Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pamper You and Your Baby With Shoosha!

Nothing makes Mommy and Baby happier than a little pampering! Wanna hear some even better news? You and your little one can enjoy your own spa-like treatments right in your own home, with Shoosha and their collection of all natural, organic products!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Enter To Win A Blu-Ray DVD Copy Of The Good Lie Starring Reese Witherspoon

The Good Lie final 1  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Go Paperless With A Boogie Board

Boogie Board Final 1   I'm a note taker. I never used to be a note taker, but something happened somewhere along the way of becoming a Mom of 4 beautiful, energetic children that caused me to relish in writing things down. Grocery lists, To-Do lists, Honey-Do lists (along with a few Honey-Don't lists), schedules, reminders, and on and on it goes. If you are a busy Mom like me, or just looking for something different this Christmas to give to that "hard to shop for" person on your list. The original Boogie Board 8.5 eWriter is the perfect present!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Get The Holidays Hopping With A Jewel Ecoaquarium All-in-One Kit

froggy final 1

In our home, with four kids, we are never short on pets. At one time or another we've had dogs, a cat, two hermit crabs, and a whole host of fish mixed in with the bunch. Now, the Crayne family has welcomed two African Dwarf Frogs into our home and everyone couldn't be more excited to have another pet to love. Overall, my kids do really well with taking care of all their animals on their own, which says a lot about how much all of these creatures are loved. What I enjoy most is seeing the joy on my kids faces as they take care of their pets, and knowing, that along with all of the fun they are having, they are also learning a little bit of responsibility and the value of life, no matter how small.
  froggy download

Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review.

 Before I had my Wild Creations Jewel Ecoaquarium shipped to me, I wanted to make sure that my new amphibious friends would be well taken care of during shipment. The folks at Wild Creations assured me that the care during shipment of their frogs is of the utmost importance and priority.  

As for shipping procedures, you can note that we are one of the few live animal shippers for FedEx and UPS. We have shipped well over two million frogs over the past eight years. We take great efforts to assure that our frogs are comfortable when shipped, by shipping them with an anti-fungal and antibiotic mix, which is why you will see a slight blue tint to your water. Our frogs are always shipped overnight and in insulated packaging. In the winter, we ship with a heat pack and in the summer, a cool pack. Again, the well being of our frogs is a priority for us, and we have worked closely with several organizations and professionals, including a local veterinarian who has a masters degree in herpetology (literally a frog expert), to make certain our shipping protocol is the best in the industry. - Wild Creations
  froggy collage

When my Jewel Ecoaquarium arrived, my frogs came just as Wild Creations said they would and I was eager to get it put their new tank together and introduce my new froggy friends to their new home. Wild Creations has a number of African Dwarf Ecoaquariums, one to suit every wish and budget. Currently, Wild Creations sells two distinct types of Ecoaquariums, the Jewel Ecoaquarium and the Classic Ecoaquarium (both available for an upgrade to All-in-One Kits). To take a closer look at the ecoaquariums click HERE.

  The top of the line Jewel Ecoaquariums All-in-One Kit includes:
  •        1 4"x6" Jewel EcoAquarium tank with Lid 
  •      2 African Dwarf Frogs
  •      1 Lucky Bamboo plant
  •      1 pack Living Gravel
  •      1 pack Colored Gravel (Your choice of colors)
  •      1 Decorative Rock
  •      1 Black Plastic Base
  •      1 Care Kit (Water Removal Device, Dip Net, 1 year of Frog Food)
The Ecoaquariums are super easy to set up and even more easy to upkeep! For set up, I simply rinsed out the tank, the gravel (in a strainer) and my bamboo. I also purchased a gallon of water from the grocery store instead of using the tap water out of my sink (we currently have city water, and well, you just never know what might be in there). I first put down the living gravel, tucked in my bamboo, and then topped it with the colored gravel. I placed in my decorative rocks. Between the swirling colors of the deco. rocks and the bright colored gravel, my Jewel Ecoaquarium was really standing out! Finally, I added the water (room temperature) and finally my frogs. They immediately swam around checking out their new digs and I gotta say, they seem pretty pleased! Check out Wild Creations set up video below!

As a Mom I greatly appreciate the lengths that Wild Creations has taken to provide an educational pet experience for my family, from beginning to end. The living gravel breaks down frog waste and uneaten food, the bamboo provides oxygen for the tank, and the frogs are not only fun to watch, but very easy to keep. We still have yet to pick out the perfect name for our new froggy friends! Comment below with your ideas for the perfect Frog names!
  froggy final

The Ecoaquariums are the perfect edition to any home or office. A great idea for families in apartments, townhouses, or smaller homes! If you have kids asking for a pet this year, but you aren't ready to make a commitment to something furry, consider allowing two new froggy friends, and their easy to care for Ecoaquarium hop right into your heart this Christmas!

 Want to know where you can PURCHASE an Ecoaquarium of your own? Click HERE. There's still time to order one before Christmas!


One lucky reader will win their own Jewel Ecoaquarium All-in-One Kit, which includes two African Dwarf Frogs! The giveaway will end December 30, 2014 at 11:59pm. Open to residents of the US only. Enter using the Giveaway Tools entry form below.

Disclosure: I was sent the item listed above at no cost to facilitate this review. Prize fulfillment is the responsibility of Wild Creations and not Our Southern Style or Thrifty Nifty Mommy. This giveaway is not associated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Make Life HUGGABLE With BlueBee Pals

This year I've had the privilege of taking a much closer look at my kids Christmas toys than I ever have before. One of the things I have noticed is that so many of todays toys resemble a lot of the toys I grew up with and loved. How many of you remember the Teddy Ruxpin? As a child, I remember dreaming about having this teddy someday to read me stories. When I was first introduced to the Bluebee Pals I immediately thought about my old friend. As I began to read more about the Bluebee Pals, and then got to use one in person, I understood. A Bluebee pal isn't just a talking stuffed animal, it is a huggable buddy who makes learning, entertainment, and even conversation exciting and personal on a whole new level.

Make The Holidays Sparkle With A Mooshka Goodnight Starlight Doll

Mooska final 1

Growing up I remember very well, one of my favorite dolls, PJ Sparkles. She was pretty sweet for a doll back in the 80's. All of the commercials showed a sweet little girl pressing PJ's tummy, watching her light up, and then drifting off to sleep. There will always be a special place in my heart for my PJ Sparkles, but in reality, she was not very fun to sleep with. She was made of a pretty hefty plastic, which made the snuggling part pretty difficult, and i'm quite sure she poked me in the eye on more than one occasion. Still, I loved that little doll . I loved the warm glow of the lights in the darkness and just the comfort I felt from her shining next to me at night. Now that I have my own daughter, who thanks to a new brother being welcomed in the family, recently graduated to her very own room. She loves it! But bedtimes can still be a little unnerving for her and she still makes the nightly request for her door to be open and the hall light to be on. I wanted to find a doll for her that would bring her the same comfort PJ Sparkles brought to me, but maybe this time, something a little more snuggle. And of course, my search led me right to Mooshka!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bring On The Snow! With Julius Jr.: Snow Monkey Adventure

snow monkey 1 final    

 Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review.

Like all preschoolers, my son Levi loves finding adventure! He loves finding new hiding places at home, discovering new ways to play, and uses his imagination to bring all of his toys to life. There are few movies or TV shows that will keep his attention for very long, but Julius Jr. is one of them! How could you not fall in love with this fun-loving monkey and all of his pals? The bright colors of each of the characters make each episode eye catching and playful while each story shares an important lesson about friendship and imagination. This DVD truly makes the perfect Christmas gift for any Julius Jr. fan and even comes with a Julius Jr. figurine! The perfect friend to tuck into any kids pocket as they create their own Julius Jr. adventures!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Growing Up Can Be Fun - With The Lalaloopsy Girls!

Lala Final 1
 Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review.

  The Lalaloopsy girls are all grow up - and headed for the Lalaloopsy Academy for Learning Arts! The friends soon discover their new school is super cool - and sew much fun! It's a semester full of laughs and excitement as the girls take creative classes such as Glitter 101 and Cloud Sculpting, join silly clubs, make new friends and cheer on Jewel Sparkles as she runs for student body president! - DVD Synopsis

Direct Your Own Movies With Goldie Blox & The Movie Machine

Goldie Blox Final 4

I've said it before, but my daughter, Eva is not your ordinary little girl. Of course (like any girl) at times she loves to play dress up or put on a tutu and dance around the living room, but more often than not, she would rather be outside with a shovel digging in the dirt to find hidden treasures, or up in her room building, creating, and inventing. One of the greatest joys as a Mom has been to watch her creative mind go to work as she invents a "no drip Popsicle" or to hear the excitement in her voice when she uncovers ancient bones, aka something the dog buried weeks ago in the yard. In all my years of shopping for presents and gifts for my daughter, I never could seem to find any "girl" related "toys" that encouraged her in the areas of science and engineering, those always seemed to be located in the "boy" isle.  Thanks to Goldie Blox,  girls have a fun hero, in this lovable character, as she shows them, through all of her play sets, that engineering, math and science aren't just for the boys, girls and boys can both share in the fun, creativity, and achievement.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Brighten Up The Holidays With a Crystal Nightlight

Crystal Nightlight 1

Need something to inspire the little scientist in your home this year? My six year old daughter, Eva, has decided that when she grows up, she wants to become an archaeologist. I'm constantly finding her outside digging up "treasures" with her little shovel and handy brush. She recently got a new rock collection from her uncle, which she loves to take out and show to everyone who happens to visit our house. If you have a child who loves to discover and create, like my Eva, no doubt the Crystal Nightlight from Geek & Co. is a definite must for Christmas this year!

Girls Of All Ages - Last Minute Gift Guide

Girls Guide 1
  Disclosure: I was sent the items above, at no cost,  to facilitate this review.

 We'e been doing lots of shopping in our house - Christmas shopping! I'm not one of those gals who just loves to shop till I drop but when it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts for my kids, I love walking away from the  checkout counter (or my online cart) picturing the smiles on their faces as they unwrap some pretty awesome gifts on Christmas morning. I have two girls in my household - one that is 11 (just starting middle school) and one that is 6 (1st grader). Just two  years ago they were pretty much on the same page with the types of toys they liked - but I've finally accepted the fact that I now have a preteen girl in my house - and her idea of a fun Christmas present, is a lot different than the younger one.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanks Rudolph, For 50 Years of Christmas Memories

Rudolph final

 As a child, I remember scouring the paper every December for the arrival of TV Christmas Specials. It just wasn't Christmas until I got to meet up again with all of my favorite Christmas characters. There is no doubt, that Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer was, and still is, one of my favorites. The story of Rudolph is still cherished in my heart, and now has become a part of my own children's Christmas traditions. As we sit down together to share in this enchanting story, it takes me back to all of the times as a child that my own family all sat together, drinking our hot cocoa and eating popcorn, giggling with excitement as we waiting for Rudolph's arrival on the screen. This wonderful Christmas story has become a Christmas tradition in my own home, with my own kids, and because I have experienced it for myself, I smile watching them share in its joy. I  know that one day, they will watch it with their own children and Rudolph will take them back to their childhood and they to will remember the magic of Christmas and the happiness every child should experience growing up, especially at Christmas.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Refresh & Renew Dry Skin From The Cold With Vitabath


 We have officially entered the cold weather season and with the cold comes the struggle to keep our skin subtle and moisturized. With the cold wind blasting your skin every time you step outside, it's so important to find a daily moisturizing routine to keep your skin protected and healthy. For me, I hate to be cold, and sometimes after a long chilly day, all I want to do is slide into a warm tub or stand in a hot shower. Unfortunately, hot showers, are probably one of the worst things for your skin, especially if you already struggle with dry skin like I do. Since there's no way I can say no to my hot bath at the end of the day, I decided to say "Yes" to keeping my skin nourished every day in and out of the shower with Vitabath!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Keep House Cleaning Chemical Free With Buggy Love

Buggy Love Final 1
 Batten down the hatches - the family is coming for Christmas! For me and my family (4 kids, 1 husband, 1 dog and a fish) living in a town house can get really messy, really fast. It's easy for my house to become a complete disaster area, especially now that the busy holiday season is upon us. The kids have extra holiday school activities. I have extra church activities. And my husband, who works in the construction industry, is inundated with customers wanting to do last minute tile upgrades before the holidays. I can't tell you how many times the phrase "Quick! Everybody help cleanup quick, so and so is coming over!" With Christmas and New Years quickly arriving, a lot of homes will be filled with family and friends. I love welcoming my family in to a warm, clean, holiday home and thanks to the amazing products from Buggy Love, my home, and laundry, are not only bright and spotless, but are left with a clean fresh scent, all without the use of harsh chemicals.

Defeat Pet Hair With Simple Solutions

If there is one thing I can't stand it's pet hair! It always seems to stick to every part of my house and no matter how hard I fight it, the battle is never totally won - the pet hair always seems to overtake me in the end.  I'm so put off by pet hair that should I happen to find a single strand of doggie hair on me, a change of clothes must ensue. Dog hair on my couch? If I can't get it all up with the vacuum cleaner, I will literally put a blanket down to sit on (a blanket which I then have to throw in the washing machine because, of course, it has pet hair on it). Since I would never dream of getting rid of my dog - who truly is a member of my family - I had to look for a different way to defeat the annoying pet hair.  If you suffer from the day to day struggle of unsightly pet hair as well, your hero has arrived - Simple Solution's Pet Hair Cleanup System!