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Organize Your Spring Projects With King Innovation Storage Buckets

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Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review. 

In my house, my husband doubles as both handyman of our home, and also a full-time business owner of Integrity Tile and Stone. He specializes in flooring, specifically tile. His eye for design and perfection is unmatched in our area and He recently broadened his horizons to working as a field manager for another flooring company in our area. I love bragging about my husband and the way he takes care of his family and how hard he works. He is without a doubt, the most talented man I know. With all of these talents he has to have one fault right? Just like most men I know, the struggle with organization is very real. I can't tell you how many times I have found this tool, or that material lying somewhere around the house, or the number of times Ben has called me on the road driving to pick up a tool or product he thought he had with him. I was so excited when I discovered the King Innovation Storage Organizers to make my husbands projects at home, and his work outside the home, a little more efficient.

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 One of the first things that caught my eye about these Storage Organizers is that they come in a bucket. For my husband, buckets are a huge part of the job and we have stacks of them in our basement, and in his storage unit. He uses them on a daily basis. This storage organizer allows him to keep everything in one location. When he heads off to a job, he simply has to grab his King Innovation Storage Organizer.
  • 5 gallon capacity printed bucket with customizable small and large storage trays
  • Perfect for storage and organization
  • High-impact plastic pail with heavy duty handle
  • Storage trays fit snugly inside pail
  • Full size sorter trays interchange with half size trays
  • Water resistant lids are easy to put on and take off
  • Available in multiple tray quantities for customization - Taken from King Innovation website

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Our King Innovation Storage Bucket came with 2 large trays and 2 small trays. Each tray fits directly on top of the other and then easily slide right into the King Innovation 5-gallon bucket. Not only is this a great space saver aspect, but with four different compartments in each tray, it leave you with 16 different storage areas for all your handyman's organization needs! The obvious bright yellow color leaves no doubt that the bucket your are picking up and taking with you - is your King Innovation bucket, filled with all of the most important materials for the job.
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The large trays measure 5" deep, the small measure 3". There are so many possibilities of storage in these trays. For my husband, he is able to store, stain pens, wood putties, nails, screws, seam sealers, floor cleaning solutions, tile spacers, tapes, and so much more. Had my husband not snatched this storage organizer right up, I know I could have used it for numerous projects around the house. This organizer could be use to house everything one needs to clean the house (clothes, scrub brushes, cleaning solutions, and more). Or I definitely would have used to as my own "tool box" of sorts to hold my own nails, screws, and all of those other random odds and ends I've collected over the years to complete projects in my home.
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Probably one of my favorite features about this organization system is that each section is easy to grip and carry from one room to the next. You don't have to carry them in the bucket to be stable. or try to hold them from the sides. Simply grab the handle right on top for effortless travel from place to place, job to job, room to room. I appreciate how much this system makes my husband's daily job easier and definitely more organized. Do you have some spring projects in your home you are working on this year? Or maybe you have a handyman in your own home! With the price of $34.99, this system is easily affordable.

  Ready to purchase a King Innovation Storage Organizer of your own? You can purchase a 4-Tray Organizer on Amazon by clicking HERE.

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  1. I would use the King Innovation Storage Bucket for tool organization.

  2. I could use this for my bead storage and I know that may be a little strange but I have so many of different kinds. I could fill this bucket up and rid myself of some of the clutter I have here with the beads. Awesome Idea for storage!

  3. We'd probably use it for organizing our computer room.


  4. I would use it to organize all the random nails, screws, and home improvement hardware in our house…or for my craft supplies.

  5. I would give this to my husband as a gift!! I would fill all the compartments with candy and surprise him!! Im sure he would use it on his work truck for tools and little parts and such. It would be a great help to him on the job!!

    1. What a sweet idea with the candy Amber - the perfect "Easter Basket" for the hubby!

  6. I would give this to my husband to help keep him otganuzed.

  7. My husband could use this in his work room for all his screws, nuts, etc.

  8. This would be great for hubby to organize his smaller tools and various nails, screws, nuts and bolts!

  9. I would use the King Innovation Storage Bucket for screws nails bulbs ect ect...............

  10. My husband could use this for his many little doo-dads and things he has in the garage.

  11. I would gift it to my husband to organize the tool shed. He has a lot of stuff in little containers all over the shelves. Maybe this would help him find things easier ;)

  12. I would gift it to my husband to organize the tool shed. He has a lot of stuff in little containers all over the shelves. Maybe this would help him find things easier ;)

  13. I would use it to organize small pet supplies; desk and office supplies; and stuff for arts and crafts projects.

  14. I would keep ll my little stuff I do my home projects with organized in it. Picture hanging items and odd and ends nails and screws hammer etc.

  15. This bucket is such a cool organizer and I would give to my husband for his vast tools in the garage.Also I would have one for my cleaning products to be organized.For my kids their cars collection and what not :-)

  16. Wow that's a good's definitely an ingenious idea for organizing and just about everything around here suddenly needs organized! How about if i kept this one for myself and organized all my keeping young products, makeups, samples, and such! he already has a nice toolbox so i would love to claim this and it would be put to good use instead of all my little cardboard boxes i'm presently using. Thanks for hosting Thrifty Nifty Mommy and Thanks to King Innovations for their generosity!
    As to who could use one of the King Innovations Organizer Buckets that I know, I personally don't know anyone who couldn't put one to good use!

  17. I would give this to my boyfriend so that he could use it to organize all his tools and miscellaneous "junk." Lol.

  18. I would use this in the garage for some of the crap that's laying around. lol

  19. I would use it in the garage for all the little things on my husbands workbench...he needs to organize!