Monday, February 23, 2015

Cozy Up To Comfort All Year Long With Slanket!

The Slanket 1
  Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review. 

I hate being cold! I don't know if you are like me, but I'm one of those people with consistently cold feet and hands. Sometimes when it's really cold, I swear the chill goes right to my bones and there seems to be nothing that I can do to truly feel warm. This past week it has been unseasonable cold in West Virginia, so much so that my kids had several school delays until last Friday when they just decided to throw in the towel and and keep the kids at home. It appears I'm not the only one in West Virginia who doesn't do cold! We have lived in our Townhouse now for almost 7 years and have never had any problems with our heat - until the Arctic made it's way to West Virginia that is. Our poor electric heat was no match for the -20 degree wind chill and the Crayne household was piling on the blankets at night. Then my Slanket Onesie arrived!

The Slanket 3
Contrary to what my 5-year old son believes, Cookie Monster was not harmed in the making of The Slanket Onesie. 
  From the moment my Slanket arrived, I literally couldn't get it out of the package fast enough! It was super easy to slip on fastens up the front with buttons. It was great not to have a cold, metal zipper or snap buttons against my skin. As you can see, there's plenty of room in a Slanket Onesie but that's part of what makes this adult onesie so great! Whether i'm sitting or laying on the couch, there's plenty of room in my onsie, yet my Slanket Onesie still fits well enough on my small frame to be able to walk around the house - which worked out great for me because I practically lived in my Slanket Onesie for 2 days before the temperatures came above freezing. This onesie is definitely "roomy" so if you are in the market for one of those "flirty" type of onsies that hugs in all the right places, this is probably not going to be the onesie for you. The Slanket Onesie is definitely made for comfort! Check out some of the features that make The Slanket Onesie great:
  • Warm, yet lightweight
  • Designed to keep your entire body covered, like a blanket, but a blanket that you don't have to take off when  you get off the couch
  • Super Plush Micro-fiber fleece
  • Adult size (but still comfy enough for smaller frames)
  • Buttons up front
  • Comes in three different colors, as well as well as Plaid and Bitcoin
  • Pockets - Taken from The Slanket website
Take a moment and check out the softness close up:
The Slanket 2
It looks like it belongs in one of those "Pat The Bunny" books doesn't it?
I really could not get over the softness of this onesie! I had another onesie that I bought for myself around Christmas and it has since taken a back seat to my Slanket. There is nothing else in my home that gives me the warmth and comfort of being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket but gives the ability to walk around the house, refill my cup of hot tea and bowl of popcorn, even sit and type at my computer (yep, I blog in this baby!) without ever having to take off my Slanket or sacrifice any amount of warmth.
  The Slanket 5

If you love to cuddle up in the evenings with a warm, cozy blanket, you can't go wrong with a Slanket Onesie! No matter what time of year it is, I'm that person that always has to have a blanket to snuggle with and thanks to the Slanket Onesie, when we sit down for a family movie night and my kids ask for a refill, I don't have to throw off my blanket or shuffle through the house hugging my blanket like a cape. With The Slanket Onesie, I get to take my blanket with me!

 Interested in bringing The Slanket Onesie into your own home?

 Click HERE to visit The Slanket website where  you can save $10 off The Slanket Onesie (now available for only $39.99).

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  1. The Siamese Slanket looks pretty cool, too - and it's for two people to share! Cozy togetherness!

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  3. I think the Siamese would be so good for date nite! It would bring us together-literally. I love these. Fingers Crossed. Thanks for hosting and sharing.

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  9. OMG! I absolutely LOVE these Slankey Onesies! I really love the one which was in the review! I believe it's called Limoges! They look so absolutely comfortable and I'm always cold! This would be wonderful for me to keep warm! I'm so impressed that they actually made these onesies for adults! These are so terrific! I would absolutely LOVE to own one! I see that they are on sale, however, I still cannot afford to purchase one! Thanks so much! Michele :)

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  12. This is AWESOME! I love it in blue (Limoges).

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    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thank you

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  16. I like the Ultimate Slanket is the original fleece blanket with sleeves with foot pockets

    ellen beck on form
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