Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet

Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

 As my at-home-chef skills have grown over the years, so has my desire to invest in quality products to help me bring all of my tasty creations to life. It's much more fun to cook when you have all the proper tools. Food also tastes better when you are cooking with pans that hold the proper temperature and don't taint the dish with those nasty non-stick chemicals. I've made it my personal mission to begin replacing all of my generic non-stick pans with cast iron. In my search for the best, I stumbled upon Stargazer Cast Iron. Boy and I glad I did!


Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet

This is an all-purpose, everyday, medium-sized skillet, comparable to a vintage size #8. For reference, you can fit 3 burger patties in it but it would be crowded. Stargazer Cast Iron offers their cookware in two finishes: bare and seasoned. The bare skillet will arrive coated with oil and bagged to protect it from the elements. Just wash it and season it however you like. The seasoned skillet has been seasoned by hand and will arrive ready to go, right out of the box.

Before I even opened the box and saw the skillet with my own eyes, I was impressed with just how light weight it really was. I honestly couldn't believe I was holding cast iron cookware! Nothing says "durable" like a good cast iron pan and I swear by the extra flavors they infuse into the dishes (flavors that get even better over the life of the pan). Cast iron pans are definitely know for their heaviness. I'm no bodybuilder so pouring sauce, gravy, or other foods from my old cast iron skillets to serving dishes was sometimes near impossible without utilizing my husband to hold the pan while I scraped. The Stargazer Cast Iron skillet has such a noticeable difference in weight that I no longer struggle when it comes to lifting and pouring.


Along with the traditional heaviness, cast iron skillets also get plenty hot to the touch. All of the cast iron skillets I owned before my Stargazer would get so hot within minutes it was impossible to touch the handles without using hot pads. You'll notice the Stargazer Cast Iron skillets have a unique fork design on the handle which allows more air flow, keeping the handle cooler much longer than traditional cast iron pans. The difference was impossible to deny! The handles still get hot to the touch, but I no longer have the fear of suffering painful burns should I grab the handle in haste while cooking.

The Difference Is In The Design


  • SMOOTH COOKING SURFACE The entire interior of each skillet is machined to a smooth finish. That means food sticks less and it’s a breeze to clean.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT One pound lighter than the competition.
  • DRIP-FREE POURING No more pour spouts. Pour from anywhere with our drip-free flared rim.
  • STAY-COOL HANDLE Forked handle allows air circulation to keep it cool longer.


As soon as my Stargazer arrived, I couldn't wait to try it out! Thanksgiving is so close but I just couldn't wait for the turkey. So, I decided to whip up a new recipe for Turkey and Herb Dumplings (it's like eating the turkey, the gravy, and the stuffing all at the same time...I mean c'mon, is there any other way to eat turkey?). I've made similar recipes in my other cast iron skillets but was amazed at how my new lighter skillet with cooler handles really made a difference in cooking this meal. 

 One of the things I love most about cast iron is the ability to go from the stove to the oven and my Stargazer was no exception (except it was easier to handle!). The color of the Stargazer is absolutely gorgeous and so unique compared to all my other pans. It cooks just as beautifully as it looks! What more can you ask for in a cast iron skillet than light weight, perfect for cooking, and beautiful enough to go right from the stove to the serving trivet on your table? I know all I'm going to need is more Stargazer Cast Iron pans in my collection! 

  Click HERE to order your Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet and begin building your perfect cast iron collection! Veteran and Active Service men and women; click HERE to check out their year-round discount for all military personnel. 

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Best Gifts For Babies

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Baby's first Christmas is such an exciting time! I've teamed up with Miranda and Janessa of Thrifty Nifty Mommy to compile a list of our best gifts for babies -- we've had 14 babies between the 3 of us! We'll be adding to this list all month long, so keep checking back for great ideas for your little one!

Best Gifts For Infants

Infantino Infant to Toddler Play Gym & Fun Teepee

Babies will go crazy for this multi-functional gym that grows with your little one, transforming from an infant gym to a pretend play teepee. Four hanging toys and a large-mirrored mobile engage infants with overhead discovery. Squeeze the musical owl to delight little ones with a cheerful tune. As baby begins to crawl, close one side of the gym to create a crawl tunnel. For toddlers, unfold the gym's sides to create a fun, playtime teepee. Each side of the teepee features a whimsical mountain scene, from sun rise to night time - complete with accurate constellations.


DockATot has been designed to offer a snug and soothing environment for babies. We like to think it's the next best thing to the womb. Babies can rest, play and lounge without the restrictions of buckles or the distraction of bells and whistles. The innovative design helps the baby feel safe and secure. As baby grows, you can open the buckle on the dock.

  Melissa & Doug First Play Elephant Rocking Stacker

Melissa & Doug First Play Elephant Stacker

Sort, stack, and rock six brightly colored wooden pieces, including a topsy-turvy elephant!  This fun First Play Elephant Stacker features a sturdy wooden stacking rod sits on a curved base that rocks and spins. The smooth pieces make it easy for babies and toddlers to grasp. They will delight in sorting and balancing pieces while developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through imaginative play. First Play toys feature bright colors, bold patterns, and theatrical designs that boost skills while sparking imagination and wonder - right from the very beginning!

Mindware babu Stacker

MindWare babu Stacker

It’s a whimsical take on a classic wooden stacking toy that promotes creativity while introducing a basic lesson in balance!  The babu Stacker's modern twist on the classic toy blocks delivers pure and simple creative play options for kids of all ages. Stack the sleek rainbow pieces by size and sequence to create a traditional pyramid.  Or twist and turn them to make a more fanciful shape.  It's a tactile, timeless and artistic addition to your wooden toys. Each piece is crafted from solid hardwood with a non-toxic, BPA-free, water-based finish.


Manhattan Toy Company The Make Believe World Of Winkel Board Book + Toy 

The time-honored classic Winkel rattle and teether, by Manhattan Toy, is an award-winning classic, a true “must have” for parents and infants. Its maze of soft, continuous tubes and its stunning colors instantly capture and hold baby’s attention. The mesmerizing loop design and lightweight construction make it easy for little hands to grab, hold, and rattle - perfect clutching toy to engage baby’s gross motor skills. The center cube features a quiet rattle so baby can explore sound and cause and effect. The soft, pliable loops are BPA-free for teething or gumming babies. This bundle also Introduces your young one into The Make Believe World of Winkel, through the amazing board book.

Comfy Joey Ring Sling - Big Blowout Sale!

Comfy Joey Ring Sling

Wearing baby has never been more comfortable!  Your little sweetie will be a hit with everyone while riding at eye-level in this easygoing, but sturdy, Comfy Joey Ring Sling.  The sling is 100% linen fabric, airy and supportive, though a bit stiff at first, will soften with wash and use. Linen slings are good for newborns or toddlers, and excellent for summer heat.  By far, my absolute favorite ring sling!   And they come in a variety of colors and lengths.  Don't wait! Head over now because they will be running a variety of sales throughout the holidays at throwaway prices of $30 or less!

  Melissa & Doug First Play Friendly Frogs Pull Toy

Melissa & Doug First Play Friendly Frogs Pull Toy

Hop to it with this gorgeous Melissa & Doug Frog Pull Toy! These friendly frogs will follow kids anywhere! Two brightly colored frogs, with designs on both sides, chase and race each other as kids 18 months and older maneuver this sturdy rolling wooden pull toy, encouraging movement and sensory development. There are plenty of polka-dots and fun details to discover that help build color and shape recognition. First Play toys feature bright colors, bold patterns, and creative designs that boost skills while sparking imagination and wonder--right from the start!


Infantino Grow-With-Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit

Have a ball with this action-packed activity gym! This one-of-a-kind playset converts into a fun, sensory-stimulating ball pit that’s perfect for busy toddlers. Includes 40 colorful balls with convenient storage inside the turtle’s head. Four adorable sea pals delight little ones with a peek-a-boo mirror, grasping ring, textured teether and rattle. This versatile playtime favorite will grow with your family to offer years of priceless entertainment.

  BBLUV Sölar Baby & Toddler Sunglasses

BBLUV Sölar Sunglasses

Let your young child be stylish with these BBLUV Sölar Sunglasses!   Thee cute little shades offer an optimal protection against harmful UV rays.  The ultra-resistant and flexible frames are perfect for those little hands that are constantly moving.  The reversible and polarized sunglasses are made for better clarity and comfort too.  Currently available in three fun colors: aqua, lime, and pink!  The carrying/cleaning pouch and cord included.

  Manhattan Toy Company A Little Unicorn Pink Baby Book & Toy Bundle Set

Manhattan Toy Company Petals The Pink Unicorn Book & Toy Combos

Gifting a book and toy together is the perfect duo and Petals The Pink Unicorn is a memory-making choice for the little girls in your life.  Introduce your little one into the playful world of the Adorables, with everyone's favorite Petals Unicorn character! This book featuring 10 full-color and beautifully designed pages of unique artwork by the talented Madelyn Kozlowski at Manhattan Toy, and a soft, padded cover for your young one. An enchanting book to read to your young one, they will instantly connect and fall in love with Petals Unicorn and the adventure that awaits.  Pair with one of several great stuffed animals, toys, blankie, or teether for a winning combination.

  BBLUV Termö 4-in-1 Digital Thermometer

Termö 4-in-1 Digital Thermometer

If you're looking for a useful gift that will give back for years, grab the Termö 4-in-1 Digital Thermometer!   It allows precise, instantaneous and non-contact temperature measurement. Multi-purpose, it's designed to measure body temperature such as your child’s forehead, ears, and armpit as well as various surfaces such as bottle of milk, food, or bath water.  And it can even measure room temperature too!  The Termö can even memorize up to 32 readings.  It's a tool that is both practical and essential in your care kit.


Manhattan Toy Company Little Jurassics Chomp Book + Toy Combos

Introduce your little one into the wonderful and enchanting world of Little Jurassics, with everyone's favorite Chomp dinosaur character!  Pair the book that features 10 full-color and beautifully designed pages of unique artwork by the talented Madelyn Kozlowski at Manhattan Toy.  Kids will instantly connect and fall in love with Chomp and soon discover the adventure that awaits.  There's fun to be had as they let their imagination run wild through stories and play.  Toy options include: Chomp Blankie, Pull Musical Toy, Silicone Teether, and Cuddly Plush.

Little Book Of You Personalized Story About Your Child

Little Book Of You Personalized Story

Capture your most cherished memories in a one-of-a-kind book from Little Book Of You Personalized Story. Fill out your custom baby book in 15 minutes or less and leave the rest to Little Book Of You!  This book includes all the most wonderful and fun details about your child’s arrival.  Rich in design and made to last, these hardcover books are made with the highest quality paper and materials so your book will continue to look great reading after reading.   A beautiful, personalized story about your child that will be treasured by you and your child for years to come.

  BBLUV Miäm Silicone Plate & Spoon Set

BBLUV Miäm Silicone Plate & Spoon Set

Babies get so excited when it's time to taste food!  Make transitioning to food easier with the help of the BBLUV Miäm Silicone Plate & Spoon Set.  It's the ideal plate starting with the very first mouthful to continued use years down the road. The suction base,  makes parent’s lives easier too.  The durable, stain-resistant, and anti-bacterial silicone construction features three separate compartments for food.  Currently available in fun aqua or lime colors.

  MyBaby by HoMedics Comfort Creatures™ Elephant Color Changing Nightlight

MyBaby by HoMedics Comfort Creatures Elephant Color Changing Nightlight

Night lights provide a neutering appeal that babies and children love. The MyBaby by HoMedics Comfort Creatures Elephant Color Changing Nightlight is a gender-neutral kids night light that is perfect for any nursery or décor.  Choose from five soothing LED color options with just a press of a button.  To switch color, simply press the button repeatedly until you reach your desired color option.  The auto timer will help ease your child to sleep while also saving on energy with the auto-off function.  Easily set your comfort creature to turn off after 15, 30, or 60 minutes intervals.  The cute and cuddly design makes for the perfect bedside friend.

  Squishmallow Baby Rattles

Squishmallows Baby Squad

Start your own small Squishmallows Squad with these adorable 8" Baby Squishmallows!  Each features a built in rattle for added playtime fun.  These loveable buddies are made from a super soft marshmallow-like texture and polyester blend which makes them ultra soft for hugging. They can even be washed and dried as needed.  Super cute and available in a variety of whimsical animals and designs, they are truly perfect for any age.

  Sleeping Baby Zipadee Zip

Sleeping Baby ZipadeeZip

A big "must have" baby product is the Sleeping Baby ZipadeeZip.  The star-shaped pointed sleeves and star-fish design is patent pending because it inspires sounder sleep than any other wearable blankets on the market. The slight resistance in the wing-span allows a baby to move around freely while still providing the enclosed, womb-like sensation babies enjoy so much. The Zipadee-Zip was designed to aid the swaddle transition but has so many other fabulous uses as well!  Sizes range from 0-3 months all the way through preschool and school age!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How The Grinch Stole Christmas: The Ultimate Edition {PLUS a Giveaway!!}

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Whether you like it or not, Christas is on the way! While I hate the cold, windy months, I love the wonder of Christmas and the excitement my kids have during the holiday season. Our family has lots of Christmas traditions; the tree, Christmas cookies, family parties, and always, always movie nights to enjoy all our favorite Christmas flicks! We each have our favorites, but How The Grinch Stole Christmas has always been my son, Elijah's number one pick. I can't wait to enjoy this new Ultimate Edition with our family this year!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Quality Headphones For Little Ears

This post is sponsored by Pure Sound Labs. 

 With so many electronic devices available to children, it's important to set limitations. It's also equally important to protect their sensitive hearing when using tablets, phones, iPods, video games and the like. Our entire family as become fans of Puro Sound Labs headphones! I like them because they are durable, easy for my kids to use, and most importantly, give optimal, quality sound while setting a limit on volume levels. My kids love them for their bright colors, wireless capability, and superb comfort! The holidays are just around the corner and if your kids are like mine, they have already started making their Christmas lists. Have a child looking for headphones under the tree this year? Look no further than Puro Sound Labs headphones to make the perfect gift this holiday season!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Enjoy A Campfire Anywhere, Anytime With The Pop-Up Pit

Disclosure: I received a Pop-Up Pit at no cost to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. 

 Our family loves camping, being outdoors, and especially campfires! For my kids, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire is probably their favorite part. They'd go camping just for that alone! Some weekends are just too busy or the weather doesn't corporate for an overnight under the stars but now, thanks to the Pop-Up Pit from Fireside Outdoor, that no longer means we can't still enjoy an evening by the fire! I've finally found a product that makes cooking over and enjoying a roaring fire a possibility no matter where the adventure takes us!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Four Things You Need For The Perfect Girls Weekend Getaway


Disclosure: I received items featured below to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. 

 A couple months ago, my best friend from college, Shree and I finally got with the times and started FaceTiming each other. It was so great to catch up but it also reminded me how much I missed her! Shortly after, while my husband Ben and I were out to lunch after church, he leaned over and said, "You should buy a plane ticket to go down and spend a long weekend with Shree". Needless to say, I was elated! Since Shree lives in Alabama and I live in West Virginia, seeing each other frequently has never been an option, in fact it had been eight years since we'd seen each other. I knew my girls getaway was going to be absolutely fantastic, but I also knew there were a few things I needed to make my trip just perfect and I'm excited to share them with you today! Here's four products you are going to want to have for your next girls' getaway!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Fall Asleep In Warmth & Comfort With Berkshire Blanket

Disclosure: I received the item above at no cost to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. 

It's almost time for the leaves to start changing colors as the cooler weather comes swooping in and the season change from warm summer nights to the chilly evenings of autumn. Mother Nature likes to change it up in her own way with bright colors and fun textures so why not follow in her footsteps and update your own dwelling place with a new bedding set from Berkshire Blanket? We got to experience the warmth and comfort of their Reversible VelvetLoft and Sherpa Comforter and Sham Set this past week in an all new review. All I can say is "Sweet Dreams"!