Friday, June 12, 2015

Be Your Own Designer While Benefiting Others With Better Life BAGS

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Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review.

 When I first came across Better Life BAGS, I had no idea there was such an incredible story behind their purses. I just thought they looked fabulous! Aside from the fact that Better Life Bags allows you to choose from some of their own creations, this awesome company also allows customers to literally design their own bags by choosing different fabric patters, textiles, and colors. More impressively, Better Life BAGS gives empowerment to women living in low-income and impoverished communities by giving them employment, teaching them a life skill, and giving them back their sense of pride and accomplishment, through this second chance at life.

Click HERE to read the whole story on how Better Life BAGS gives back to the community.

Design Your Own

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For my Better Life BAG, I had the opportunity to "design my own" Mini Crossbody Bag, which starts at $78. The Mini Crossbody Bag isn't the only style of bag that Better Life BAG offers, they are adding new styles all the time! I absolutely love this style of bag, which is becoming more and more popular these days. It's the perfect purse for those casual weekdays and perfect for a day of shopping! I love that with this style, I can throw it over my shoulder, keep it close to my side as I shop, and especially appreciate that it doesn't slip off if I bend down. My bag arrived a couple weeks after I designed it and was accompanied with a special note detailing the name of the very special woman who hand made it with loving care. It was an awesome feeling to have just a little connection to such a positive company and to know that my bag helped provide someone with a financial blessing to improve their life for themselves and their family.

  Keep your belongings safe inside your mini Better Life Bag with a front pocket to store even more and luxurious leather bottom band!  Also fits an iPad pretty perfectly.  Crossbody straps can be removed to create more of an iPad sleeve and can be reattached for a crossbody bag.   Inside lining is a strong canvas material.   Zips closed with metal zippers in your choice of gold or silver.  Approximate Measurements: 10" x 8" This bag was made especially for you by a woman hired in our Detroit community who has a barrier to employment. - Better Life BAGS website product 

 Looking for something a little different than the Mini Crossbody Bag? Click HERE to check out all of the different styles available at Better Life BAGS!
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I was surprised by the amount of room I have in the Mini Crossbody Bag! The biggest portion of the bag allows me to keep my very large billfold wallet, lotion, keys, Chapstick, tissues, and more! The second front zipper pocket is the perfect size to hold my cellphone. I personally try to keep my cellphone in a pocket all by itself - but if needed, there's still more space to fit additional items in the front pocket as well. Truth be told, everything I have needed to carry in my purse I've had room for and have yet to "exclude" something I needed in order to zip this bag shut. Overall, the Mini Crossbody Bag comes with plenty of room!
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I chose to add a leather tassel ($18) to my bag which added an extra touch of fashion to my bag. It's also an easy way to attach your keys if you like to keep them on the outside of your bag within easy reach.

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The clasps that are used to attach both the leather purse straps as well as the leather tassel are easy to open and absolutely of the greatest quality. In my opinion, the quality of leather and hardware used in any handbag speak to the character of a bag and the leather and fixtures on this purse are top notch

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 If you can't tell by the smile on my face, I'm quite taken with the carefree, effortless beauty of this bag, but then of course, I do know the designer (wink wink). It pairs perfectly with jeans  or a summer skirt! If you have a special outfit and can't seem to find the perfect bag to compliment it - head over to Better Life BAGS and design one of your own today! You never know what kind of trend you might start! With a bag made from the highest quality, no doubt my outfit will wear out long before my Better Life BAG.

 Click HERE to visit the Better Life BAG website, start designing one of your own today, or choose from their ready to ship selection! Don't forget to follow Better Life BAGS on social media so you don't miss out on upcoming promotions and products!