Friday, December 12, 2014

Make Life HUGGABLE With BlueBee Pals

This year I've had the privilege of taking a much closer look at my kids Christmas toys than I ever have before. One of the things I have noticed is that so many of todays toys resemble a lot of the toys I grew up with and loved. How many of you remember the Teddy Ruxpin? As a child, I remember dreaming about having this teddy someday to read me stories. When I was first introduced to the Bluebee Pals I immediately thought about my old friend. As I began to read more about the Bluebee Pals, and then got to use one in person, I understood. A Bluebee pal isn't just a talking stuffed animal, it is a huggable buddy who makes learning, entertainment, and even conversation exciting and personal on a whole new level.

Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review.

Introducing a New Revolutionary Interactive Bluetooth® Enabled Plush Companion and Learning Tool.

Bluebee Pals are huggable plush toys that sing, read and answers phone calls. Our advanced technology includes lip synchronization which allows the animal’s “mouth” to move while your singing, reading your favorite storybooks or learning apps.
Surprise and entertain your family and friends when you use your Bluebee Pal as a wireless speaker phone! - Taken from Bluebee Pals website description

From the moment I took adorable Leo the Lion out of the box I simply fell in love with him! I was astonished at how light he was (I was probably remembering how heavy poor Teddy Ruxpin was having to carry around an entire tape player in his tummy) and how soft he felt to the touch. Leo is clearly made to love, hug, and snuggle, even at bedtime, though it's recommended you do not use his Bluetooth capabilities while in bed. I'm so happy that while so much time and energy was put into making him magically Bluetooth capable, it's clear that Kayle Concepts spent just as much time making sure he remained a huggable companion! He is even a lot bigger than I anticipated! (Product Dimensions:  Length 9" Width 7" Height 13") 

Along with your Bluebee Pal you will receive a USB cable and an instructional manual to walk you through connecting your new friend to your Bluetooth capable devices. No need for batteries with your Bluebee! He is already equipped with a Lithium Polymer battery. Your Bluebee Pal has aproximately 5 hours of battery life before you need to charge him again. You will notice when his voice gets quieter or the bluetooth connections cuts off continuously that it's time to give him some new life! Simply plug him up with your USB cable to your laptop, or use a USB wall charger (not included) to charge him up. When his charging indicator light turns blue, it means your Bluebee Pal is fully charged and ready to get back to play!

The Bluebee Pals are super easy to connect with your wireless devices and the operations manual gives very clear and concise instructions on pairing it correctly. If you currently have a Bluebee and are having trouble with this step, or you simply want to learn ahead of time how to set your pal up, click HERE

As you can see, Leo isn't the only friendly Bluebee pal in the bunch! He has four other fantastic friends that all come with the same wondrous capabilities! Here's some of the things the Bluebee Pal can do:

  • Embedded Bluetooth® Enabled Speaker 
  • Super Soft Plush Fabric
  • Connects to any Apple® or Android® device with Bluetooth® capabilities (smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops).
  • Sings along to Music, Stories, Lullabies and Story Books
  • Use as Hands Free Telephone with built in Speaker and Microphone - Taken from Bluebee Pal website description
I'm so excited for my son to open up his lovable Leo on Christmas morning! What kid wouldn't love to have their own talking lion? A lot of parents,like myself, have gotten tablets for their kids for Christmas. How about making that gift even more spectacular by paring it with a Bluebee Pal? Your child can use him to read stories, or sing songs on her favorite Pandora station or other internet radio. Your child can even use their Bluebee Pal on websites like ABCMouse and other similar sites. 

Check out the video below to see Leo in action!

-Bluebee Pal Video taken from Bluebee YouTube Channel

Finally, one of my favorite Bluebee Pal features is the ability it has to move its mouth when talking on speaker phone. Our family lives in West Virginia, but half of our extended family lives hundreds of miles away in Michigan. They love to talk to our kids and our kids love and miss them as well. There's nothing like talking to Pop and Grandma while Leo moves his mouth in sync to their voices, all while getting to hug and cuddle this soft stuffed animal - it's the next best thing to actually having loved ones here in person! For my youngest, it's hard for him to always stay interested in the phone, the Grandparents of course want to badly to hear his voice. With Leo connected and "talking" for them my son is so much more engaged in the conversation. 

I love everything about this adorable lion! He is truly one of the most unique toys I have ever encountered and will undoubtedly be loved for years to come! Technology has has brought many wonderful things to our lives, but none of them have brought the love, and the connection to education, entertainment, and conversation that comes with Bluebee Pals. They truly make life a little more huggable!

Want to know where you can PURCHASE your own Bluebee Pal? Click HERE to purchase your own for $64.99 

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  5. Winston is adorable and Grant would love him.

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