Saturday, December 6, 2014

Girls Of All Ages - Last Minute Gift Guide

Girls Guide 1
  Disclosure: I was sent the items above, at no cost,  to facilitate this review.

 We'e been doing lots of shopping in our house - Christmas shopping! I'm not one of those gals who just loves to shop till I drop but when it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts for my kids, I love walking away from the  checkout counter (or my online cart) picturing the smiles on their faces as they unwrap some pretty awesome gifts on Christmas morning. I have two girls in my household - one that is 11 (just starting middle school) and one that is 6 (1st grader). Just two  years ago they were pretty much on the same page with the types of toys they liked - but I've finally accepted the fact that I now have a preteen girl in my house - and her idea of a fun Christmas present, is a lot different than the younger one.

Check out Four Great Gift Ideas for Girls Of All Ages!


Preteen girls are known to be some of the hardest to shop for! Gone are the days when my daughter would be thrilled with the latest Barbie, or talking animal. She's growing up and wants to unwrap gifts that are a little more geared towards "coolness" and independence.

             Charmazing collage

Charmazing is the perfect Design-It-Yourself jewelry craft line, for young designers with a passion for fashion and crafts! Style Me Up!’s Charmazing keeps tweens 8 + designing expandable and stackable bangle bracelets that can be charmed-up with style! Girls can make their very own custom charm bracelets with colorful threads, beads, gem, chains, pearls and much more! Charmazing offers more than 100 different charms in 11 unique themed collections. Girls can also scan their charms to enter a virtual Charmazing world where they can trade charms with friends and connect with other fashionistas via the Charmazing FREE APP. So activate your Charma! - Charmazing website description

Check out Charmazing in Action

Ever since the rubber band loom craze, my preteen daughter has been into bracelet making. She has also begun to get quite interested in smart phone apps and connecting with her friends online. I love that Charmazing combines creativity and artistic passion, with online fun. It's so easy for preteen girls to get caught up in spending too much time online and not enough time exploring and creating in the real world. Charmazing still includes the fun of apps, but to have the most fun, my daughter also has to use her creative style. 

 You can PURCHASE Charmazing at ToysRUs for as low as $6.99 for small sets. Price subject to change. 

  Spy Tag

Spy Tag collage

Spy Tag – you’re IT! It’s a high-speed race to spot the spies and tag them before time’s up! Take turns drawing spy cards and slapping them on the matching agent cards laid out in front of your teammates … get caught with a match when the timer goes off and draw a card from the secret attaché pile. If the card is empty, you’re safe – for now! – but get the stolen gizmo and you’re a goner. How to Play: 1. Deal an even number of agent files to all players (masterminds). Players lay their agent files in front of them, face up, and set the timer. 2. The first mastermind draws a spy card from the pile, scans the other player’s agent files for the matching card, and slaps the spy card on top. 3. The mastermind who just got slapped is next to pull a spy card. Play continues until the timer goes off. 4. The player with a spy card covering one of their agent files when the timer goes off must pull a card from the secret attaché. If it’s empty, the player is safe. If the card shows the stolen gizmo, that player is out and play continues until there’s just one spy standing – the winner - Spy Tag website description 

 My preteen loves having friends over! Practically every weekend the request is made for a sleep over. When she invites her girlfriends over one of the first requests is for ideas of what types of fun activities they could do (upstairs in her room of course, with the door shut to keep younger brothers and sister away). We have lots of board games in our house, but let's face it, Candy Land, and Chutes and Ladders is not one she and her friends are rushing to play. Spy Tag is definitely a "cool" game that not only will my daughter love to play with her friends, it's still easy enough that she can set it up and explain it on her own - which to her - is score #1 for independence and not having to have Mom come upstairs to help her and her friends play a game. She is going to have a blast with this high speed game that sure to be filled with lots of fun and laughs at our next sleep over! 

 You can PURCHASE Spy Tag for $16.99 at Ravensburger

Young Girls

I don't think we have ever made it through an entire episode of Sophia The First without my daughter saying, "Wow Mom! Look at that cool toy!" during at least one commercial break. Young kids are all about the "As Seen On TV" toys, and why now? They are fun, cute, and usually pretty inventive. My daughter has two on her list and at budget friendly prices, they are great for last minute gifts (both items would work well for girls or boys) for under the tree!

Tummy Stuffers  Tummy Stuffers 1

Tummy Stuffers are every kids dream come true! Need to clean up your messy bedroom in a flash? Stuff it in your Tummy Stuffer! Have items that you just need to find an extra place to store (additional stuffed animals that don't fit on your child's bed?) Store them warm and safe in your Tummy Stuffer! Tummy Stuffers are 13' fun little creatures that allow your child to experience the joy of organizing and cleaning. And when their done, they have a full, squishy, hug-able Tummy Stuffer! If your young daughter is anything like mine, she will inevitably have a few odds and ends that she just isn't quite sure where to put them in her room - now, she can just "feed" them to her Tummy Stuffer!

  Here's the Tummy Stuffer LIVE!

 These adorable fun-loving friends are hard not to love and I know my daughter already has plans for all of the items she'll be hiding in her Tummy Stuffer so that she can keep them away from her little brothers. With so many different characters to choose from (each cute in their own way) and at a very budget friendly price, you don't want to miss out on adding a Tummy Stuffer or two to all of the young girls in your life!

 You can PURCHASE 13' Tummy Stuffers from Buy Tummy Stuffers with prices starting at $19.95 price subject to change

  Hideaway Pets


"Open up to play. Curl up and hideaway!" This is the mantra of these lovable little friends. Look at their cute little faces! It's no wonder that my 6-year old is asking for her own Hideaway Pet! I"m not sure what it is about these charming stuffed toys that has young girls clambering to find them under the Christmas tree - but I know for my 6-year old, who has two younger brothers, I'm sure part of the draw is that she will soon be able to "hide" her sweet little pet by curling it up in a fuzzy ball and then surprising them with  a stuffed animal instead. Curling her Hideaway Pet up in a ball is her way of "protecting" it from the ever reaching hands of her other siblings.

  How much fun will your little girl have with a Hideaway Pet?

 Each 15' Hideaway Pet turns quickly into a ball or pet with the help of a simple plastic snap, which is fixed on the top and bottom of the pet, and easily hidden by fluffy fur. Roll your pet up for a soft ball to pass around to your friends. Unsnap your Hideaway Pet at night for a snugly nighttime buddy. The fur of this stuffed toy is soft and cuddly and as soon as you touch it, it's easy to see why these guys are so popular with young girls. Again, this item, though it's my daughter who has it on her list, would work great for a girl or a boy. I would definitely feel better about one of my boys throwing their Hideaway Pet "ball" around their room than some of the other toys I've seen fly across the room! There are currently seven different 15' Hideaway Pets and if you BUY NOW you will get a bonus 5' Hideaway Pet plus six free adventure cards!

 You can PURCHASE  a Hideaway Pet from Hideaway Pets for $19.95 price subject to change

Whether you are still shopping for your own Preteen or Young Girl, or just want one extra little surprise to tuck under the tree on Christmas morning, Charmazing, Spy Tag, Tummy Stuffers, and Hideaway Pets would make the perfect gift for any aged girl on your list!