Saturday, October 11, 2014

Review of the Knot Genie

  Knot Genie 1
  Disclosure: I was given the item above to facilitate this review. 

 There's anxiety, panic, and tears coming from the bedroom upstairs. It isn't long before the screaming is heard. "Please, please don't do it!"... No, I'm not talking about the latest scary movie coming out in theaters, I'm talking about the daily horror of brushing my daughter's hair. Every time I come at her with a brush or a comb, no matter if her hair is wet or dry, the result is always the same - tearful pleading that I not brush her hair and let it continue to become a nesting place for small creatures. And of course, as always, I try to be as gentle as I can, but each session of grooming seems to further solidify in her mind the truth she has come to know; brushing your hair will always be a painful experience.

 I was so excited when the wonderful people at Knot Genie offered their assistance with a fairy pink Knot Genie Brush and I couldn't wait to try it out. As I took it out of the box it was nestled in, I was surprised at how light weight it was. Not to be mistaken for just being "cheaply made" the Knot Genie is designed to be light weight to add to the comfort ability of the brushing experience. No more heavy, thick, bulky brushes. Now that I have experienced the Knot Genie, I don't really understand the need for other brushes to be so bulky - its not like I'm grooming a Belgium pony.
  Knot Genie 2

The Knot Genie is designed to glide smoothly through the hair, no matter if its straight, curly, wet, dry, thick, or thin. My daughter's hair is super thick, but the Knot Genie had no problems brushing right through. No pulling, no breaking of hair strands, and as Knot Genie says, "no complaining!". I took note again of the genius in the lightweight feel of this brush. Normally after a few strokes, her arm is tired, but with the Knot Genie, she just wanted to keep brushing. She was so pleased, and surprised, that she finally had a brush to put an end to all of the pain and discomfort she had always experienced when brushing her hair.
  Knot Genie 3

The Knot Genie's fantastic secret to pain-free brushing, is the soft teeth of the brush that are different lengths and different angles  which allow it to untangle even the toughest of knots. No more holding my daughter's head still with one hand while I try to take out knots with the other. No more hysterical screaming when I accidentally brush over a knot that was buried deep in her hair. And with the Knot Genie, I don't have to perform hostage negotiations every time she needs her hair brushed. She is finally happy to brush, or have me brush for her.
  Knot Genie 4

With the Magic of Knot Genie you get:
  • Different lengths of the teeth on the brush allow it to bend and glide through hair smoothly
  • With less stress on the hair, the cuticle stays unharmed, leaving softer, smoother hair
  • Shape fits the palm of your hand whether left, or right-handed making the brushing process far more comfortable and gentle.
  • The Teeny Genie (another brush option with the Knot Genie) is perfect for kids because it is 20% smaller. It is also the best option to fit in a purse, or to throw in a gym bag for that after work out shower  **Taken from the Knot Genie website 
 With a variety of styles and an array of colors, it's easy to find the Knot Genie brush that is perfect for you, or anyone in your house who suffers from painful brushing. I'm so relieved that I will no longer have to beg my daughter to  brush her hair! She was always stealing other combs and brushes in the house, trying to find one that was easier on her hair. Now, I have a feeling, she'll be the one having to hide her Knot Genie from the rest of us!

 Want to snag your own Knot Genie? You can purchase them online through for $19.95. You can even sign up to be a VIP Customer and receive $5 off your own Knot Genie.

Why not try the Knot Genie for your little one's hair and put an end to tears when it's time to brush!