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Get The PERFECT Mother's Day Gift With Formia Design {Plus 10% off Coupon Code}

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  Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review.

 I'll start by saying, if you are looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift, one that is sure to bring on the happiest of tears for that special Mom in your life, look no further than Formia Design. I stumbled upon this company one day while I was on the hunt for new and creative items to share with my readers, and I feel so very lucky to have found Formia Design. As a Mom, their product touched my heart in a way that no other product has ever done before. I have a simple yet exquisite piece of jewelry sitting just upstairs that I will not only treasure forever, but one that brings a smile to my face and an overwhelming love to my heart every time I put it on.

Who Is Formia Design?

Established in 2004 by master goldsmith Mia van Beek, Formia Design is a small, full-service jewelry studio located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Known worldwide for transforming your own child’s artwork into precious metal keepsakes (necklaces, charms, keychains and more), we also create, redesign and repair fine jewelry. All our pieces are handmade with the goal of perfection. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and attention to detail in every stage of the process. We are always only a phone call or e-mail away - Formia Design Website

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 From the first time I contacted Joan and Formia Design, until my pendant was delivered, I was treated as if I were the only customer they had. They gave me such personal attention from start to finish that it became abundantly clear they take great pride not only in their work, but also in their customer service as they care greatly about the satisfaction of each patron. When my little black box arrived, I couldn't get it open fast enough! My daughter, Eva, was standing right next to me, barely able to contain herself as she waited breathlessly to see her creation take on a new life as a precious gift to her Mom.

What Kind Of Artwork Can You Use?

Pretty much anything you can convert into an image! We only ask that the image be high resolution. We have made jewelry based on pictures in pencil, pen, crayon, marker, chalk, and paint. Even drawings in sand, on a magnadoodle or on a window. We have made jewelry from personal photographs — a daddy with his little girl, a biker tattoo, a wooden boat model. Did your child draw something really cute on the sidewalk in chalk? You can take a picture and turn it into a key chain or pendant so it lasts forever instead of just until the next rain! Occasionally we may have to modify the picture just a little — if your stick figure has super long legs or there is tiny writing in the picture. Mia has a genius for keeping the character of the artwork but still making it work. We will always consult with you before modifying your picture. - Formia Design Website

For my precious pendant, I chose a very special picture. On her first day of Kindergarten, my daughter Eva drew a self-portrait. It has always been one of my favorite pictures and after it lived on our refrigerator for a while, I carefully tucked it away in her "keep sake" box. It holds a very special place in my heart, not only because its a self-portrait, but also that it was drawn at such a milestone event in her life. At the bottom of her portrait, she wrote her name, in the squiggly way that every 5-year old does, and I just adore such a treasured autograph. I took a picture of Eva holding up her drawing and emailed it to Joan and Formia Design and then Eva and I watched the mailbox every day until our Formia Design package arrived.
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When my pendant and chain arrived I could not believe how exact a replica Mia had created! There were instant tears of happiness as soon as I saw my pendant. My daughter, Eva was simply elated that her drawing had been turned into an even more priceless treasure and couldn't wait for her Mom to try it on and wear it proudly - and I have to say, I couldn't wait either!
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I have worn my necklace on several occasions and I always get comments on how "cool" or "neat" the pendant is. Of course then, I get to tell them that it's actually one of my daughter's drawings and instantly, the next comment is always how incredibly lucky I am to have a little piece of my little girl forever. No matter how old she gets, no matter how many more milestones she completes, I will always have a small piece of my sweet, adventurous. wide-eyed 5-year old Eva, around my neck, and in my heart.

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To order this perfect gift for your Mother (or Mother of your children) click HERE to visit the Formia Design Website
  • Orders placed before April 23rd will arrive in time for Mother's Day at normal shipping cost
  • Orders placed April 23rd but before May 2nd will arrive for Mother's Day with expedited shipping cost
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Disclosre: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review.