Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Day At The Zoo With The Step2 Easygoing Wagon

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Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review.

In the life of every toddler, there comes a time when they "aren't a baby anymore" and insist they no longer need a stroller anymore; or at least that's how my kids are. As a Mom, I love that to see my children beginning to exercise their independence  but I also realizes that when it's time to take a walk, visit the local pumpkin patch, or take a trip to the zoo, my "not a baby anymore" usually becomes tired (most of the time sooner than later) from all of the walking and begs to be carried. How do I encourage my little one to explore but will have the convenience and storage of a stroller? Step2 has provided a simple solution with their adorable Easygoing Wagon! With only a limited amount of time to enjoy the nice weather, our family likes to get out and take advantage of the sunshine while we still can.  Step2 helped make our day at the zoo even better with the Easygoing Wagon, which, without a doubt, will be riding along with us for all our zoo trips in the future!

Step2 Easygoing Wagon

Wagon Wagon

Open a world of adventure and enjoy the ride with the by Step2 Easygoing Wagon - Blue. This innovative child’s wagon provides tots with a comfortable joyride as you take them on a stroll around the neighborhood, park or zoo. Kiddos will love the captivating colors and unique door that they can open and close when the wagon isn’t moving. A favorite feature of the Blue Easygoing Wagon for parents is the seatbelts that will keep the little ones secure when the riding toy is in motion. Let the cruising fun begin with this durable wagon by Step2. Made in USA of US and imported parts from China. - Step2 Product Description
  • Molded-in high seatbacks for comfort
  • Four reflector decals for safety
  • Easy-latch door makes it simple for a toddler or preschooler to get in and out of the wagon, while remaining secure when it’s moving
  • Features Whisper Wheels™ for a comfortable ride
  • Two seat belts included
  • Large, easy-pull handle that folds for easy storage
  • Two molded-in cup holders
  • Adult assembly required
RECOMMENDED AGE: 1.5 and Up PRODUCT NUMBER: 850500 DIMENSIONS: 39.50 H 41.75 W 20.75 D WEIGHT: 20 lbs  - Step 2 Product Description

wagon 1

After the dust settled on the excitement of the arrival of our new wagon, reality settled in that now I would have to put it all together. I could not have been more overjoyed to find that when I pulled all of the pieces out of the box, most of the wagon came already assembled. The durability of this particular wagon became even more apparent as I put it together. The plastic of the main structure of the wagon was very thick and heavy and I really appreciate that the curves and crevices of this wagon and designed in such a way that when it comes time to wipe down sticky hand prints, it can be done quite easily with minimal elbow grease! This wagon really goes together in three simple phases; the seat belts, the wheels, and the handle.

Putting In The Seat Belt

wagon collage 1

All that's needed to put the seat belts (there are two - one on each side of the wagon) is a Phillips-head screwdriver, the screws are already provided by Step2. You can certainly use a power tool if you have one available, it will not do any harm to the wagon. For the households who don't have power tools readily available, rest assured it's quite easy to put the seat belts with your own hand tool. Some adults may be tempted to skip this step, but please remember that though your child will most likely not be traveling at high rates of speed in the Easygoing Wagon (key word, "Easygoing"), your child may be tempted to hop out while you are still moving which could result in injury. Keeping  your child secure in the wagon helps ensure they are safe and enjoy all of the fun there in this wagon! Keeping children buckled also helps them know when it's okay to hop in and out of the wagon and when they should remain seated.

Attaching The Wheels & Handle

Wagon Collage 2

Again, I really was amazed at how easy it was to put together the Easygoing Step2 Wagon! Over the past year and a half since I started blogging about product reviews, I've had the opportunity to put together quite a few playsets, toys, etc. and I can tell you that this assembly experience was one of the easiest to day! I was able to pat myself on the back for putting this together all on my own with no assistance from my hubby! Step2 provides an easy-to-follow guide willed with pictures that show how simple it is to get the wheels on a to get moving! After attaching the front and the back wheels, the tiny red "hubcaps" are easy to snap right into place.  Finally, attach the handle to the front and your Easygoing wagon is ready to hit the road; or in our case the zoo!

Step2 Easygoing Wagon Meets The DC National Zoo!

Wagon 4

Without a doubt, my favorite feature about this wagon is the ability to fold the handle under it and place it right in the trunk of my Honda Minivan! Even with it's size, I would take loading this wagon into my van over hoisting my double stroller into the trunk any day! Because it's a wagon, even with it taking up the bottom half of my trunk, there's still plenty of room for me to place other items inside the wagon while it sits in my trunk.

  Wagon 5

 The Easygoing wagon was the absolute perfect solution for our trip to the zoo! Aside from myself and my four energetic kids, my sister-in-law and my nephew, Gabriel came along for some zoo fun! When participating on outings where there are a lot of exhibits to see, I always hated having to help get my kids in and out of the stroller. After just a short amount of time, my arms are always tired from picking up and putting kids back in the stroller, and the kids are frustrated that they can just get in and out when they want. With the Step2 Easygoing wagon, my son Levi, and nephew Gabriel were able to hop in and out of the wagon when we were passing animals they wanted to see, and enjoy the ride when they got tired of walking. It wasn't long before the kids wanted to help out with some wagon pulling, which Alisa and I were happy to let them help with. While the kids wanted to walk, we loaded up the wagon with our bags and water bottles for the kids to pull. With my double stroller, I am always a little more particular about piling it up with drinks, food, sunscreen, etc., but with the sturdy, easy to clean Easygoing Wagon, even spills are easy to clean!
  Wagon cup

Aside from the two seats, this adorable wagon has two available cup holders and a small space for a pair of sunglasses, or even a few small books. The plug at the bottom of the wagon and the heavy plastic that makes up the body of the wagon make it easy to clean. Have a sticky spill from a cup? Dirty shoe prints from a muddy walk around the neighborhood? This wagon is easy to hose down and allow the water to wash away the dirt for a clean ride every time!

There's so much to love about the Step2 Easygoing Wagon! Take a quick peek at how easy and fun it is to use this awesome wagon!

 Whether you are taking a trip to the zoo, or just a short walk around the block, the Step2 Easygoing wagon is the perfect addition to making every adventure a success! In two colors of bright blue or pink there's one to make any boy or girl in your family excited for their new wagon! With cup holders, seat belts, a working door, durable material and so much more, this wagon make it, well, EASY - to enjoy every outing for years to come!

Visit the Step2 website to order your Easygoing Wagon ($70-80) today!

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