Monday, December 1, 2014

Defeat Pet Hair With Simple Solutions

If there is one thing I can't stand it's pet hair! It always seems to stick to every part of my house and no matter how hard I fight it, the battle is never totally won - the pet hair always seems to overtake me in the end.  I'm so put off by pet hair that should I happen to find a single strand of doggie hair on me, a change of clothes must ensue. Dog hair on my couch? If I can't get it all up with the vacuum cleaner, I will literally put a blanket down to sit on (a blanket which I then have to throw in the washing machine because, of course, it has pet hair on it). Since I would never dream of getting rid of my dog - who truly is a member of my family - I had to look for a different way to defeat the annoying pet hair.  If you suffer from the day to day struggle of unsightly pet hair as well, your hero has arrived - Simple Solution's Pet Hair Cleanup System!


Isn't that the most adorable face you have ever seen? Yep, that's my dog, Buster. He is absolutely the sweetest dog I have ever had and I wouldn't trade him for the world! He puts up with my four kids, with  more patience and gentleness than I could only hope for.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful furry family member. Buster has given us lots of laughs, gentle hugs, and a lot of protection and care over the years.  But of course, along with that lovable face, comes some very unlovable dog hair. We're talking about white, short, coarse dog hair. The kind that sticks like needles into the couch cushions, or feels like a two-inch splinter should you happen to step on one with bare feet. For the past 10 years that we have had our sweet Buster, I've tried several different types of pet hair removers, especially for my upholstery, which for me, is the hardest to keep pet hair free. Powders, vacuum attachments, gadgets that almost caused my forearm to fall off because it required rigorous back and forth motion, I have searched the world over ,and nothing it seems, could release me from the evil clutches of pet hair. Until now that is! Simple Solution prides itself on providing pet supplies that are effective yet safe and gentle for all of our furry family members. They have such great products for potty training our pooches and now have a great new product for taking care of all that unwanted pet hair!
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The Simple Solution Pet Hair Cleanup System comes with a twin head sweeper unit with handle (made for hard surfaces like wood, tile, and linoleum), and two cleaning pads that are specifically designed to trap pet hair. The box itself explains how easy it is to assemble the pole by simple clicking and locking the pole into place with the base of the sweeper. This is not a "heavy" sweeper and glides easily over the floors. It is light enough in weight that even my younger children can get in on the pet cleaning action!
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Here's a few things you will find with the Twin Head Sweeper:

1. Fur Lock Technology

Double texture pads trap pet hair and dirt in two ways. Fiber webbing locks away hair while the fingers reach into corners and crevices to grab runaway dust bunnies (Hooray for defeating two problems at once!).

2. Fur-Free Baseboards

With one easy motion the twin head sweeper adjusts to clean baseboards and floors at the same time.

3. 3x Cleaning Surface

Lay both heads flat to cover up to three times the surface area of other sweepers

4. 360 Degrees Clean

Featuring a 360 degree swivel that helps reach under and around tables, beds, and other large objects where pet hair and dust collect.  **Taken from Simple Solution Pet Hair Cleanup System Packaging The pet hair attraction technology on this product is fantastic. All of my dogs pet hair was drawn to the fur locking technology of these pads like a moth to a flame. And it wasn't just pet hair these pads attracted. As the packaging states, it also attracts other hair and dust bunnies just as well. On my first trail run with this baby, it even snagged a large hairball, something my old dust brooms have never done! The plastic locking mechanism could use a little improvement, as it seemed to snap off each time I locked it into place, or unlocked it to use the sweeper on a flat surface. I love the lightness, but I could stand for the plastic portion of this sweeper to be a bit more heavy duty, still, it does its job. That being said, I absolutely love that I can easily dust my baseboards with this sweeper! This seems to be the number one place that not only attracts pet hair but a ton of very fine dust, that before, I could only ever get completely clean with a damp dish rag. Thank you Simple Solution for saving my time, and my back, with this ingenious addition to a great sweeper!
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After I had successfully demolished all of the pet hair on my kitchen and hallway floors, I turned my attention to the pet hair danger zone - the living room furniture. The Hair Release Spray is specifically designed to bring ease in removing pet hair from the most impossible places, both indoor and outdoor. Like to take your dog with you on rides in the car but don't like all the pet hair on the floor and car seats that these fun outings leave behind? This spray is like magic in a bottle and delivers quite the blow to those hairs that are holding on for dear life. No need to spray and leave it on for several minutes, just spray and begin wiping all those little hairs into one single pile, pick up, and throw away!
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When you pair the Hair Release Spray with the Hair Lift Mitts - you have a dynamic duo better equipped than Batman and Robin. The gloves are super comfortable and though "one size fits all" are probably more comfortable for a woman's hands. But let's face it Mom's, we're usually the one primarily on clean up detail, and I love that they truly fit like a "glove" aren't cumbersome and falling off, like a lot of gloves that were definitely not designed with a woman in mind. One side is covered with a blue grippy texture that snags the hair and allows it to be pulled away from the fabric and upholstery  you are cleaning.  Even though I had just cleaned my couches, I still was able to collect Buster's hair that my vacuum had left behind.  These gloves are so amazing, and when used with the spray, are my favorite part of the Simple Solution Pet Hair Cleanup System.

Here are some of the features that make the Hair Lift Mitts an outstanding product:

1. Unique Texture

The distinctive finish helps dislodge pet hair from difficult surfaces, such as woven fabrics, rugs, draperies and bedding.

2. Easy To Use

Slip the gloves on and wipe the surface repeatedly in a downward motion. The pet hair will ball up on the surface. Pick up the hair balls by hand and discard in the trash.

3. Wash and Wear Again and Again

To refresh the finish and remove excess hair, wash the gloves in cold water with regular detergent. Line dry to prevent shrinking and texture damage.

Put every component in the Complete Pet Hair Cleanup System (the sweeper, spray, and mitts,) together and you are guaranteed to be pet hair free! Simple Solution couldn't have called themselves by a better name because their products do just that! I never would have dreamed I could solve my pet hair issues - but Simple Solution not only fixed my problem, they made it fast and easy!

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