Thursday, April 2, 2015

Have Some CRAZY FUN With Lalaloopsy!

Lalaloopsy final first  

 Spring break is coming up and that means my girls are gonna be home from school and looking for things to do! Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can venture outside, but as a Mom, I have to have a back up plan just in case. I love toys that help my girls develop their creativity and allow them to play together. I received the Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll (pictured above) at no cost to facilitate this review, and "Confetti Carnival" turned out to be just the thing to solve the problem of something to do inside, and also letting my girls work their creativity together!
  Lalaloopsy final 1

"Confetti Carnival", the Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll comes ready to party with lots of bright colors in pinks and purples. She is dressed to impress with cute accessories and a super fun skirt. Here's Confetti Carnival herself to tell you a little bit about her story:

Hey there! It's me, Confetti Carnivale and I was sewn from a masked ball gown. I'm working on the perfect hairstyle for tomorrow night's ball. I'm going for lots of twists and curls and of course tons of color! This is a do that will take some time, but if I hurry, I can be there and ready to dance the night away with all of my friends - Taken from Lalaloopsy Girls website

Along with the outfit and accessories she comes dressed in, Confetti Carnival comes packaged with:
  • Extra "bendy" hair extensions in three different colors
  • Two little bow hair clips
  • Curling wand
  • Glitter hair polish

Lalaloopsy final 4

My almost-7-year old daughter loves this doll and couldn't wait to get her out of the box to see all of the fun things she could do with her hair. Each Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll comes with several strands of multi-colored hair extensions which was the first activity Eva was excited to try. The instructions describe that you can cut the dolls hair so that you can style it short and then add in the extensions so that you can also style it long. Eva just couldn't bring herself to cut her dolls hair, especially since she just came out of the box, but in a few weeks she might decide to give it a whirl. Some of the dolls hair is simply bright strands of yarn while other strands of hair has a waxy texture and very easily bends to attach the extensions (or even bend them to make fun hairpieces). Having two different textures of hair allows for Confetti Carnival to still keep her "Lalaloopsy look" but still leaves plenty of strands for lots of styling fun!
  Lalaloopsy Final

The Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll can be styled over six different ways including cut, curl, lengthen, style, color, and glitter! I myself have some crazy curls and out of my four kids, Eva is probably the one who most looks like me, minus the curls. She loves to add some curls to her hair when she can and curls were just the way to go for her Lalaloopsy's first hair "do".
  lalaloopsy collage

I think my favorite thing, as a Mom, is that the Lalaloopsy Crazy Hair doll gives my girls something fun and creative do to inside TOGETHER!  Mariyah is in her first year of middle school and Eva is just finishing 1st Grade. They are pretty far apart in age and pretty far apart in their interests. Mariyah loves fashion and would be content to do her hair for hours! Eva on the other hand loses interest pretty quickly but she adores her older sister and thinks she is just the "coolest". Her world is complete when her big sister spends time with her, and with her new Lalaloopsy Crazy Hair Doll, Mariyah has fun doing Eva's hair and playing "makeover" while Eva does the same with her own doll  -they even have the "same" curling wand!

 This super fun doll is now super affordable! You can find Confetti Carnival and all of her Lalaloopsy Girlfriends at your local Target and Walmart, for around $19.95, but right now they are on sale at Toys R Us online for $15.99!

 Do you have a special girl in your life who loves Lalaloopsy Girls? Make sure to check out their website HERE for more Lalaloopsy fun!

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