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Make Christmas Meaningful with a Papillion Ornament Set from The GO Exchange

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There are few things in life that make you feel as good as you do when you give someone a gift. The joy you see in their eyes, the delight they experience in knowing that someone thought enough of them to give them a present. Even as a child, I always loved giving gifts to others. I loved making someone else feel special. One of my favorite Bible verses is "it is more blessed to give than to receive" - Acts 20:35, and in the case of  the products from Go Exchange, this sentiment couldn't be more true. Normally when I begin a review, I start with talking about the product itself, but in this case, to truly appreciate this beautiful Papillion Ornament, that comes in a set of 4, you first have to hear about the organization it came from.

Helping to Provide Jobs in Impoverished Countries

The process begins with local makers among the poor:  local parents (mainly single moms) and young men and women (ages 18-24) who have aged out of orphan care programs.  With careful training and support from the designers who employ them, they make beautiful products, earning a local living wage to help them support themselves and their families.  The GO Exchange buys the Wonderfully Made products, imports the products into the United States, and sells the products to keep the process going and growing.  The idea is to put growth of this Global Boutique – the creation of more jobs – into YOUR hands, the hands of sellers and buyers who are passionate about family. 
* Taken from GO Exchange Website

Focused on Orphan Prevention

The GO Exchange is a Global Boutique dedicated to Orphan Prevention. 80% of the world’s orphaned children fill orphanages and alleyways not because of parental death, but because of outright abandonment.  Parents – most often, single moms – among the extreme poor cannot hold up under the weight.  And they make the desperate decision that their children may have a better chance without them. Through GOEX, you help stop this tragedy through opportunity.  World-class designers help local makers among the poor craft beautiful products that embody their own uplifting beauty.  We focus on fun, excellent everyday products that you truly enjoy.  And we turn to you.  You buy.  You sell.  You spread the word.  In this life-giving circuit, you look great and help local makers keep their families together.  Through the dignified work of their own hands, not through more aid lines.  The GO Exchange has no individual shareholders who stand to personally gain as this Global Boutique grows.  The Global Orphan Project, a global Orphan Care and Orphan Prevention ministry with a Charity Navigator rating of 4 out of 4 stars, started and wholly owns GOEX.  That means that any and all net profits go to help orphaned and abandoned children. *Taken from Go Exchange Website 

 To read more about the story behind GO Exchange, click HERE

 Watch the video below to see what inspires the artists of GO Exchange:

          Final Haiti Box   

The wonderful people at Go Exchange sent me this beautiful 4-piece box of Papillion Ornaments, at no cost to facilitate this review, and I must say, as beautiful as they are in pictures, they are even more beautiful in person! I knew as soon as I took these ornaments out of the box, there was something special about them. I'm not the type of person to get all sappy and weird about these kind of things, but it truly was as if you could feel the love and the heart that went into making these ornaments. There was something much more meaningful about these ornaments than any I have ever bought in the store, much less held in my hands, and as I began to read more about their story, I began to understand why.

  Handmade from recycled 55-gallon drums at the Papillon artisan center in Port-au-Prince Haiti, this pack of four ornaments makes the perfect Christmas gift. Purchasing these ornaments provides living-wage jobs to local workers and educational opportunities for kids in City Soli, Haiti, as well as vocational pathways for young adults as they age out of orphan care. But the good doesn’t end there! 100% of profits from the purchase of these ornaments will go toward the care of orphaned and abandoned children.

  Product Details: All ornaments 3 inches long*Taken from Go Exchange Website

 Here I was, literally holding something in my own hands, in my warm home in the United States, that had been hand made by someone in Haiti, more than likely a poor, young, single mother, who when she was making it, was probably thinking about where this beautiful ornament would end up. Somehow, I felt connected to something bigger than myself.

The joy of supporting Go Exchange, by purchasing their products, is that not only do you get to experience the happiness of sharing this gift with others, but that you are forever linked with someone thousands of miles away, as your purchase not only helps provide them with a full-time job, and provides finances needed to assist give orphans hope.

 GO Exchange offers more than ornaments! They have so many gorgeous, hand-made products, with everything from jewelry and apparel, to other holiday and home items, and even footwear!

Click HERE to see all the GO Exchange Shop has to offer!

You won't be disappointed with their products! I have personally held their woven purses, comfy pajama pants, hand made scarves, and jewelry, and they all left me no less than awe inspired by their beauty and artistry.

  Full Haiti 3

These ornaments are more than just something beautiful to hang on your Christmas tree, or a gift to wrap up for a friend. As each of my children held these ornaments in their hand and as I told them where they came from, they were each touched, from my 2 year old to my 11 year old, by their story, and more importantly by the people behind these ornaments. It was a chance for them to remember the true spirit of Christmas, to be thankful for all of the blessings we have in our lives and family, and to remember there is opportunity every day, to do someone for someone who might not have as much as we do. This year, don't just give a gift, give someone the joy and passion that goes into each GO Exchange products, and in doing so, give the gift of hope to someone an ocean away, who you may never meet, but will forever be connected with through the love they once held in their hand, which you now hold in yours.

 Want to purchase your own set of Papillion Ornaments? You can BUY THEM from GO Exchange for $28.00 for a set of 4

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    Thank you!

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