Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You'll Flip Over Toy States' Flipping Fury!

Disclosure: I received the item pictured above at no cost to facilitate this review. 

It's hard to believe that November is almost here and that the Christmas rush will soon begin. It seems more and more popular toys these days are only sought after if they have touch pads and are connected to Wifi. I'm so thankful that Toy State has been making Hot Wheels, toy cars popular for longer than I've been alive, is here to deliver another engaging toy for boys and girls alike with the Flipping Fury! I loved watching my boys get excited about the lights, the sounds, and all of the flipping fun! And with this toy, kids can create their own fun and interaction, with no internet connection required! 

There's no doubt, by the look on his face, that Elijah (age 6) was seriously excited to test out this new car! Elijah is very visually driven and it takes toys that have a lot of movement to keep his interest. I was excited to see if the Hot Wheels Flipping Fury was up for the challenge, but it was pretty clear, with all of its features, this was going to be a fun car - right out of the box!

2 vehicles in 1, with music for each side. Motorized lights & sounds vehicle speeds to the finish line, flips over and keeps racing! 

 Vehicle batteries required: 2 AA batteries (included)  - Toy State

 I loved the bright colors of this toy - and with a different color and style on each side - it's really like getting two cars in one! Each side has its own buttons for sounds and lights. The rims are a bright yellow adding to the overall eye appeal this car has. Easy to carry, lift, and tote around the house, my boys used every surface imaginable to race their new car! With the touch of a single button, the Flipping Fury revved its engine and sped off down the hallway. As soon as it bumped into a wall or another solid object the car flipped completely over (from red side to blue side or vise versa) and sped off in a new direction. The shrieks and laughter coming from my hallway made it overwhelmingly obvious this car has a high level of awesomeness!

My boys had an absolute blast with the Flipping Fury! The two of them raced their new Hot Wheels car back and forth to each other for over and hour! As soon as my youngest son, Levi, woke up in the morning, he was ready for more Flipping Fury fun! My boys played pretty rough with this toy, racing it into the walls, the couch, the steps, and pretty much anything solid they could think of. This car has held up magnificently through all the bumps and the flips and it's clear this car will be racing through my hallways for years to come!

Ready to get one of these Flipping Fury Hot Wheels into the hands of your own car-loving kids?

Perfect for any budget, the Hot Wheels Flipping Fury from Toy State can be purchased HERE from Toys R Us  for the amazing deal of $12.99, a price any parent can get excited about!  

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