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Whiten Teeth Without Pain Using beconfiDent! {Plus beconfiDent Prize Package}

I'll be the first to admit that I drink a lot of coffee! (Not to mention hot tea and sweet tea!) I'll also readily admit, that's probably not going to change anytime soon! While my drinking habits give me a boost throughout the day, they don't do much to boost the brilliance and white of my teeth. BeconfiDent sent me several of their Teeth Whitening Kits, Systems, and products (pictured above), at no cost to facilitate this review, and I was excited to gain some confidence in my new whiter smile!

BeconfiDent Teeth Whitening Kit PLUS Tooth Gloss

Discover the BeconfiDent Teeth Whitening Kit that will give you a visibly whiter smile, which is sure to boost your self confidence! Why pay for an expensive professional whitening treatment when you can do it at home for a lot less? Our fast acting, peroxide free whitening treatment is the best choice to achieve that brilliant smile.

Tooth Gloss gives your teeth a shiny appearance. Use the gloss for the perfect ending to the ultimate whitening treatment. BeconfiDent Tooth Gloss is easy to carry and belongs in every handbag! - Product Description

I started off my teeth whitening adventure with the Teeth Whitening Kit, which included the beconfiDent peroxide free whitening gel, three teeth trays, and as a bonus, Mint Teeth Gloss. To properly use the teeth trays, you first need to boil them for a few seconds then bite into them in order to get a proper fit. I repeated this process twice, just to ensure I had the best fit possible. 

A thin layer of gel is placed on the inside of each tray and then placed in  your mouth for 15 minutes. You may notice a small red dot on the tray to the left. Being a busy Mom, I like to make things as easy as possible and I knew I'd forget which tray fit the top teeth and which fit the bottom. I used a permanent marker and just made a small dot on the top tray - which made it much easier to remember the correct placement. 

When it comes to the Mint Tooth Gloss, all I can say is I'm totally in love with this product! The mint is absolutely refreshing, but my favorite part is that this gloss actually helps to prevent stains from my coffee and tea from setting in to my teeth. Most whitening products out there only work after the damage has been done, but this product actually helps keep my smile protected - and that means I can drink my favorite beverages without the guilt of hurting my pearly whites! Stands easily at the bathroom sink, but small and sophisticated enough to throw it in my purse for some on the go extra blast of white. 

Overall the Teeth Whitening Kit proved pretty easy. I liked that I could whiten both top and bottom at the same time and that it only took 15 minutes. I'm not sure if it's the way that my mouth is shaped, or if it's because I endured years of orthodontist work, but I did have a slight issue with drooling while the trays were in place. I grabbed a paper towel to keep on hand and my 15 minutes were up in no time. I noticed an immediate chance in the shade of white, and was excited to try out the next product for a more confident smile!

You can purchase the beconfiDent Teeth Whitening Kit + Tooth Gloss HERE for $64.99

BeconfiDent Dual Foam is a revolutionary two-step peroxide free whitening system that gradually whitens your teeth and eliminates stains beneath the surface. The Dual Foam system whitens teeth efficiently and mess free without the need for mouth trays or strips. This 3 week process replaces regular toothpaste. - Product Description

If you can brush your teeth - you can successfully whiten your teeth with the Teeth Whitening Dual Foam System! Simply brush for one minute with Step 1 Tube "Cleaning Foam, rinse and spit, and then follow up immediately with the Step 2 Whitening Foam. Brush for 2 minutes and spit (no rinsing with Step 2)

Two pumps gives you plenty of foam for the cleaning and whitening process

Though both systems worked quite effectively, and the Teeth Whitening Kit with the trays whitens faster, this Dual Foam System was my favorite of the two. Only three minutes a day for whiter teeth? How could you not love it! Unlike whitening strips or trays, the Dual Foam System allows me to use my own toothbrush, to brush the tops, sides, and in between all of the space in and around my teeth - giving me an over all whitening experience. I love that with this system, I can make sure every part of my teeth are treated with the whitening treatment. Not only is the surface of teeth being whitened, but the Dual Foam actually penetrates deep, set-in stains below the surface for an even deeper white!

You can purchase the Dual Foam System HERE for $49.90

Top photo - the 'Before" Bottom photo - the "After"
Keep in mind, when using beconfiDent, make sure to use the product for the time suggested to achieve maximum whitening results!

No matter if you choose to whiten with the Teeth Whitening Kit or with the Dual Foam System, one of the greatest benefits is that all of the beconfiDent products are peroxide free! In all of my usage of both systems over the course of two weeks I never had any pain or sensitivity. If you are looking for the perfect alternative to the typical whitening that involves peroxide and other chemicals, you have found the answer, and a brighter, whiter, more confident smile in beconfiDent!

Check out the beconfiDent website HERE to see all of their amazing products!

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One lucky reader will win their own beconfiDent Dual Foam System PLUS Tooth Gloss. A prize package worth $80!  The giveaway will end May 8, 2015 at 11:59pm. Open to residents of the US only and must be 18 years old to enter. Enter using the Giveaway Tools entry form below. 

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