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Raise A Hand For Teachers With ThredUp and

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Thredup and All opinions are my own.

I always knew that being a teacher was hard work, I just never completely understood just how hard it was until I found myself taking on the role of "Homeroom Mom" in my 1st grade daughter's classroom. Soon after I took on this position,  it was clear the need to support teachers was very great and I began to look for additional ways to get involved. In West Virginia, our public schools offer the "Read Aloud Program" where adults, parents, grandparents, etc. can go into the classroom and read age appropriate books aloud to the students. I completed the Read Aloud Program training and began the wonderful experience of sharing the fun of reading with my daughter Eva's class every Thursday.

Aside from the personal joy I experienced in watching students captivated by stories, my eyes were opened to the needs teachers have in the classroom. It was typical for me to arrive while Eva's teacher was helping a student with a bloody nose, or pulling a student aside that had been bullied on the playground, or speaking quietly with a child that was struggling with homework and didn't have a parent's help at home. From my own small experience in the classroom of 1st grade students, it became clear that for most teachers, especially the great ones, their jobs don't just end when the bell rings. Their care, concern, and compassion for their students goes with them at the end of the day and is present at the start of the next one. Most teachers never receive the credit or thanks they deserve and that's why I'm so thrilled to share the Raise A Hand For Teachers Program with you and to invite you to take a few moments to say thank you to the teachers who have made a different in your own child's life! Let's all get moving and Raise A Hand For Teachers!
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Most parents have no idea how much time and even personal money that teachers spend helping their students.  According to, teachers spend an average of $500 of their own money each year to equip their classrooms. 70% of teachers have even purchased apparel items like jackets, socks and shoes for their students. Often times teachers come together, even after school, to discuss how to deal with specific issues like poverty, hunger, and social issues that their kids face outside of the classroom. They do it all not for the recognition, they do it because they genuinely care about their students.  ThredUP and have made it even easier to tangibly say thanks to our greatest teachers.
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Beginning July 15th and going through August 23rd,  enter your favorite teachers in the Raise A Hand For Teachers program where 3 teachers will win $2,500 towards classroom supplies and $500 to spend at thredUP! 50 runner up winners will also be chosen to receive $100 to spend at thredUP! Winners will be announced Tuesday, September 8th. Visit to nominate your favorite teachers! Don't forget to share details about the teachers you are nominating. e.g.: I nominated [name] from [school] who [relationship to you]. [Reason for nomination.] and then go on your own social media pages and share #raiseahandforteachers with pictures and a personal thank you to your teacher nomination.

 I'm nominating  Eva's first grade teacher, Mrs. Haythorn from Spring Mills Primary School in West Virginia because it was clear time and time again that being a teacher wasn't just about her job. She put her students first in all that she did, even finding ways to help those that came from a difficult situation at home. She spent personal time and money to help all of her students succeed. And if she recognized a problem for one of her kids she never gave up until the issue was solved. Keeping her job never came before helping her students.

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