Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You'll Flip Over Toy States' Flipping Fury!

Disclosure: I received the item pictured above at no cost to facilitate this review. 

It's hard to believe that November is almost here and that the Christmas rush will soon begin. It seems more and more popular toys these days are only sought after if they have touch pads and are connected to Wifi. I'm so thankful that Toy State has been making Hot Wheels, toy cars popular for longer than I've been alive, is here to deliver another engaging toy for boys and girls alike with the Flipping Fury! I loved watching my boys get excited about the lights, the sounds, and all of the flipping fun! And with this toy, kids can create their own fun and interaction, with no internet connection required! 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Find Everything You Want In A Coffee Maker With The Ninja Coffee Bar

Ninja 1

I did something today I thought I'd never do. I got rid of my Keurig. Being an avid coffee drinker, I love having the ability to brew an absolute fresh and perfect cup of coffee and I truly thought that nothing would ever compare to my Keruig machine. When the folks at Ninja contacted me about trying out their new Ninja Coffee Bar, (which I was sent at no cost to facilitate this review) I will admit, I was a definite skeptic. But I figured if nothing else, I could use it later as a Christmas gift for some of my other coffee loving family members. I quickly found out that the Ninja Coffee Bar gave me everything my Keurig did -- and much more! If you are a coffee drinker (and odds are if you are reading a review of a coffee machine, you or someone in your family most likely is), you won't want to miss hearing about all this coffee goodness!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Friend Teddy {And A GIVEAWAY TOO!!}

teddy final 2

Don't let this adorable bear face fool you, My Friend Teddy is much more than just a stuffed animal for your kids to cuddle. Genesis Toys has created a toy that combines simple, easy to use technology with the softness of this snugly bear that is sure to bring hours of fun and laughter to your children. My Friend Teddy is geared towards Pre-School age children, and Our Southern Style's favorite 3-year-old, Levi, was excited to invite this special little bear into his heart and our home. Genesis Toys provided the item pictured, at no cost, to facilitate this review.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fill Your Closet With Fall Fashion From Emerald Cuff

Emerald Cuff Final

 Though I'm never too excited about the coming of the cold weather, one thing that makes me excited about the changing of the seasons is the changing of fashion. Every Fall I look forward to pulling comfy sweaters over my head and pulling on my boots to head out into the crisp cool air. As a working Mom, I never seem to have the time to shop for complete outfits and I was so thrilled when I discovered my new favorite fashion friend Emerald Cuff, an online clothing and accessory store, created by working Mom's like myself who share a passion to make it easy for busy mom's to look their best! It's out with the old and in with the new in my closet as I'm packing away my summer dresses and tops and making room for a closet full of Emerald Cuff collections! Today I'm adding the ultra chic Queen Anne Collection, pictured above, and sent to me at no cost to facilitate this review. You are going to love what you see with this collection as well as countless other pieces of fashion forward clothing, jewelry, bags, and more!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Day At The Zoo With The Step2 Easygoing Wagon

Wagon final final

Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review.

In the life of every toddler, there comes a time when they "aren't a baby anymore" and insist they no longer need a stroller anymore; or at least that's how my kids are. As a Mom, I love that to see my children beginning to exercise their independence  but I also realizes that when it's time to take a walk, visit the local pumpkin patch, or take a trip to the zoo, my "not a baby anymore" usually becomes tired (most of the time sooner than later) from all of the walking and begs to be carried. How do I encourage my little one to explore but will have the convenience and storage of a stroller? Step2 has provided a simple solution with their adorable Easygoing Wagon! With only a limited amount of time to enjoy the nice weather, our family likes to get out and take advantage of the sunshine while we still can.  Step2 helped make our day at the zoo even better with the Easygoing Wagon, which, without a doubt, will be riding along with us for all our zoo trips in the future!