to consider adding this classic tale, creatively illustrated with Lego's, to their Christmas list! Page after page, all of my kids love checking out all of the ways these Legos make the story come alive. By creating every scene in the famous "The Night Before Christmas" with Legos, children are drawn into the wonder of this tale that has made it a popular tradition for so many families. With dream-like colors it's the perfect story to share at bedtime, or around the tree on Christmas Eve!

  Click HERE to order your own Hardcover copy of The Night Before Christmas: A Brick Story for $12.99.

Tough Cookie

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  When this gingerbread man was baked, someone forgot to put in the ginger. He’s made of eggs and cinnamon and flour and butter and sugar, but he’s missing a key ingredient! Without ginger, the gingerbread man feels like he’s not really a gingerbread man at all! He can’t be sold in the bakery, so he lives at the back of the store. And there he causes all kinds of trouble. This gingerbread man eats the baker’s decorating candy. He throws sprinkles across the counter and squirts frosting on the walls. 

It’s not long before the baker has had enough of the gingerbread man’s mischief and orders him to leave. The gingerbread man realizes he’ll have to change his ways, and the baker decides to help. He teaches the gingerbread man that his ingredients don’t make him who he is—it’s his character that defines him. So the gingerbread man begins to help the baker decorate the other gingerbread men and women. He helps prepare them and makes sure they find their way on their journey from the oven to the bakery shelf. And he always makes sure to add the ginger. This is a story about being kind and finding happiness through helping others. Sandford’s cute illustrations accompany Louise’s sweet story, and children won’t be able to resist its delightful charm - Sky Pony Press

 If you were to ask my 3-year-old son Levi, he would tell you I saved the best book for last. Since our new holiday books have arrived we have HAD to read Tough Cookie at least two to three times a day! Readers can't help but love a story that shares the important message  of being proud of who you are and that you don't have to look like everyone else to make a difference. Deliciously adorable illustrations make every character come to life and my boys especially loved watching all of the different mischief this gingerbread man got into. A great reminder that some of the "toughest cookies" you meet in life might just turn out to be pretty sweet after all, once they are shown they are valued and loved.

  Click HERE to order your own Hardcover copy of Tough Cookie for $16.99.

From the smallest child to the biggest, Sky Pony Press has a book options for everyone on your Christmas list this year! Celebrate the joy of reading this holiday season with books from Sky Pony Press! 

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