Monday, April 13, 2015

Give Mom A Sparkle To Go With Her Smile This Mother's Day With A Bracelet From Touchstone Crystal

Touchstone Mom 1

 I love my Mom! There are so many wonderful things about her that I look forward to celebrating every year on Mother's Day. As a single Mom, she worked harder than most each and every day to make sure I and my brother and sisters had not just the material things we needed, but that we had all of her love and support to chase our dreams and goals in life.  Now being a Mom myself, I appreciate all the more the sacrifices she made each and every day. Not long ago I worked with Touchstone Crystal on a recent review and was so excited when they offered to include me (and my Mom) in a special review of the crystal bracelets from their ICE collection. They sent me the bracelets (pictured above) at no cost to facilitate this review.

 Each ICE Bracelet features a continues row of sparkling Swarovski Crystals, 7 1/4" in length, with a single fold-over clasp. The ICE Bracelet comes in 11 different and unique colors FOUND HERE but I have two specific ones to share with you today!
  Touchstone Mom bracelet 1

The beautiful green crystals in the Chrysolite Bracelet could not stop sparkling in the sun and I just can't help but to keep wearing this bracelet! With every turn of my wrist this bracelet catches even the smallest hint of light, making in impossible not to notice. I've recently started layering my jewelry and often layer the Chrysolite with a diamond tennis bracelet my husband bought me a couple years ago. Even though the tennis bracelet is made of diamonds, the Chrysolite still gives it a run for the money in the sparkle department. I also frequently paired it with silver bangles and one of my other favorites, the Tessa Bracelet, also from Touchstone Crystal. If green is your color, make sure to order one of these fantastic Chrysolite Bracelets and bring your own sparkle to Spring!
  Touchstone Mom Bracelet 2

The second bracelet (Happy Mother's Day Mom!) I am so excited to give to my Mom this year! The Provence Lavender bracelet in the ICE collection will, without a doubt, bring out the beautiful blue in her eyes. I've shopped for jewelry for my Mom before, she definitely errs on the side of simple verses loud and "gaudy" and this bracelet has just enough 'bang" while still maintaining its simple beauty. My Mom, like me, has a small, petite frame and she's less adventurous than I am when it comes to accessorizing which is really what makes any of the ICE bracelets perfect. They look incredible when paired together but just as stunning when they are worn alone.
  Touchstone Mom 2

Without a doubt, your Mother will fall in love with any of these bracelets this Mother's Day, and odds are, you will to! Are you a Mom yourself? Why not treat both you and Mom to some well deserved sparkle this Mother's Day with bracelets from the Touchstone Crystal Swarovski ICE Bracelet collection. All of the bracelets in the ICE collection are priced between $89-$125 and can be purchased by clicking on the links below.

 Purchase Touchstone Crystal ICE Bracelets HERE

 Have a more modest budget for Mother's Day this year? Touchstone Crystal still has some fabulous pieces, for under $50! Check them out HERE!

 As always, Touchstone Crystal is always looking for those interested in becoming a Consultant so if you are looking for another way to earn a little extra income, or just some spending money? Check out Touchstone Crystal's Consulting program HERE.

 Not interested in being a Consultant but sill want to earn FREE jewels? Why not host your own Touchstone Crystal party and earn an average of $200 in FREE jewels, on top of 50% discounts and other fun host specials. You can learn more about by clicking HERE

 Don't forget to follow Touchstone Crystal on all of their social media pages so you never miss a chance to add some sparkle to your life!

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