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Forget The Candy! Fill Her Easter Eggs With CHARM IT!

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 It's almost here! With Spring finally coming to West Virginia, it means that Easter is just around the corner. My kids were eager to dig out their Easter baskets in preparation for the holiday and have already been hinting at what they are hoping to find in their baskets on Easter morning. Of course, we always indulge them in some candy, but more and more as the years go by and our house fills up with more stuff, my husband and I try to fill their Easter baskets with items we know they will not only be excited to get, but ones they will also use or need. My daughter, Eva, is in 1st grade and just starting to get into the fun of accessorizing; her older sister has given her just a little bit of encouragement. I was on the hunt to fill her Easter eggs with something other than candy this year, and I found the perfect answer in CHARM IT!


High IntenCity Corp. was founded with a mission: Inspire girls to express their individuality through creativity. Since 1993, our team of extraordinary individuals has been creating fun fashion jewelry for girls worldwide. Talented, dynamic and energetic define us. Passion, creativity and imagination drive us. Empowering girls with the gift of self-expression continues to inspire us.

  Our innovative CHARM IT! brand debuted in 2000 as the original, detachable charm jewelry line. As the “I just can’t stop smiling” brand, girls know and love CHARM IT! for the infinite selection and endless possibilities. Our signature and co-branded collections are timeless yet ever-evolving. Design is key, love is in the details, quality is priority and safety is our commitment. CHARM IT! is a premier brand available worldwide and sold exclusively at independent specialty retailers and premium department stores. - Taken from CHARM IT! website. 

 I love that CHARM IT! allows me and my daughter to pick out charms that speak directly to her unique talents, things she loves, and everything that makes her and her life special. I wanted each charm that I chose to mean something to my daughter and CHARM IT! provided so many charms to choose from. I came up with the perfect gift set to surprise my daughter with and I'm so excited to share with you just some of the CHARM IT! possibilities!
  charm it collage

Bulldog Charm Before Eva was born, I worked in a flower shop in downtown Minneapolis. I loved working there, and as in most flower shops, we also sold lots of stuffed animals. One day while unpacking some new inventory, I came across a stuffed bulldog animal and it was so cute, I had to purchase one for myself. I didn't have any kids yet, but I set him aside to one day, share with my first child. After Eva was born, he became her first friend, who she later named "Bruce". Seven years later, she still sleeps with him every night.  This Bulldog charm looks almost identical to Bruce and Eva loves that, now, even when she can't take her stuffed friend with her to places like school, she has her "Bruce" charm with her instead.

  Rainbow "e" Charm - I always want Eva to be confident in herself and giving her a charm that is the first letter of her name was just my simple way of reminding her that she is special, beautiful and unique. The Rainbow Charms are filled with multi-colored stones that add a wonderful sparkle to her charm bracelet.

  I Love Baking - Eva and I have started a Mother/Daughter tradition, as I have with all of my kids, to spend one night a week helping with dinner. It's become a very precious time for me and my kids because it gives us one-on-one time together, and also teaches my kids how to make some of their favorite meals. The I Love Baking charm is absolutely adorable and is a reminder, every time Eva sees it, of all of our special times in the kitchen.

  Hermit Crab - I was so excited when I stumbled upon the Hermit Crab charm because I knew it would be so very special to Eva. I few years ago when Eva was 3, my husband and and I took a team of students to New Orleans to help with rebuilding projects following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We brought Eva back a hermit crab, whom she loved, and named him Mr. Precious. She loved and took care of him for years and even took Mr. Precious on a trip to Kindergarten with her when her class was learning the letter "H". Sadly, a little over a year ago, Mr. Precious passed away and Eva had a hard time saying goodbye to her little friend. The Hermit Crab charm, which is covered in colorful hearts,  is one of her favorites, because to Eva, "It's almost like having Mr. Precious with me again".

  Flower Horse - this charm was created by a 12-year old girl during one of CHARM IT!'s many Crayola Creativity Design-A-Charm contests. Like most little girls, Eva loves horses and dreams one day of having her own. I got this charm for her to remind her to always keep dreaming and to keep reaching for her dreams, just like the contest winner, Emily H. who realized her dream of designing her very own charm.

  Popcorn - I picked the Popcorn charm for Eva because, well, popcorn is her absolute favorite snack. I'm convinced she doesn't even like the movies for the entertainment, she loves them because they usually come with popcorn. This charm is absolutely adorable and bright and filled with just the right amount of sparkle.

 All of the charms on CHARM IT! are $6.00 each, but you will always find special promotions and sales on various charms! Click HERE to start picking out your favorite charms!
  charm bracelet in basket

CHARM IT! not only sells charms individually, but they also have an assortment of colorful and trendy bracelets to hang all of your charms on. Not sure what charms to pick? There are lots of gift sets to make any girl happy!

 Click HERE to pick out a bracelet!

 Click HERE to pick out a gift set!

 There's even necklaces you can choose from! Click HERE to pick one out!

 After we unpacked our Easter baskets, we of course had to have a few Easter egg hunts in our house. Eva loved gathering up all her charms and slipping on her new bracelet. She couldn't wait to show all of her friends at school the next day! The smile on her face was definitely bigger than any amount of candy ever provided and I'm so thrilled that she will have this bracelet with all of her meaningful charms to wear and look forward to day after day. Every girl is special and unique - celebrate your special girl this Easter with this creative addition to her Easter basket!

 Visit the CHARM IT! website to start designing your own unique charm bracelet today! Make sure to follow them on their social media pages and their blog to learn about new charms, promotions, contests, coupons and more!
Have a creative girl of your own? Click HERE to check out the CHARM IT! 2015 Crayola Creativity Design-A-Charm Contest now through May 6th! Enter your charm design for a chance to see it become a CHARM IT! charm!

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  1. My daughter's favorite charm would probably be either the pretty pony or the rainbow hedgehog.

  2. She'd like the Hello Kitty Loves Cupcake, Pretty Pony and the Castle. (my favorite is the Fox Princess!)

  3. My niece would love the rainbow dragonfly. Dragonflies are are favorite insect.

  4. The pearl oyster charm! A pearl is such a beautiful surprise:)

  5. I visited the Charm Website and saw so many nice charms! I know that she will absolutely love 2 of the 3 Hello Kitty charms and the Frozen Charm as well! This is such a wonderful idea! I absolutely Love it! Thanks so very much for the chance to win! I truly appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele :)

  6. They are all so cute, I know she loves Tinkerbell, Ariel, Frozen and Minnie Mouse but I'd love to see what she would pick out! Thanks for the chance!

  7. My niece would love the Love Robot Charm

  8. I think my daughter would love the One Smart Cookie charm.

  9. She would love the Chocolate Bar charm.

  10. Dd's favorite charm would be the Frozen Locket!

  11. My daughter's favorite charm would be the white kitten.

  12. my kids favorite charm would be Airplane and Touch phone :-)

  13. Emmah Jaynes Favorite charm would be .the Purple Dolphin~There are so many Pretty Charms...

  14. I would love to have the Wedge Sneaker charm for my niece.

  15. The Ballet Slipper Duo charm would be my niece's favorite!

  16. The Love to Travel Gift Set is my favorite!

  17. My daughter would love the Purple Dolphin!

  18. HELLO KITTY PINK GLITTER charm would be my niece's favorite

  19. My favorite Charm would be the Frozen Locket. My grand daughter loves Frozen, and Purple is her favorite color! What a cute gift for any little girl.

  20. My daughter's favorite would be the Mermaid because her name means "the sea".

  21. The starfish or the hermit crab