Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DIY Yogurt Cups

School is back in session for us in West Virginia and if you kids are anything like mine, they come home hungry and ready for a snack. Rather than reaching for sweets, I try to make healthier, but still tasty, options for my kids. With six people in our house, I like to find ways to stretch not only our meals but also our snacks so I came up with my own simple version of a fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt cup that has been a huge hit in our house!

DIY Yogurt Cups

Tools Needed:

-4 oz mason jars with lids


-32 oz container of plain Vanilla yogurt
-your favorite fruit cut into bite size pieces
-granola for topping (optional)

Putting The Cups Together

1. Start by chopping up your favorite fruits and setting them aside. 

The beauty of these cups is you can choose really any fruit you want (or mix them up). I like to buy "special" fruits that my kids love but that are at times a little pricier and don't last very long on their own in our house. If I buy a pint of blueberries and put them in my fridge - they will be gone in a matter of moments (usually by the hand of my son). So I like to buy fruit I don't buy on a regular basis - it's like a special treasure at the bottom of each cup. 

2. Tamp down a layer of fruit (it's okay to squish) onto the bottom of each cup filling them about 1/3 of the way full. I like to use a fork, but you can also use clean fingertips as well. 

This part is a lot of fun for my kids to help with - they love squishing the fruit onto the bottom of the cup!

3. Taking your yogurt, spoon out enough just to fill the cup but leave room for the lid (you don't want yogurt squirting out over the jars when you put the lid on. 

My kids are also great helpers with this part too - the older ones will fill the cups, while the younger ones screw on the lids. 

4. Finally, screw on the lids and place them in the fridge until you are ready to eat. 

I can usually get around 8-10 4oz yogurt cups out of this recipe and because everyone loved them so much, I doubled it the second time around. 

There are three great perks that come with making your own yogurt cups:

-Fresh ingredients in each cup
-Put half of your cups in the fridge and (because Mason Jars are able to be frozen),  the other half in the freezer for hot days, or reach for them instead of ice cream
-My kids often times don't finish an entire store bought yogurt cup, now instead of throwing them away or trying to keep them covered in the fridge, I just screw the lid right back on the glass until they are ready to finish!

5. Top your yogurt cups with granola for an added crunch, or add a touch sinful sweetness with chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, cookie crumble, etc. - the possibilities are endless!

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