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Pamper Mom This Mother's Day With Lemongrass Spa!

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 Moms come in all shapes and sizes. They all have different likes, dislikes. There's stay-at-home Mom's, working Moms, single Mom's, the list of descriptions could go on and on. No matter the Mother, there's one word that fits all Moms and that's busy!  With so many things to do everyday, from work, the kids, cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework, church, the family taxi, it's hard for most Mom's to take time for themselves. Rhonda B., from Lemongrass Spa provided, at no cost to facilitate this review, the Loving Care Gift Set to give this tired Mom a little pampering and I can't wait to share these great products AND A LOVING CARE GIFT SET GIVEAWAY! with my readers!

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I don't know about you, but I have grown to love using anything on my skin that is 100% completely natural. After years of using products containing chemicals, I found that my skin had grown tired and worn out. But with just a few weeks of introducing natural ingredients back into the picture, my skin comes back to life with a natural, healthy glow again. With the products from Lemongrass Spa, not only can I read all of the ingredients but they are so natural, I could actually eat them (though I'd rather save them for my skin)!

Loving Care Gift Set

The Loving Care Gift Set, pictured above, comes with the Healing Elements Balm, Body Creme (Ultra Hydrating) and Organic Nail Balm. With so many natural and healing properties I couldn't wait to give my skin a little pick-me-up! This gift set truly is the perfect gift for anyone who needs to treat their skin to a little TLC. With a purchase price of just $29 which saves you $5 if you would have purchased each product separately, this gift set is a great choice for your favorite Mother and one that fits a smaller budget.

  Healing Elements Balm

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There are dozens of uses for every member of your family! Petroleum-free formula contains Lavender Essential Oil for the greatest calming and and healing properties. The soothing blend of calendula, chamomile and zinc oxide (the #1 pediatrician-recommended rash remedy) treats rashes, minor burns, insect bites, fungus, and more! - Lemongrass Spa Website

This healing balm is really the one stop for everything that bothers your skin. It can be used for anything mentioned above, but also used on acne, even chapped lips! I haven't had the opportunity to use this product yet for any rashes, burns, or other such needed treatments, but what I have used it for is for my chapped lips. I'm one of those people who continually carries a Chapstick in my right pants pocket, and leaving my house without it could cause a serious panic. I used to live in a perpetual world of chapped lips but each morning and night I have started to use this Healing Balm on my lips and have already started to notice a difference in the softness and moisture  of my lips. I still have to use Chapstick from time to time but nothing near how bad I used to be. You can imagine how excited I was to find out I can buy this amazing stuff in a tube - to put right into my pocket where my old Chapstick used to be!

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The Healing Elements Balm comes with a plastic mini spatula to make it easy to take out just the right amount. It almost has the same texture as Vaseline, but much smoother, softer, and not nearly as greasy. It takes only a small amount of the Healing Elements to cover a wide effected area - which means this product a great buy for the price, the ingredients, and how long it lasts before you can't wait to purchase your next jar. The Healing Elements Balm can be ordered separately with prices ranging from $8 - $22 depending on size.

  Ultra Hydrating Body Creme

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This is the ultimate way to moisturize dry skin! Our rich creme features aloe vera, jojoba oil, and shea butter to heal even the most damaged skin. Fantastic for helping to reduce the dryness associated with psoriasis eczema. No scent added; terrific for sensitive skin. - Lemongrass Spa website

I remember years ago when the body butter craze began showing up everywhere. I loved that stuff! If you are familiar with body butter you have to know that no body butter anywhere comes even close to the creaminess of this moisturizer. Able to use this moisturizer on virtually any part of your body (face, arms, feet, etc.) there's really no need to use any other product. I've only been using this on my face for a couple weeks and one of the benefits I've found so far is that this product does not leave your face feel at all greasy. My skin can be such a pain sometimes. At times, its super dry, other times way too oily. I've found this moisturizer has started helping my skin find a healthy balance between the two. Just like with the Healing Elements Balm, a little goes a long way. The amount pictured on my finger above is enough to cover at least half of my face with just the right about of moisturizer. In my opinion, one of the first signs of a great product is the face that you don't have to use a lot of it, to get the results it promises. You can purchase this 6oz. jar of the Ultra Hydrating Body Creme separately for $16.

Organic Nail Balm

Lemongrass 1 nail stick

One of our top selling products is now created using 90% certified organic oils. Handcrafted with olive oil, apricot kernel, avocado and horsetail oil to strengthen nails and soften cuticles when used twice daily. Nail balm is completely free from nut oils, chemicals, soy, and gluten for your piece of mind. 
Okay, I'm going to be brutally honest. I have no time to do my nails. From the start of my morning and rush to get ready for the day, till the point when I'm finally crawling into bed for the night, my nails pretty much get left out. Sure, there's the occasional night out or special occasion where I take some extra time to give them a quick file and slap on some nail polish but even 50% of the time when I do spruce them up, somewhere there's a kid who just got a "boo boo" and needs Mom's help, or there's a important school document that has to be signed that very minute, or the dog can't wait any longer for a potty break, somehow, my once perfectly painted nails end up with a smudge or a scrape (any other Mom's out there relate?) I love this Organic Nail Balm because it lets me give my nails just the treatment they need in just seconds. My nails might not always have the trendiest of color painted on them, or a sophisticated French manicure but they are now naturally glowing, thanks to the Lemongrass Spa Organic Nail Balm.

For the Mom who loves natural, green products, for the Mom who needs to give herself some at home spa treatment from time to time, for any Mom who deserves a great gift on Mother's Day, order a Loving Care Gift Set from Lemongrass Spa by Rhonda!

Order yours today HERE for $29!

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  1. i would love to try the bronzing coconut butter!! It sounds amazing!!

  2. Amber, now is a great time to get the Bronzing Butter! It's on sale for only $10.00 and the Coconut is brand new! I love it! Thanks for entering the giveaway!! - - Rhonda, Lemongrass Spa Consultant

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  8. I had a hard time trying to look for individual products! One thing I saw that sounded good to me was Coconut Lime Vanilla is one of our top selling collections. Tangy lime with hints of verbena and vanilla will whisk your mind back to a day at the beach. It sounds terrific! Thanks so much for the Wonderful Giveaway! I honestly do appreciate having a chance to win! I don't know about my mom, however, I know my skin is so dry and I'm itching and scratching all over! Thanks again! Michele :)

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  10. I'd love to try the organic natural anti aging oil serum (F56001 p.8) it sounds just like what I need! The Loving Care Gift Set, you're giving away, sounds wonderful too and something that I need badly especially this time of year to say the least. What A Wonderful contest! Thanks Rhonda B., from Lemongrass Spa for your generosity and Thanks Jen from Our Southern Style for Hosting!

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  12. I wish my Mom was here to pamper but she's in heaven so i'd Pamper the closest one to me for she's like my 2nd Mom! If your lucky enough to still have your Mom here on earth with you... Pamper her and let her know just how much she means to you while you still can...sometimes they're here one day and gone the next (like mine and she wasn't even sick) just never know! They said it was heart failure, Dad passed 9 months before...I think she died of a broken heart, the only peace I get is knowing that they're together again!

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    slehan at juno dot com

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