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Deck The Halls with a Brylane Home 7' Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

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There is no doubt, my favorite thing about Christmas is the tree! Ever since I was little, I couldn't wait to get out our tattered old box, where we kept all of our treasured ornaments ,and unpack them with almost as much excitement as Christmas morning.  Our whole family always made an event out of stringing the lights, eating popcorn, watching Christmas movies, and of course decorating our tree.  As I got older, I would wait till everyone else in the house had fallen asleep and then head downstairs, make myself a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea, and with light off in the house, turn on the lights of my Christmas tree, and just sit beneath it, in the quiet, taking in all the magic and joy of Christmas. Even as an adult, my love of the Christmas tree hasn't wavered and our family will head out into the cold next week to cut down our own. If you aren't a fan of a live tree (or the pine needles they leave behind), Brylane Home has some incredible options for decking your halls with a beautiful Christmas tree this year!

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This 7' tree,  arrives in three separate pieces, plus the attachments for the stand. I love that the base of the stand is actually attached to the lower portion of the tree. No messing with putting together an extra stand, just slide the four legs onto the bottom of the first tree piece and check "putting the stand together" off your list. I like to start by placing the lowest piece in place and then take time to fluff that portion. Put the second piece in place, and fluff that as well. Finally, finish with the third. I got to say, as much as I LOVE my real tree, I equally HATE putting on the lights! They always seem to be tangled when I pull them out of the box, even though I made sure to wrap them carefully the year before. It takes quite a bit of time to wind strand after strand around the tree, making sure to hide cords and attempt to make it look as if the lights were placed in some sort of organized manner. The Brylane Home 7' tree is "Pre-Lit" which means, no fussing with lights because Brylane Home has already done the hard work for you! If you have never owned or set up an artificial tree, one the biggest tips to remember is to give it a good "fluffing". This tree comes tightly packed in a box, so taking a little bit of extra time to properly stretch and extend each piece of the branch will ultimately effect how full and lush your tree appears.


Here are some of the great things you can expect with this beautiful tree:

• a Brylane Home® Exclusive!
 • dimensions: 7'H X 29"Diam.
 • pre-lit with 200 warm lights
• lush with 400 tips
• includes tree stand
 • assembly
• cord UL approved

 In the world of artificial Christmas trees, there are all different, size's, colors, varieties, and styles. To be happy with your tree, you should first understand what type of tree you are looking for and where you want to place it in your home.  This 7' Pre-lit tree is not for the person who is looking to fill up their living room with a broad, triangular shaped tree. If you like the look and feel of a tall, skinny tree, this is the perfect tree for you! Or, if you live in a smaller home, apartment, or loft with limited space, you might want a tree that still has a majestic presence, without taking up all of the empty space in your house.

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Even though this wasn't our "real" family Christmas tree, Levi couldn't help but be drawn in by the beauty and soft glow of this Brylane Home Christmas tree. With some added ornaments and decorations, this tree will make a wonderful trendy statement piece for any home this Christmas. Its space-saving size, set-up simplicity, and amazing price, will make this tree one of your favorite things about the holidays this year. If the 7' Pre-lit Christmas tree is not the particular style you are looking for - don't fear! Brylane Home has a great selection of not only beautiful trees, but trees that will take the hassle and headache out of set up and leave you with more time to just enjoy the wonder of the holidays - starting with your perfect, memorable, Christmas tree! 

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  Disclosure: I received the item above, at no cost, to facilitate this review

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