Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Friend Teddy {And A GIVEAWAY TOO!!}

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Don't let this adorable bear face fool you, My Friend Teddy is much more than just a stuffed animal for your kids to cuddle. Genesis Toys has created a toy that combines simple, easy to use technology with the softness of this snugly bear that is sure to bring hours of fun and laughter to your children. My Friend Teddy is geared towards Pre-School age children, and Our Southern Style's favorite 3-year-old, Levi, was excited to invite this special little bear into his heart and our home. Genesis Toys provided the item pictured, at no cost, to facilitate this review.

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 My Friend Teddy has become quite the companion for Levi! As soon as we pulled him out of the box I flipped him over to turn him on (My Friend Teddy takes 3 AA batteries) and, using a simple, easy switch in his back, "Teddy" began to giggle and laugh and say phrases like "Everything is upside down". We turned him right side up and "Teddy" gave a loud "Weeeeee!" Levi was immediately impressed that his new bear came to life so fast and thought it was very cool that "Teddy" could tell when he was upside down or right side up.

My Friend Teddy is extra soft to the touch and comes with a brightly colored T-shirt. When toys are created to be used with the latest technology it always seems to me that they lose a lot of the qualities (softness, friendly appearance, lite weight, etc) that attracts them to children in the first place. I was so thrilled to find that Genesis Toys put just as much time and effort in to making My Friend Teddy a bear Levi would want to sleep with, cuddle with, or carry around the house, even at times when he wasn't using the toy's technology.  Aside from all of his cuteness, My Friend Teddy has so many awesome features!
  • MY  FRIEND  TEDDY  is  a  cuddly  teddy  bear,  designed  equally  as  a  personalized  plush  toy companion, as well as a development tool for preschoolers.
  • Parents are able to customize child specific information, such as favorite characters, family names, and birthdays, and Teddy will incorporate them into his engaging interactive and storytelling dialogue.
  • MY FRIEND TEDDY also features numerous activities to further enhance motor skills and language development, via interactive learning games, counting exercises while offering multiple degrees of complexity built in, allowing parents to adjust learning levels appropriately as the child develops. - Genesis Toys Product Description

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 While Levi was running through the house with his new bear friend riding on his shoulders, I pulled out my smartphone and downloaded the FREE My Friend Teddy App from the Google Play store. The App downloaded very quickly and took me through a series of questions like, "What is your child's name?" "What is their favorite food?", "What is the name of their brother/sister?" and more! This allows My Friend Teddy to be personally tailored to your child. If you have more than one child who will be sharing "Teddy" you can set up different profiles for each child.
  Teddy App Pic

Your child can choose to play with Teddy offline or online! Offline "Teddy" giggles, laughs, talks about his day and speaks to your child about how special he is! Online, "Teddy" does even more! To play online (after downloading the My Friend Teddy App) simply make sure that "Teddy's" switch is turned to the on position and then on your smartphone or tablet, turn on your Bluetooth and click on "My Friend Teddy". I had no problem syncing my phone to "Teddy" and Levi eagerly grabbed my phone to hang out with his new friend.

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 Every time you use the My Friend Teddy App you will see the home screen like the one pictured above. On this screen parents can control aspects of the bear like volume and how often "Teddy" talks. Adults can also use this screen to watch tutorials on how to use My Friend Teddy and get help or trouble shooting for different issues. For kids, this screen is also where all of the real fun begins! Click the big talk button (the one that looks like Pac Man) and "Teddy" comes to life  saying different phrases and asking different questions using the specific information parents have entered into the App. Levi loves talking with "Teddy" but his favorite way to play is with the story App, where "Teddy" reads different stories, and with the game App where he can play age-appropriate games and put together puzzles with "Teddy"!
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I love the way that "Teddy's" mouth moves every time he speaks and his sweet words of encouragement really help Levi finish the puzzles and games when he gets frustrated. He loves learning with My Friend Teddy! There are so many wonderful things I could say about My Friend Teddy! But why tell you when I can just show you? Check out the video below to see My Friend Teddy come to life!

teddy a

"Teddy is my very special friend Mom!" As I'm finishing up this review, Levi came bouncing into the room with his furry friend ready to read a book and snuggle up with "Teddy". My Friend Teddy has become a frequent traveler with us in the car and keeps Levi occupied with chit chat, stories and games. I can't wait to bring him with us on our future road trips for the holidays! Between the soft cuddles for nighttime sleeping and the endless activities and interaction, My Friend Teddy is the perfect gift for any young child! And with the ability to change the difficulty level of the Apps, as well as your child's likes and dislikes in "Teddy's" personalization Apps, My Friend Teddy will be your own child's very special friend for years to come!

Click HERE to visit the My Friend Teddy website and find out even more things about "Teddy" that make him so special!

 To pick up your own My Friend Teddy, visit your local Walmart or order one online HERE for ARV $40

 My Friend Teddy even has his own social media channels! Follow him to hear all the latest My Friend Teddy news and videos!


  Teddy Giveaway

 One lucky reader will win their own My Friend Teddy! The giveaway will end October 28th, 2015 at 11:59pm. Open to residents of the US only and must be 18 years old to enter. Enter using the Giveaway Tools entry form below.

  Disclosure: I was sent the items listed above at no cost to facilitate this review. Prize fulfillment is the responsibility of Genesis Toys and not Our Southern Style or Thrifty Nifty Mommy. This giveaway is not associated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.


  1. I like that Teddy can speak different languages.

  2. My favorite feature about My Friend Teddy is its ability to use your child's name, family names, and birthdays to incorporate them into engaging interactive and storytelling dialogue. I think this will make playing with Teddy a very personalized experience!

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  8. I love that My Friend Teddy features numerous activities to further enhance motor skills!

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  10. I love that I can program my child's name, as well as my dog's name, and Teddy can talk to my child using the names!

  11. OMG! My Scarlett is definitely going to love him! I love that he interacts with the kids and can read or sing with them too! I also love that you download your child's information and Teddy incorporates it into his sayings! This is really an adorable Interactive Toy!!!! I love him too! Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele :)

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  18. My favorite feature about Teddy is that he talks!

  19. I love how fun and interactive My Friend Teddy is! My favorite feature is definitely that he reads stories, my daughter would absolutely love him!


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