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We Love Books From Sky Pony Press!

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 Almost every month, a box arrives and we are lucky enough to welcome new selections of books, of all kinds, from Sky Pony Press, into our home library. Each time they arrive, my kids make a mad dash for the box to check out all of the new titles and claim them as their own. Whether we're reading before bedtime, or taking time out of the busyness of the day to relax with a story, books are a big part of our family fun and a great way for us to spend quality time together. Sky Pony Press sent the books, pictured above, at no cost, to facilitate this review and I'm sure you'll be just as anxious to read them as we were!

Pierre The French Bulldog Recycles

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Like most dogs, Pierre, a French bulldog, loves the excitement of digging things up. He hoards his treasures in a hole in the backyard and then makes space for more. One day Pierre tosses some old stuff into the trash can, but he forgets to recycle. Now, instead of being transformed into new things, that plastic bottle and newspaper will sit in a landfill forever! Well, not if Pierre has anything to do with it. He chases the garbage truck through town, but will he catch it in time, or will those treasures be trash forever? - Sky Pony Press

We loved this adorable pup and his message of reusing and recycling. Our own dog Buster, though he's not a French Bulldog (he's a Pit bull), is white just like Pierre and my kids loved that they could really identify with the character in this story. Our town is not set up to make recycling readily available, easy, or inexpensive so this book was perfect for bringing an important cause to my children's minds, and in a way they could really understand. We may not have a recycling center close, but Pierre reminded us of the importance of recycling and started a great conversation in our family about what we can do to reduce waste in our own home. We take a little more time to look for ways to reuse products, fix what we have instead of just throwing it away, and even finding creative ways to use things we might normally just toss aside. My daughter, Eva and my son, Elijah both attend a "green" school and I'm so excited to share this book with their classes when I start the Read Aloud program in the Fall. I love reading to their classes and this book will be a hit for sure, both with the students and the teachers!

You can purchase Pierre The French Bulldog Recycles HERE (hardcover) for $14.99

The Alphabet Of Bugs: An ABC Book

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Do you know what a Chrysina resplendens or a Papilionidae butterfly looks like? Travel through the alphabet with The Alphabet of Bugs to learn about the many beautiful and unusually named bugs found in nature—and brush up on those ABCs as well! Valerie Gates’s charming alliterative style paired with Ann Cutting’s stunning photographs of all types of bugs is sure to delight curious children and adults alike. - Sky Pony Press 

Wow! Does this book have awesome photos! I'm not a huge fan of bugs, but this book truly opened my eyes to the beauty of the insects. The close up photos of each bug showed off all of their intricate fixtures and amazing colors. Without a doubt, the pictures captured the attention of all of my kids and they couldn't wait to turn each page to see what insect the next letter held. A word of caution to parents, brush up on your Entomology lingo because some of the scientific names of these bugs can be a little challenging at times. However, I love that just as this book invites my kids to fall in love with learning about insects with these beautiful pictures, it's also includes the true name, which really let me and my kids learn together! If you have kids who love nature and science,  you won't want to miss your chance to grab this book!

You can purchase The Alphabet of Bugs: An ABC Book HERE (hardcover) for $14.99

Made With Dad

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Made With Dad features fifty unique, fabulous projects for fathers to make with their children. Projects include everything from samurai swords to pocket-size dolls, wizard wands to paper zoos.

All projects can made from affordable, easy-to-find items—often regular household ones already owned. 

Full-color photographs, line drawings, and detailed instructions provide an easy, visually lush, and family—friendly manual. This is a book for fun and bonding, one boys, girls, and adults will enjoy. It will allow families to create objects to play with everyday or display in their rooms, and to create memories that will last a lifetime. - Sky Pony Press

This one is for all you dad's out there who struggle with thinking up creative ways to spend time with your kids. My husband works as a manager for a construction company and also runs his own successful business on the side. This doesn't give him a whole lot of time to think of inventive projects to do with our kids. We also don't want to teach our kids that in order to have fun, you have to spend a lot of money and I appreciate that this book enables us to experience to make fun memories with our kids without having to break our budget.

 Made With Dad is the perfect book to make my husband look like a creative genius, giving him over 50 different projects that he can do with our kids. With something for boy our boys and our girls, and everything from easy recipes to homemade swords and science projects, this book lists everything you need (most items needed you can find already in your house) and would be the perfect gift for any Dad, or the perfect way for any Dad to say to their children, "Let's spend some time together"!

You can purchase Made With Dad HERE (Paperback) for $17.99

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Our Southern Style just can't get enough of the books we find at Sky Pony Press. With something for everyone one in our house, the "thinker", the "caretaker", and the "adventurer" (pictured in order above), everyone in our family has enjoyed every selection we've read. Each book is not only filled with fun and attention grabbing content, but also educational learning that makes these books a win win all around!

Visit Sky Pony Press today to check out their entire selection!

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