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Become a Curry Master in Your Own Kitchen!

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Every week, I am on the search to make something new and different for dinner. I like the challenge of cooking something I have never made before, and I also like the benefit that serving different foods brings to my family. In our small town of Martinsburg, West Virginia, we don't have a large variety of restaurants where we live, pretty much just your typical run-of-the-mill popular chain and fast food restaurants. I enjoy bringing different flavors and textures, especially for my kids, who are learning to love and appreciate the different types of food that come from different cultures.  With the Kitchen Curry Master, I can bring the authentic, robust flavors of Indian food, right to my own dining room table - and be confident that what I'm cooking is truly authentic!

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The creator of the Kitchen Curry Master, Neena, was inspired to bring this inventive and masterful cooking set through the love of her own mother's cooking, and her desire to make good Indian cuisine available to every home.

Growing up I was always around amazing food. By 1980 my parents had opened their own family restaurant called ‘Friends Corner’ in Wembley, London. It was a small place but with a fabulous family feel and incredible home-style food. Each day of the week mom would prepare a special dish. Many customers would come back on the same day to enjoy their favorite meal. As a kid I pretty much grew up in that restaurant. I’d do my homework in the kitchen after school while mom cooked for the customers. I remember learning basic math using mom’s fresh Chapatti breads for addition and subtraction! As I got older, I worked in the restaurant after school or helped with catering for events and weddings, often serving hundreds of people at a time. In my family, like many Indian families, life revolved around food... ...

Quite simply, what I found is that great Indian cuisine can be extremely hard to find. If you’re lucky you might find a decent restaurant but if you want to eat healthy and cook for yourself, it can be challenging to find the key ingredients. Even if you can find them, you’ll probably need to visit multiple stores and pay extravagant prices...

  I pulled together some of our favorite dishes, many of which have been passed down the generations, and put the recipes together with the necessary spices to cook all of these great dishes. I’m sharing the food that has been at the heart of our family’s kitchen for generations so that it can be discovered and enjoyed by everybody. - Neena **Taken from the Kitchen Curry Master website

Click on the video below to view a special welcome from Neena herself!

Once out of the box, the Kitchen Curry Master comes with it's own easy to follow cook book, canister with bagged spices and spice containers, and an instructional card with directions on how to fully set up your Kitchen Curry Spice set. This fantastic cook book, which comes complete  with full color photos and an explanation and definition of each spice, provides simple, easy-to-follow instructions , on how to make the perfect Indian dishes (over 25 complete recipes in all)!  The recipes feature, vegetarian, meat, and seafood dishes and are all gluten free! If you love cooking Indian food, the Kitchen Curry Master set really is the way to go. There is an abundant amount of spices and when you run out, they are easy to restock by simply ordering refills on the Kitchen Curry Master website. The spice canister keeps all of your spices fresh and vibrant while making it easy to store and keep all of the spices you need to make delicious Indian dishes, in one place.

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Before you can begin mastering your own curry recipes, you have to first set up your spice canister. Each Kitchen Curry Master comes with 12, authentic, fresh different spices, which contain no preservatives or added dyes. You can really smell the curry in the air! Once your spices are in place, you are ready to grab the Kitchen Curry Master cookbook, select your dish, and get cooking! I love all different types of Curry, but I have always loved Indian Korma! If you have never tried it - you are missing out on of of the most bold and flavorful Indian dishes! Lucky for me, the cookbook included in this set had a great recipe for Chicken Korma and I set to work gathering all my ingredients to prepare this meal for my family.

Visit the Kitchen Curry Master website to find recipes and instructional videos to help you create the perfect Indian dish!

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My Chicken Korma turned out wonderfully! I even invited some friends over to enjoy in the meal and they raved about how flavorful this meal really was! The recipe itself was very easy to follow, with step by step instructions that gave me confidence, throughout the whole cooking process. I love that with the Kitchen Curry Master, I can become my own Indian chef and cook up some of my favorite Indian cuisine right in the comfort of my own home. With so many recipes and all of the spices I need, I'm already making plans for my next Indian meal! And my family is looking forward to eating it! Word of my homemade Indian meal has made it's way among my friends and family and I've already gotten requests for invitations to my next curry meal!

 Want to become your own Kitchen Curry Master? You can BUY IT, HERE,  currently on sale for $59.99 with free shipping! The Kitchen Curry Master would make the perfect Christmas gift for the chef in your own home!
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 Want to know more about making Indian cuisine in your own home? Stay up to date on new recipes and promotions on their social media sites!

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